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– Unlock all customization options, including camouflage, vehicle skins and accessories
– Become the best Combat Bot of the universe
– Activate the full Bot Skill Tree and unlock up to 200 powerful Combat Bot moves
– Discover 10 new combat skill tree nodes
– Unlock new access points to the skill tree
Vietnam – 65 000 Credits:
– Unlock a class change, allowing you to customize which bot abilities become available
– Unlock another 25 combat skill tree nodes
– Unlock 5 bot accessory slot slots
– Complete the Class Change mission
– Complete the node ‘Dive in Flames’

Servers [ edit ]

Support on Reddit –

FAQ [ edit ]

Q: Do I need a new key for this content?

A: No, the key will be re-activated after the game update including this content.

Q: If I bought a key for this, will I have to buy a key for the new content if I already own it?

A: No, the key will not be re-activated for the new content.

Q: Will I receive an email or message stating when I can activate the key?

A: Unfortunately no, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Key Copy and Activation Guide [ edit ]

1) Head on over to Gladiabots main page and enter in the code.

2) Once inside, you’ll be put on a screen that will display how to download and activate the latest patch. Click on Activate Patch.

3) After patching (and installing), you’ll receive a screen where you’ll need to click on Login to Unlock and Re-Activate your keys.

4) If there are any messages regarding the key, click and the key will be re-activated.

5) When ready, you’ll receive a screen where you’ll need to click on Login.

6) On the login page, enter in your email address and password. Once logged in, you’ll need to click on Unlock Key (second from the left).

7) On the unlock page, click on Enter Key Code.

8) A screen will appear with all available keys for this game. Search the keycode of the key you purchased and it’ll be copied to your clipboard.

9) Once copied, paste the code into the desired tab and click Unlock Key


Features Key:

  • Content list of more than 300 new, fresh, easily obtained and free content and in-game items.
  • New cool features, for you to play all the morning.
  • A lot of exciting new and masterly action!
  • A fair chance to win some valuable real in-game resources!
  • How To Install:

    1. Download and install Minecraft Java Edition:

    2. Extract zip file to a temporary folder.

    3. Run Minecraft Java Edition (or any flavor of Java). If the game is not launching, please use the launcher to select your Java version.

    4. Click on the “play.exe” icon in the main folder of “Poco In”.

    Poco In is created and developed by gamers for gamers. By downloading and installing the game, you will agree to the terms of our FAQ and TOS.

    Thank you for using!

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    Invade Monsterland and join Buster Krabnoid. There are a multitude of monsters trying to stop you from escape and a large army waiting to stop you along the way.
    You must use your cool shooting skills to get through the battle and find your escape vehicle.
    – Full 3D environments
    – High resolution graphics
    – A variety of weapons and power-ups
    – Customizability of the controls
    – Multiple ending
    System Requirements:
    The system requirements for this Game:
    – 512 MB RAM
    – 16 MB Video RAM
    – 3 GB HD space
    – MS-WINDOWS® v7.2
    Try to explore Monsterland? You heard that right. The Prince of Darkness, King Deranged King, has unleashed an army of monsters on the world.
    These giants are not just regular monsters, they are dangerous beasts, which wreak havoc wherever they go.
    A traitorous crime boss has brought them here to this cursed land. This will be the biggest challenge you ever faced.
    Play as Buster Krabnoid, the coolest cop in the world. There is a plot, there is a reason to invade Monsterland and stop the monsters.
    In this game, you will need some cool moves and weapons to hit these monsters on the spots they weren’t expecting.
    Make sure you hit all the spots you have marked up to find your escape vehicle.
    By hitting all the spots you get more weapons and items for your convenience to finish all monsters.
    By hitting all the monsters, you can be able to interact with them and get more items.
    Your D-Pad – Controls movement and everything on the screen
    A – Change the camera
    A and B – Change the level map
    Start – Select between the game type
    L and R – Change the camera angle
    Up – Change the movement direction
    Down – Change the side
    Z – Select a power-up item
    X – Equip the power-up item
    Y – Equip the power-up item
    T – Equip the power-up item
    Mouse – Equip the power-up item
    Keyboard – Equip the power-up item
    You will be playing the game on the touch screen and have a virtual D-pad for the controls. You can use the controls of your touchscreen device.
    This game is designed for a portable touch device.
    In these games you can touch and tap the screen and the phone


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    Sven Gerlach is a composer from Germany, who started his career with the music of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After the conclusion of this ambitious project, he decided to create his own musical universe with the title “Dead Age 2”, which you can download in this album.

    The story of the soundtrack will take you through different emotional worlds as you seek and defeat the forces of evil. The perfect effect for a dark age – and the mood is very fitting with this game and the theme of the soundtrack.

    –Official soundtrack page of Sven Gerlach:

    V.O.I.C.E (Voice of the Interactive Community, Europe) is a non-profit organization for game music and other audiovisual media.

    About Dead Age 2 Original Soundtrack

    Dead Age 2 Original Soundtrack is a full album containing 15 tracks, each with a different theme. On top of that, you have different rarities like unused samples and bonus tracks. You can find the sample pack with the soundtrack here.

    The songs are composed, arranged, and mixed in the studio of Sven Gerlach. The general mood is dark, even though many of the tracks are uplifting. I personally prefer the faster tracks with aggressive beats, while the slower tracks are usually melancholy.

    Also, I tried to come up with different ways of mixing, ranging from sparse to more intense with typical beat patterns.

    Who is Sven Gerlach?

    Sven Gerlach started his career with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, after which he worked on many other games and won several awards for his work. In 2009, he published his first EP on his own record label called Indigo. But later, he decided to expand his musical vision with the album “Spin Around” in 2010. Later, he worked as a sound designer and composer on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which is considered his best work to date. Currently, he works with the German TV show “Ach! My Name is Inigo Montoya”. He is also featured in the games: Bloodborne, Destiny 2, RAGE, and Dead Age 2, among others.

    You can follow Sven Gerlach on several social media channels:



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