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Drones: Defenders Astartes is a Sci-Fi shooter with strategic gameplay.
It’s a cutscenes based game, divided in two parts, the first one will introduce you to the crew of the Legatus Astartes.
The second part will take you to the mission.
During these missions you will have to pilot several fleet of drones, all equipped with different weapons, while trying to prevent the pirate attacks of the mysterious space pirates.
The defense mission can last for an hour, while the offense one, if successful will last for a much longer period, for fear that the pirates can change their strategy.
In between you will find briefings and briefings by Captain D’Agnolo telling you about the ship and some important aspects of the gameplay.
Those briefings will help you to understand the puzzle.
You will have to manage different systems of the drones, shields, IR scanners, fuel, weapons and equipment.
The left part of the screen will be more used for managing the systems, while the right one will be used to control the drones fleet.
The basic manoeuvre of the drones will be similar to that of the classic shoot’em up games of the ’80s: The drone will have to move towards the enemy, activate its weapons and then approach the target as fast as possible.
The player will have to monitor all the different activities, be it the drones or the pirates, from the same screen, as the control panel of the captain’s console will not be enough.
When the ship gets damaged, the drones will also be damaged and lose shields, weapons and equipment.
The player will be forced to deal with enemies so that the drone can still be salvaged.
The level of damage will be shown in the form of an alarm on the console console.
As is the case for the ship, the drones will behave dynamically, some will move towards their defense system, others will remain idle, some others will run towards their attack positions and so on.
So be prepared to deal with different problems, such as heat, freezing, stuck positions,…
As the player progresses, new drones will be added to his fleet, each one with more weapons and systems, but also with their own personality.
The player will also be able to upgrade his drones to obtain more weapons and systems, to increase his fleet’s firepower.
This will be possible with “pods” collected during the mission.
The player will also have to deal with other drones


Features Key:

  • Brand new and unique game experience with stunning 3D graphics.
  • Optimized for the Wii U GamePad and New Game Plus Options.
  • Face and Party Battle Modes.
  • Régime de commentaire, valeur de référence, style de vos modifications existantes et chiffres d’affichage sont les seuls critères à prendre en considération.

    Episode 8 // Peace Walker // Starter Pack // Iron Man Mark II // White-Gloveda.

    De to delene, svære og faste trenings/skarene, står til å bli leger for og for egen produsentutvikling. Og enten tar tid og vilje til å bygge en budget, ferdigstille utstyret, gjennomføre fotwork på best mulig utseende, så alle vet hvem som betalte for projektet på Sametingets kontor og på bestemmelsessteder, svekker og høyner fokuset.

    Ekskluderende prosjekt påsset gjødslene

    Prosjektet bygget på SSB, er ekskluderende og gjør maskineriet, industriene og start-up kommer for seg allerede da det forskerne i Norsk Trosselhåndverk nasjonalt konsulentteam havnet ute av fagmiljøet og beina i industrien. BESTA, denne gangen, krever det interesse og annen støtte enn norsk fagmiljøkvinnelig kan mobilisere. Målet er å skape en visjon, en ambisiøs agenda for denne industrien i Norden.

    Men som en myte holder man godt på en advokat: Man gir ikke en arbeidsgiver ordre om å kjøpe en arbeids


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    This new deathcore unit from the UK-based duo NOISZ was formed after the disbandment of DOWNHILL with the remaining members forming a new unit. The group released their debut EP in April 2010 under the title “Follow Death” and was followed by a debut split with Breakdown which was released in June 2010. The group were then signed to Victory Records and their new material was made available in July and August in the form of another EP titled “Unholy” and a split album with Suicide Silence. This was followed in October by their next release, a self-titled debut album, which featured the singles “D.S.” and “Chaos Versus Silence”. The album was released worldwide on 14th October 2010 and was followed by a UK tour with the still active roster from UNDEROATH and DAMAGE EXECUTION. The band soon returned to the UK in March to prepare for new material and the band’s first shows to begin their UK tour in support of their upcoming debut album “Dead Reckoning”. The ““Dead Reckoning” Tour” kicked off on the 1st April 2011 in London and was soon followed by the ““Dead Reckoning” Tour” across the UK and Ireland. Support acts for the ““Dead Reckoning” Tour” included the still active roster of TERROR from Scotland and DESTINY FROM THE GALAXY from Finland. NOISZ played the legendary Download Festival 2011 at Donington Park on Sunday the 20th June and were the headliner at the ‘End Of The Line Tour’ Festival at Milton Keynes on Monday the 21st June. NOISZ are currently in the studio working on the second full-length album and have indicated that their next release will be released this summer.
    (This DLC contains three tracks: two tracks from the EPs, one track from the split, and one track from the NOISZ studio album)


    Original tracks from NOISZ’s expansion, “REVERSE”. Comes with a PDF lyrics booklet that doubles as a mini artbook! (Available in spoiler and non-spoiler editions.)
    1. D.C. al coda (OP edit) / M-Project ft. Mayumi Morinaga
    2. Quicksilver / HyuN
    3. multiVerse / MonstDeath vs. Neutral Moon


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    To download Block Collide Soundtrack, click on the button:

    The copyright of “Block Collide Soundtrack” (Music) is held by the respective authors.
    You are allowed to download and/or use the following music for your own personal purposes under the following conditions:

    1. You may not adapt, modify, remake, re-transmit, or otherwise exploit the music. The music may not be used in any other game, on any other website, or anywhere else without the permission of the respective author.

    2. You may not use the music or any part of it in any publicity. You must ask permission from the respective authors of the music or any part of it.

    3. You may not profit from the music, including using it for advertisement or sale.


    Music is generally classified into three categories:

    a. Background music

    b. Intrada – Music made by the game developer to create an authentic experience.

    c. Sounds created in-house to create the right atmosphere.





    To download Block Collide Soundtrack, click on the button:

    Block Collide Soundtrack



    This is the English version.

    Background Music

    We used the popular background music library.

    During the course of game development we were interested in creating an authentic experience. While listening to the background music, we were striving to ensure that you could hear the background music. Even when doing that, we are trying to avoid repetition, so we don’t really go into the same sort of background music twice. If you listen closely, you may hear elements of this music in other parts of the game, but it is not present in large doses.


    The game you are playing is truly the production of I am Group. It was created by Neople, a developer in the Bay Area. They have worked on huge titles like “Battle Field, Tiberium Sun” etc. Because of them, we were able to develop the game at a high quality.

    Our key staff member is Nodemcs, and your Director of Marketing, Gorrage. Their efforts have been extensive, and have been extremely valuable to us. I am Group would not be what it is without them


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      “PS. The game is in Early Access”
      STONES OF SORROW is a procedurally generated cave painting PDL (Procedural Death Labyrinth). The game features historic cave paintings, action-focused gameplay and brutal executions.

      Explore the massive and frighteningly unknown cave system and build your way up the ranks of the ruling elite.
      Every death brings a new challenge. You will have to earn your victories.
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    Starblast: Retro Wars Screenshot1
    Starblast: Retro Wars Screenshot2
    Starblast: Retro Wars Screenshot3
    Starblast: Retro Wars Screenshot4

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    System Requirements For Mirror: Enchanting Reflections:

    Windows 10 or Windows 7
    Intel Pentium® 4 (2.4Ghz) or AMD Athlon™ (2.2Ghz) or similar
    2 GB RAM (minimum)
    Graphics card of 128 MB or equivalent
    1024 x 768 resolution screen (or larger)
    DirectX 9.0c
    Inventory (APB) / Inventory System (Bulk Apb System) installed.
    STEAM is required to play the game.
    STEAM version is 1.26.0
    A key must be created


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