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Hibernate change database everytime

I want my spring project, which is using hibernate-core and hibernate-entitymanager to change the database everytime the application is restarted.
How can I do that?


you will have to change hibernate config file or else you can try creating some dummy method at DAO level and call that dummy method in a scheduler.
I think these are the options :

configuration (addLoggingWriter to log writer)
configuration (change hibernate cnfiguration using properties file)
change hibernate config file (like the hibernate.cfg.xml)
define a method call

More info :


User’s Role on navigation

I have been working with Joomla for 3 months. I have read online tutorials on how to alter the navigation and all that stuff… But i have no idea as how to get the user’s role on the menu. I am working on the default user authentication and based on the user’s role I want to show certain links. Basically I have 3 roles and I want to show different links in the menu. All the tutorials and resources on the net are old and the code is written on J1.6. I think that is the reason why i cannot get the concept of how to get the user’s role.


Did you mean to follow this thread? I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but these should be helpful.
This one applies to J1.7+ –
You would also need to make sure you add to the URL in each link, so that way the user can still link to themselves.

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Well, that’s what I would like to know. What is the difference between the Windows and Linux versions? Is it difficult to use? I’m familiar with the Linux version, but I have no clue about the Windows version. Thanks for your help.


As far as the installation, I’m sure you already know – Linux requires you to have java installed, and there are a ton of other programs you have to download to make it work.
Windows version, on the other hand, doesn’t require java, because it is a GUI, meaning that it runs without needing to be downloaded.
The only thing it lacks is the ability to directly download files from the Internet, so you can’t use it to download specific movies from the Pirate Bay, for example, without having to create a torrent file. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible – you can use a proxy to download the movie from the torrent, but torrents tend to be much faster than HTTP connections.
Another thing you may find useful to know is that, although it is a GUI, it is very simple. The user interface is in fact hidden for most of the time, and only appears when you open the application, or when you start the download (depending on the downloader).
As for the softwares it uses, there are a few things you have to do yourself, as there are not many apps that it will automatically download for you. One of the more useful apps is the ‘preparing download’ window that you can open using the ‘video’ key combination in Windows, you can then use it to download the files. I’m not sure about the other methods, but I bet there are more than a few of them.
It also will not automatically install any programs. So you will have to do that yourself, by downloading the.exe files of the programs you want to install, and extracting the files manually, as in Windows is the exact same idea as with Linux.

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