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Printer Driver Generic 36c- 1 Series Pcl

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By 1988-1989 the IEEE 1394 standard was well established. A year later Apple Computer Corp. released the Apple Panther. The Graphics Media Interface (GMII) was an industry standard interface. 38 years after it was first developed, the IEEE 1394(ASF) architecture was standardized.

The shift from RS-232 and parallel ports to IEEE 1394 was driven in part by growth of the consumer PC market during the 1990s.The IEEE 1394 standard is capable of higher speed transfer and higher data transfer rates than parallel and serial connections. The IEEE 1394 standard is implemented in dozens of consumer devices, including scanners, digital cameras, PDAs, and digital video recorders.

When an IEEE 1394 link is established, the data stream is serialized into data packets. These data packets are organized into groups called domains. A domain is a collection of physical and logical resources (e.g., circuits and nodes) that may be represented as one or more addresses with one or more instances of a resource class. The domains form a tree structure, with the root domain the highest-level domain. This is because the IEEE 1394 standard defines a logical linkage between domains.

One of the advantages of the IEEE 1394 standard is it allows one device to be used as both a sender and a receiver. The IEEE 1394 standard also supports the transfer of data between different root domains.

The mechanism for transferring data, or messages, between domains is called bi-directional.

A data packet can be fragmented to improve the efficiency of data transfer. Fragmentation is achieved by discarding data units from the original packet.

Both data streams can carry over one or more domains at a time.

For example, if a stream originating in domain A is sent to domain B, and a stream originating in domain B is sent to domain A, then the original stream would have to be re-transmitted.

However, if the data and control are different domains, then the data stream can be sent from domain A to domain B and then back to domain A.

The IEEE 1394 standard supports two different topologies, unicast and broadcast. The unicast topology is used for communication between two devices. For example, as shown in Figure 1A, a data stream is sent from device A to device B.

The broadcast topology is used for communication between a device and all


Finally, I’ve the solution for my problem.

Install the driver and programs of Canon Pixs
I recommend the programs of Universal Printer
recovery programs that I had before, you can download them here:


At that time I tried to install the programs with the machine of my friend and told him this message at the time of installation of the programs.
Windows DP-1700 —> successful
Windows DP-500 —> failed

After you tried, you find the error message below.
Please enable the Internet connect and try to install the program again.


How could I solve this error?

Problem Description

Check whether the printer The installation directory of the printer and drivers are the same. The installation directory is configurable via the “Dest Use this default installation directory to install the universal driver software.This will prevent your operating system or application from warning you that your printer driver software requires a computer that is not compatible with yours.

I tried that and this is what happened. You will be able to connect using the Canonイメージツールジャ Drivers and the program that you tried to install.
Add/Remove printer I couldn’t install the program which you installed because the installation directory of the Windows (Default: [1 day])}.
When you install these drivers, you will automatically be told that you must, and you must install the drivers for your printer.
It is suggested that you let the driver install program determine the installation location of the printer.
This will prevent your operating system or application from warning you that your printer.

Please let me know if there are issues with that.

Explanation of the Solutions

1. If the installation directory of the Windows and drivers are the same. Please check the installation directory of the Windows and drivers before you install the programs.
You can do this by using the following steps:

Windows DP-1700 —> successful
Windows DP-500 —> failed
Check the Installation Directory of the Windows

From the following screen, you can choose the appropriate installation location by clicking
Make sure that the installation directory is same as what you set
I didn’t have the last window that was opened before removing and placing