by alashan
Published: November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

MP3ayer Utilities 4.03 Setup Free ((FREE))


MP3ayer Utilities 4.03 Setup Free

using image-based menus is quite a bit quicker than using a standard set of menus. the software converts about as many files as a virtual machine, which makes it quick and easy to use. the free version of freemake only lets you convert one file at a time, but you can specify a preset and save it so that you can use it later.

when you have to convert multiple files, using image-based menus is faster than using a traditional set of menus. once you get the hang of the wizard, it converts files just as fast as any other option. the only thing youll miss is the ability to save your settings as presets, which can be a pain if youre trying to do it on multiple videos.

safesite is a free utility that lets you create your own set of folder permissions. it allows you to create a simple permission scheme that can be applied to any folder or drive on your computer. it is aimed at people who want to better control their data or folders on their pc. safesite was created to simplify the process of creating permissions, so that you never have to worry about getting errors such as “cannot access the file”.

windows 7 also provides a built-in tool which can back up your files and settings to a cd or dvd. you can configure your backup schedule so that it runs automatically or when you install or uninstall applications, and you can also modify the settings to protect specific files and folders. you will need to do a little extra work if you want to encrypt your backup files to ensure that your data remains private.

video downloadhelper is a specialized download manager which enables you to extract audio from videos on your hard drive. it will use a lot of computer resources if you are dealing with large files, but it can save time when you are short on disk space.

nice tut. i tried it and after i pulled out the usb in the final stage (before the logo comes on) it says not enough db. please delete more than 18 mb or something like that o_o. i dont understand. where is the problem, there 3.5gb of free space on it.
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