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Play as a demon hunter. Hunt down a series of powerful demons who will eliminate the whole universe. Every one of these demons has a unique power.
You play as a hunter on your first quest, destroying the ghosts you find in the evil world. You can explore a procedurally generated world, learn how to use the best gear and walk the whole country of the demons.
A few months later and you start your second quest. The game takes you back to your hometown to take over some thugs. After killing the bizzare monsters and demons you encounter you have to deal with a new threat…
Sci-fi Horror

Krafty Mountain: The First Camping TripThe best way to spend your summer vacation. Camping in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest is the dream of many adventurers. Enjoy tasty meals, lots of nature, fresh air and a wonderful natural environment.
Also, this is the first of our series called “Hiking and Camping” where we share our experience on the trails and explore gorgeous nature.
The film is the result of our first camping trip. In this game you will be able to enjoy an indoor experience in a virtual reality browser.

Hope you have enjoyed the video!

This is a work in progress. Its the second version of the “Go Hawk” experience. This is the official Unity asset which can be used to build your own 3D experience. Contact me if you are interested in becoming a part of it.

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Features Key:

  • Access to all 43 difficulty modes. Learn how to play fast or call best your strategy for each level. Each difficulty mode a unique gameplay with a specific automap system.
  • Explore all the nocturnal tunnel system of Bormania and find hidden note, surprising weapon and boss location.
  • Inferno is ideal for both beginners and veterans of the gaming genre. Use the quick start function to learn the game.


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Darkness has fallen upon this land. The Gods have abandoned
the Earth and with them a great civilization of magi
and the priests of Them. The world is doomed to darkness
and the ends of the world.
The nations of the west
live in fear of the dangers of the dark forest in the south,
the mysterious East, and the great Mountain of Oblivion in
the north. It is a time of chaos and mystery, for the
Sun God set his power in the heavens to watch over the earth.
Now he has cast his light to the deepest part of the world,
a brand new world waiting for a great people to populate and
Once again the Sun God stepped down from his throne in the
sky and took his place in the world, lighting the way for
mankind and the world.
On the other side of the world, generations of powerful men
and women have ruled with an iron fist. Their decadent life
of riches and gluttony was fueled by the magic and wonder of
the world. They worshipped the Sun God only for it kept them
safe from the wrath of the underworld.
They believed the Sun God was responsible for the Gods
abandoning the Earth. It was obvious, they thought, that the
sun would stop shining if the heavens were taken from him.
It was understood by all that the Sun God was the main power
behind the Gods.
As with all power, it is a double-edged sword. Without the
Sun God, there would be no light, no power, and no life in
the world. But without the Sun God? What would you have?
This is that story.
Key Features:
• Environments are procedurally generated on every playthrough
• 2D side-scrolling platformer with a mixture of puzzles,
puzzles, and puzzles
• Colorful, hand-drawn 2D visuals
• Nudge, shake, and run your way through Dark Forest
• Cast mystic spells on the world like warp and invisibility
• Over 10 hours of open world gameplay
• Classic Gamer Sleep-inducing gameplay!
• Easy to learn, hard to master
• And many, many more
What’s new:
• New levels, new secrets, new music and new enemies!
• New gamepad support for controller functionality
This is the version of the game that will be available on the website and on GOG.


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The music has a “fan-faction” feel to it, so it is like a mythical/fantasy feeling.


PLAYER SUPPORT Jirafa, una novela de terror SAGA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKGameplay Blossom, La Novela de Terror SAGA Soundtrack:
This is a horror-fantasy song. Just like the SAGA titles.


About This GameSaga Blossom, la novela de terror SAGA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKGameplay Blossom, La Novela de Terror SAGA Soundtrack:
This is a horror-fantasy song. Just like the SAGA titles.


Company of Heroes 2 SoundtrackGameplay Frozen Pond


About This ContentThe early-game will allow the player to learn different tactics of gameplay.It can be directly played during the game, and an achievement reward is added.Q:

How to include JUnit tests in Android Studio?

I have a JUnit test class within my project that needs to be included in the APK and APK tests.
I’ve tried
android {
buildTypes {
debug {
testBuildType.apply {
debuggable true
jniDebuggable true

release {
testBuildType.apply {
debuggable false
jniDebuggable false

In my build.gradle.
This is currently giving me this error:

Could not find test/classes/test.class.

The build.gradle file that contains the test class is the following:
buildscript {
repositories {


What’s new:


What’s Wrong With You?™ is a live audio show performed by comedian and actor Tom Keenan. Each week Keenan plays interviews recorded by two members of staff. Interview subjects have included Chantal O’Brien (Creative Director of Mutation Company), Jenn Harris (Artistic Director of Soda Jerk Theatre Co), Rebecca McNally (Contributing Writer for the Artsdesk), and Russell Brand. In November 2015, Keenan came back to the show to talk about his appearance at the Tame Impala and Sleater-Kinney 25th anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall. The podcast has won two Gold Award nominations at the Australian Podcast Awards.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Chantal O’Brien

Dec 17 2015

What’s Wrong With You? Special Guest Interview, Chantal O’Brien. Chantal was appointed creative director at Mutation Company in 2009, following eight years of directing a range of projects at the Public Arts Lab: a national/international touring production of I Don’t Care, the creation of Project Dance and Laugh, and Riddle Punch. Chantal has been interviewed once previously for the Podcast. Chantal explains how she became creative director, what her responsibilities are, and what she thinks about the process.

Episode 2: Jenn Harris

Jan 07 2016

What’s Wrong With You? Interview with Jenn Harris. Former Artistic Director of the Arts Desk, Jenn now works as a journalist, writing on entertainment and narrative in relation to arts and creativity. Jenn has been interviewed once before for the Podcast. Jenn’s role at the ArtsDesk involved directing both the writers and the bloggers, as well as ensuring that the ArtsDesk was a credible source of arts information and inspiration. She talked about the evolution of the website, including the creative development behind the Artsdesk brand, podcasting and the story of the People’s Festival.

Episode 3: Rebecca McNally

Feb 05 2016

What’s Wrong With You? Guest Interview, Rebecca McNally. Rebecca has worked on The Australian newspaper as a Magazine Editor, assistant editor and then as a journalist. Rebecca joined the Arts Desk team in 2013 as a policy editor, and has since moved to TV and film. She talks about the role that The Australian has sought to have for quality content online, its ‘People First’ policy, and the changing role of the arts and culture editor.

Episode 4: Russell Brand


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Carmageddon: TDR 2000 was developed by Stainless Games. It is available on Mac OS X and Win32 platforms.

Have you ever wished you could have seen what your car looked like from every angle, put it in front of a digital camera, and have it create a gory trailer that you could post on your favorite website to brag about your car doing its job? Well now you can!

Yes, it’s the game literally. SOME of you asked for! And so, in the spirit of “well, alright then, if you insist.” we present the second game in the Carmageddon series, in the knowledge that some of you Carma fans out there would like to have a complete Carmageddon collection in your Steam library. Nothing wrong with that.
Anyway, here’s what the blurb on the back of the DVD case had to say about Carmageddon: TDR 2000:
The world’s most controversial racing game returns with incredible graphics, fantastic game play and even more outrageous fun!
Max Damage, imprisoned for life, plots his escape. However, there’s the small matter of an army of police, hordes of gangsters and thousands of enraged inhabitants – all with homicide on their minds. To succeed, it will take a four wheeling genius with no morals, a killer instinct and a burning passion to escape.
No such person existed. until now!
Drive 50 totally destructible vehicles.
Over 48 missions and races to complete.
9 completely 3D single player environments to explore and destroy.
7 multi-player game types in 9 custom maps.
Known Issue
Symptoms: When you start a mission, the game crashes to the desktop with an error about Directx, address 0x80070057.
Solutions: There’s an easy fix, disable the MIP Filter. You can do this by running TDR 2000 Setup and opening the “Advanced Settings” dialog, and setting MIP Filter to “none”. Another solution is to disable the Fog.Command Line Interface
Command line options for the game are:
-profile(w) Reprofile system
-setup(s) Access setup dialog
-fulltextures(f) Use fullsize textures
-join(j) “IP address” Join TCP/IP game at specified IP address
-create(cr) Create a TCP/IP server
-clientserver(cs) Specifies client/server mode
-dedicated(d) Specifies dedicated server mode


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System Requirements:

• OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
• Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core or higher
• RAM: 1 GB
• GPU: Graphics Card with 256 MB
Bonus Content:
• 38 bonus tracks not included in the standard version
• Clips from the bonus music that appear in game
• 57 page full colour printed booklet with credits, glossary and japanese text
• Disc: 2.0 GB