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The game stars an average guy, who is facing his first encounter with the undead. For the first time in his life, you will have to think about the future. Build a shelter, carry out hunting, focus on survivability and go on an adventure.
Everything depends on you!
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Rename an entire folder with subfolders

I am trying to rename an entire folder with all of its sub-folders, the main folder has a different name than the other folders, so I don’t want to target those folders. Is this possible? I know that you can use “Remove-Item -Recurse -Force” to do this but it won’t actually keep the files it deletes on their proper location which I would have to then follow with a Foreach cycle to move the files to a backup location.


If your main folder is called “Root”, the command below will rename the whole folder and all its subdirectories. You’ll need to be in the folder itself to run this one.
Rename-Item -Path “Root” -NewName “NewRoot”

You can run it directly in PowerShell as follows (note the -Force switch):
Rename-Item -Path “Root” -NewName “NewRoot” -Force

But to keep the original folder and its structure intact, you’ll have to use a [FileSystemProvider] that understands.NET objects:
Rename-Item -Path “Root” -NewName “NewRoot” -NewNameProvider New-ItemProvider


This code works on the folders that doesn’t contain any special files/folders.
Use it on folders that contain special files/folders you want to avoid.
$srcRoot = “D:Source”


Paws Amp; Effect: My Dogs Are Human! Features Key:

  • Remotely start game in background
  • Multiplayer & Single Player
  • Deployment, Inventory Management
  • Prompt Commands
  • Item Modifying
  • Item Owning
  • Inventory Upgrading
  • Upgrade Structure
  • Overworld Map Tiles Control
  • Console Control Item Deployment
  • Attack the Monster
  • AB Control World Map Editing
  • Deluxe Screen Effect
  • Real Time Sound
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    Paws Amp; Effect: My Dogs Are Human! Free For Windows

    “The Unrest”, the second full-length album from Edgard Ramirez: “To Be Continued” EP, is a modern instrumental masterpiece which sets the standard for modern cinematic music and is perfect for any action or visual novel, film, video game, or other media.
    Ideal for creating dark, intense, and overall disturbing moods, “The Unrest” is Ramirez’s perfect soundtrack for creating cinematic scenes.
    About Edgard Ramirez:
    Edgard Ramirez is a solo classical composer, mainly for film, television, and video games. His first independent album “The Prelude” was a solo album of his classical composition, performed by a classical soloist, and his first commercial release was “Unfinished”, a 6-track EP.
    About This Game:
    The Unrest was composed by Edgard Ramirez. It is available for free in high quality audio (MP3, FLAC, and OGG) formats.
    “The Unrest” was recorded and mixed by Edgard Ramirez.
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    Python script works on my computer but not on computer it was designed for

    I have a Python script that works perfectly on my computer. However, when I create a file that creates a git repo and upload it to my company’s repository, it stops working. All files uploaded successfully but after it creates the Git repo it stops working and no longer creates the folders that it should. I have used PyCharm for Python development and created the repo through GitPython.
    Here is the error I receive from GitPython:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 159, in ensure_exists
    raise FileNotFoundError(message, filename)
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘C:/ProgramData/Git/objects/info/hooks’

    /usr/local/git/git-1.8.3-pre1/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gitpython/core/ UserWarning: the git_env[‘


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