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Name Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 4
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.30 / 5 ( 5832 votes )
Update (13 days ago)







A simple game that explores character, deck and relationships. While you play, the tiles switch places. And you only have a set amount of time to explore before they change again. The longer you can survive the changing tiles, the more points you earn. Tilt your phone to control the tiles and see what happens. Who will live, and who will die?



• Feel the reactions of the people and watch them on screen
• Did someone approach, attack or flee from you?
• Who will succeed, and who will not?

Mori Carta is the first game in the Mori Carta series. Your game starts with a simple investigation of a girl who looks a bit suspicious. This is your first encounter with your player character and also the girl.

While the girl is investigating, you can meet other characters and you can be attacked. Those attacks also make a card enter the opponent’s hand. This way you can observe your opponent and decide when to act.

Start off with your opponent’s hand full of cards!

Choose the cards you want to add to your deck. You can choose cards of the same type or mix it up.

Showtime has ended, you have a deck, and it’s a mix of cards! Watch on screen as your opponent must play the right card and lay it down so your opponent can’t place it on the board.

Decide where to play your cards, and change the layout of the playing area.

This is the moment when you must make decisions about your strategy.

If you make it past the first challenge… you still have to fight the other three people.

If you do make it to the last battle, the one that is played with the five characters, the computer plays a card that can wipe out the whole deck.

The game ends, and based on the total result points you receive, you


Additional Information

Name Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 4
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.30 / 5 ( 5832 votes )
Update (13 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Use your iris to unlock the pictures and movie Clipart
  • Key features: movie clip art, pictures, and music
  • Create your own Puzzle Maps, and read additional puzzle games online
  • Create new Puzzle Maps online, and read new puzzles


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The game takes place in China’s far west, across from Africa’s Great Lakes region. A conflict that was averted in the country’s long, drawn-out civil war between two Chinese factions.
The central government wants the Shi’a Islam-dominated grouping recognized as the ruling party, but the “Southern Party” will not be moved. Four wars have been fought, and so far, the only thing that they have achieved is allowing them to fight over Xinjiang province.
The central government, on the other hand, wants to claim the western Pacific province for its Nationalist Party, thus increasing their military presence there. But they are encountering stiff resistance from the Southern Party’s “Iron Tigers” militia, which currently holds much of the area, blocking the way.
War has begun.

Out of Power

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Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 4 [Latest]

Arcade Battles: Experience the essence of the 80’s and beyond in the arcade mode with over 20 hours of campaign, missions and select battles.More than just the Arcade Mode, this is also available in a mode dubbed Puzzle Mode.Choose the level, then race to the top with a 60 second time limit.Once there you’ll have to link up to 5 blocks in a line to eliminate the enemy troops and reach the top.Keep your eyes peeled for bombs, which you’ll want to avoid!Be warned, there are 50 possible levels in this mode, so make sure to bring plenty of fuel!Puzzle mode features all the same stages from the arcade mode as well as a few new ones.You can choose to play in Solo, Duo and Staggered as well.Puzzle mode is also included in the campaign mode, with certain missions awarding a puzzle icon.Once youve completed the campaign, puzzle mode will be unlocked, allowing you to keep battling your way through to the top!Arcade mode is also available as a challenge, so if youre feeling up to the challenge, go for it!Characters Kunoichi She Robot Ninja Shinobi Alignment Neutral Warrior Balanced Characters Damage Hit Attack Recovery Attack Quick Attack Action Attack Attack Action Attack Action Average Damage 1.0 Average Recovery 1.0 10,000 2.0

Other features In addition to the Arcade Mode and Puzzle Mode, there are many other features to be found!Challenge Mode allows you to select one of 5 difficulty levels and battle through the various stages with a couple of rules in mind.You are given a time limit of 15 seconds for every attack that your character makes. If your total damage is above or equal to 30,000, you are eliminated.Other features include a game in which you can earn special characters to use in your game.In addition to the Super Ninja Moves, there are many other special abilities and devastating attacks available to players.What will you choose for your next battle?

Top players ranked on several characteristics and charts can be matched with friends and other players on Xbox Live. They can also challenge other players to battle to see who is the fastest!The available moves are changed daily.They can also earn rewards through combat and unlock special fighters and items by leveling up!Complete quests and participate in other events that reward you with special items!Characters are able to change their skills as they gain experience and levels.Daily Event Quests:-Prize Winners-Kunoichi-Robot Ninja-


What’s new in Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 4:

is a first person shooter with stunning visuals, inspired by games like Doom, Quake, and Half-life. Construct unique weapons out of building materials and play solo or with your friends!

Flock VR is a virtual reality game supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve’s Knuckles Controller. The game takes you on a space exploration adventure and mixes you up in a zombie apocalypse. You control your fate and navigate mazes and spaceships in different unique but similar environments, where you need to find your way out of an endless vicious loop.

Your weapon: The VR Flock’s head

Play the flocking master

Flock VR is still in early development and currently is in its Alpha Phase.

The development team consists of Matija Posavec (Lead Designer), Marijana Hajdarevic (Lead Programmer), Neno Grubje (Lead Artist), Mina Kuruzović (3D Artist), Ivana Milošević (3D Modeler), Ivanka Jelšar (Voice Actor) and Alessandro Mantovano (Narrator).


Fight through different environments and mazes while solving puzzles. Scavenge objects in order to craft new items. Use your head and your inventory to navigate freely through the space, solving puzzle rooms and avoid traps.

VR-game-concept : Brain-mecht

Different environments

Creating unique weapons out of found items

Space ship computer and 3D-mapped sky

The player is placed in some kind of a VR-head and is invisible. The player’s head can move freely and fully, almost like you are a statue. the player’s head is the character in the game, heads controls everything. Items are stored in the player’s inventory. Weapons are crafted by using collected items and glitching the head to create weapons. The player’s head can be twisted and turned in real-time animation, it controls the camera. The camera angle is up to the players. You can take pictures with the head, you can watch through the head. You can record yourself and with the right headphones you can control what kind of voice you want to speak. After all, the head is powered by your mouth.

The spaceships you make out of head inventory and items, are already built and mapped to a 3D environment. So the player can easily navigate between the spaceships. You can use the player’s


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BlastFort is a physics-based tower defense game with four heroes and four monsters! BlastFort has both regular gameplay and an RPG-style leveling system! Challenge your friends in the BlastFort multiplayer mode, or try your luck against the AI in the single player mode!
Play through 30+ game levels and enjoy the fully-featured game, along with the 4 heroes and 4 bosses.
Learn new spells to blast your enemies into oblivion, or level up your passive skills. BlastFort also features a fully-featured custom map editor for the exact level design you want!
Do you like the game, and want more? Get the Knight’s Shield and other exclusive items!
“The control scheme and gameplay is extremely fluid, having been modded to be so by the author.” (Hardcore Gamer)
“Scary, fun, challenging, and hard to find, BlastFort is a great physics based tower defense game for iOS.” (Touch Arcade)
“A great, addicting game” (Appolicious)
“A blast from the past” (Gizmodo)
“Bust your brain moving gems as fast as you can – it’s blast-tastic.” (Guitar Hero 5)
Game Categories:
— Tower Defense
— Puzzle
— Action
Supported by the following platforms:
iPhone / iPad
Note: The game is optimized to run on iPhone 5 / iPad 3.
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How To Install and Crack Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 4:

  • Click the Download button
  • Extract the downloaded file to a desired location
  • Double click the Setup
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Enjoy the game Long Gone Days

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Dual-Core 1.6GHz or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Quad-Core 2.0GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
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