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It’s time to get trapped inside a spaceship!
Destination unknown…
Do you feel like a hero who is from another world?
Travel over an endless tunnel and try to beat the time!
Set new records!
Try not to fall out of the control console when you are running as fast as you can…
How to play:
– Use the left and right arrow keys to control the spaceship.
– Press the space bar to accelerate.
– Pull the joystick to the left and right to change direction.
– Use the mouse to control the camera view.
– To unlock new characters, just collect the stars!
Main Features:
Story mode:
Play the story mode, and travel along the tunnel to the destination.
Much surprise obstacles along the way!
Earn medals for the mission!
Online ranking:
Challenge your friends and see who is the best in the world.
Realtime rewards:
You collect coins when you complete an obstacle, you can use them to unlock the new characters.
Awesome characters:
10 awesome, unique characters to choose from!
Unexpected feature:
All of the obstacles have their own unique features.Q:

Do virtual functions belong in enums?

C++ can already define several functions in structs, but is there any reason why a function defined in a C-style enum could not be part of an enum?
Consider the following pseudo-code:
enum Status {
Ok =…,
Error =…,
Warning =…

void doSomething(const Status status);

and a struct, e.g. StatusResult, which has a value returned:
struct StatusResult {
Status value;
int errorCode;

It’s a sort of framework to help compose a piece of code.
Now, I see no reason why an enum could not define a virtual function to retrieve the result of the last status checked:
enum Status {
Ok =…,
Error =…,
Warning =…

Status doSomething(const Status status);

Status Result doSomething(const Status status) {
StatusResult result = StatusResult();
switch (status) {
case Ok:


Features Key:

  • This Costume provides you with the ‘Santa’s Helper’ outfit, and other pieces as bonus items.
  • This costume is designed to be “playable” with very little changes to the stats of the other available clothing items: everything comes with its own stats and abilities.
  • World wide release. Available: 10/24/13
  • New items added: Santa’s Helper cape, & the Acro cane.
  • And more…
  • This costume is based on “DOA6 Santa’s Helper”. Check out it’s official prototype:
  • This costume needs 7 GMs to be activated. Please open as many GMs as you can at the time this offer is running! Once we determine we’ll be able to allow you to purchase it from this occasion we will close them all out. NOTE: I am willing to “Sticker” the content out, (IE scanning and gifting you the content to give the item to someone else) but please PM me on here as we will need to make sure the person can do this. ** Payment methods are Cash or Credit card.


    • Santa Costume
    • Acro cane
    • Santa’s Helper Cape
    • Santa’s Helper hat
    • Santa’s Helper belt


    • Sabotage part 2 (Play the game to achieve this.)
    • Sabotage part 3 (Play the game to achieve this.)
    • Sabotage part 4 (Play


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