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Published: July 20, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

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Name One Thousand Lies Soundtrack
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This is the final scenario for NTBSS. Following the release of NTBSS: Master Character Training Pack 2 – Senju Gama and Senju Ohkuma, we are giving you a pack that will make you feel like you were already in the story!
Tobirama Senju was a renowned demon slayer, and a feared rival to the greatest of the Senju ninja. Raised under the strict eye of Nagato-Sama, Tobirama was taught how to survive in the ways of a ninja. Born around 480 A.D. he was a master assassin in the way of his father, Naraku. Tobirama was ever noble and stoic, and was a seeker of truth that would break his comrades hearts. He later received the teachings of his brother Gama, to become the best, strongest, and deadliest of warriors. Amongst the Senju line, Tobirama’s sense of justice and compassion was unmatched, but it was his understanding of Ninja lore that truly elevated him above his brother. The Senju scribe Ohkuma records a legend of the two brothers, after Tobirama had died from a spear to the heart by his brother: “But there comes a time when one can no longer stand, and thus the elder brother was left to the darkness of the graves, while the younger brother was reared at Nagato-Sama’s side.” This is the world of NTBSS, where the player can become the greatest assassin of them all! – The Senju clan: an organization of assassins, murderers, and war-mongers. They worship the Demon Lord Naraku, and believe that the five families are meant to rule the world.
Nagato-Sama: the head of the Senju clan, he orders the player to investigate the sound of death near the Iwagakure.
Shikurinja: a young ninja sent to investigate the death of Gama, Ohkuma, and Tobirama.
Gama: the younger brother of Tobirama, Gama was a strong ninja and one of the founders of the Senju clan. He is currently in the ground, having died from a spear to the heart by Tobirama.
Ohkuma: the elder brother of Tobirama, he is also a strong ninja and one of the founders of the Senju clan. He is currently in the ground, having died from a spear to the heart by Tobirama.


One Thousand Lies Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Manage your card deck, keep your hand size, play whenever and against all opponents.
  • The world of warriors faces a new challenge: Build your deck with the right mixture of spells and melee.
  • Solve the puzzle of the relationships of your childhood heroes to be crowned king of the fantasy world.
  • Reopen the boxes of your favourite heroes and fight again the big bosses, this time with style.
  • Free game, no ads and no IAP, just install, download and play.
  • Ancient warriors…
  • Fight with love…
  • Your adventure…
  • Get the strongest warriors…
  • Fight with love and dragons…
  • Evil wizards…
  • Get the most powerful weapons…
  • Build your deck with cards and dice…
  • Discover the hidden messages…
  • Make a victory…
  • What’s new in this version:

    • Improvement of the graphic interface (tiles, cards and menus)
    • Hits of more cards of the same type
    • Recommendation of a deck to you
    • Improvement of the cosmetic options
    • Various bug fixes


    This fairy adventure is a feat of design and production. It retains the classic feel, while reminding you that this kind of games had the charm of yesteryear. This is where your captain awaits, waiting to fight with you, ready to build his deck and become king of the world.

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    Game features:
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    What’s new:

    Jogo do Cancelamento (Game the Cancellation), premiered in Brazil in 2013, is a theater piece that intends to serve as a critical response to trends in higher education in Brazil. The play, written and directed by Fabio Gallo, is composed of eleven scenes. In each of these scenes a range of environmental and educational issues of large magnitude are examined in a single performance. Because of a coincidence of talents and interests, Fabio Gallo had been working for years on a course named after himself in the UnB (State University of Bahia), which is the institution that commissioned him to make the play.

    The double title of the performance is intended to reflect the two often apparently divergent arguments about higher education in contemporary Brazil: the undeniable need to accelerate courses, courses that are both newer and less advanced, which are taking place in Brazil; and the privileges accorded to the new university graduate classes, exclusively academic, monetary and symbolic. The title of the show, added to the double title, explains why I call the show Jogo do Cancelamento. Although in practice a professor cannot simply do what I describe here (cancelation is a real thing, in the field of Higher Education as well as in other spheres of practice, and the function of the university professor has been radically transformed by the new business imperatives), it is the professor’s role to play the allegorical or representative person of a social actor in our contemporary context.

    It is going to be one of the greatest achievements of this theater piece that it can actually become a sort of the classroom to discuss what is happening in Brazilian Higher Education today in Brazil. Let’s have a look at the show’s opening scene, scene 1: Na Montanha do Convento. The first object of interest in this very crowded scene are three teenagers, woman, man and child, on a bench in the center of the stage. They are on the verge of leaving this kind of institution to which they are condemned to stay for the entire time of their lives; they are leaving it of their own free will.

    Most of the people who left this convent were young girls. And from that great number of girls, not all of them were blessed with good genes. Among them there were girls who had great beauty, very beautiful girls like you. You’re the stars.

    The plot of the scene is something like this: If you join the Jesuits, you’re assured of an easy life, generous vacations and money,


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    New in this video:
    Intro – 0:34
    Making of – 4:15
    1.Village of Despair (Main map) – 4:15
    2.Village of Despair (Enemies) – 5:12
    3.Village of Despair (Boss) – 7:24
    4.Village of Despair (Level 1) – 10:00
    5.Village of Despair (Secret) – 10:50
    6.Village of Despair (Bonus) – 11:44
    Hi guys! Sorry, I’ve been silent for a bit, I’m back with a NEW video. This time we’re going to play a brand new map: the “Village of Despair” map. I decided to name this map after the infamous “Rave of the Vampire” that is played by a lot of people. This map really has a good atmosphere that I think can be fun to play. Enjoy this new map and let me know what you think.
    Have fun!
    New in this video:
    Making of – 4:15
    1.Village of Despair (Main map) – 4:15
    2.Village of Despair (Enemies) – 5:12
    3.Village of Despair (Boss) – 7:24
    4.Village of Despair (Level 1)


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    This title is compatible with the following versions of Battle for Azeroth:
    World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1.5.
    7.1.5 Patch Notes.
    Battle for Azeroth Patch 7.2.0.
    World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Patch 7.2.3.
    World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Patch 7.2.4.
    World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Patch 7.2.5.
    World of