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A story about a near-future hero named Garth, whose life is destined to be a series of misadventures. Jumping from one adventure to the next, Garth seeks to defeat the last Lich King, who threatens to destroy the World of Dreams and remake it in his own image.
An Adventurer’s Tale is a unique mix of fun gameplay, and interactive story moments, being mixed together like a soupsicle. The game has a ‘VN’ style of story telling, only it’s all in an open, stylized 3D environment. You’ll be watching the scenes unfold as if you were watching a fast-paced visual novel, while still making the usual choices and decisions you’d find in an RPG.
When all is said and done, the story will stretch to about 10-15+ hours, depending on how much of a single-player lurker you are. The game also features multiple gameplay styles, like an ‘ADventurer Mode’ (single-player) with an interactive story, and multiple other game modes, like a ‘Lich-King Mode’ (cooperative multiplayer) that you can play in multiplayer or offline, or a ‘Story Mode’ (everything in the game, for you) where you can interact with the world at your own pace.
So, no matter what you want to do in-game, you can do it in An Adventurer’s Tale.

An epic single-player adventure and a chance for you to be a powerful hero. The campaign follows the story of a young maiden and a drifter named Alan, who aim to free their souls from a cursed forest. The forest came to them years ago and took everything good in their lives away. But Alan has a friend who can help him free them. Together they must help the little maiden escape the forest before the darkness takes them as well. The campaign features branching dialogue to the end and some puzzles for additional fun.

Join us on adventures in the dark, demonic labyrinth where a young adventurer must face a murderer who has only one goal: kill. Your only hope is to learn the mysteries of the maze and find out who’s responsible for this grave crime.

If there’s one thing that the U.S. Army is good at, it’s playing video games. Sure, they’re primarily based out of the military’s main training facility, Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), but they’re always looking for new challenges.
What better game than “Call


Features Key:

  • Open space pvp, where you can engage in the most intense battle you can imagine
  • The robot-like “Battle” ability that lasts as long as you hold the button, and during which you can kill any enemy (even those behind you)
  • Hazards: e.g. Electrocution, Fractures, Bombs, Explosions, Bombs Spikes, Venturing Plasma, Dynamic Shockwaves, Players Spikes, Meteors, Scorpion Sentry Gun, Crushable Spikes, Remote Onslaught, Invisible Shadow Tank
  • Heavy Weaponry: Tanks, Turrets, Automagas, Energy Generators


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* Team Fortress Classic allows players to develop their skill and experience in playing the game in a way never before available. In addition to highly addictive gameplay, Team Fortress Classic features an in-depth customization ability, with over 4,000 items, as well as a variety of new items and abilities.
* Team Fortress Classic utilizes three distinct classes: Scout, Soldier, and Medic. Each class possesses a unique arsenal of weapons, gadgets, tools, and abilities.
* Team Fortress Classic offers cross-platform online play with Xbox Live and Windows Live.

* Team Fortress Classic features a new vehicle system — the Bumper Bots.


*Over 4,000 items for players to customize their characters.
*Level up and acquire new character abilities for your weapons, gadgets, and abilities.
*Over 100 levels to play through and unlock — including dedicated level rewards.
*Play against real players on live Xbox Live and Windows Live servers.

In April 2003, Valve Corp., developers of legendary multiplayer titles like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress, hosted the Game Developer’s Conference, in an effort to involve more than just the game industry’s traditional stakeholders in the development of next generation games.

At this conference, Valve’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, invited game developers from all over the world to meet, share knowledge, and collaborate. The Game Developers Conference 2003 was a watershed moment for game development, creating what is known as the indie gaming community.

With the establishment of the GDC to bring these game developers together, we felt the need to bring this community into the PC platform. We wanted to let gamers share and collaborate in a new world of gaming, with a huge virtual community, that was more active than the game industry’s conference.

The team at Valve got to work on what they had discussed at the Game Developer’s Conference, and the result is Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution — an online game that features elements of strategy, turn-based gameplay, and quick-paced action that will make everyone feel like they are playing a computer game that is a blast to play.

The Game:

You lead a prehistoric civilization into the information age. Along the way, you’ll conquer, explore, trade and learn new technologies that will help you create an empire. The world is your gaming canvas, where you’ll build units, build cities, build roads, and build trades — all while winning wars, exploring, and sending your probes out


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Game play is just like Bejeweled Blitz with one difference, you match diamond tiles with the help of fishes. Each click has a round time and a duration, just like the game with the same name. You match tiles to remove them, as long as the Diamond matches are available and the time you set has not expired. If not, you will not score.
Remember that you have three lives and you can get a new one by matching three stars on a different row.
The fish is the key, how to catch a fish?
You will be presented with some pretty spooky fish that match according to the theme, they will appear every few rounds.
Collect a bunch of fish and make a good match to earn an extra life.
Collect as many fishes as possible to increase your score and get more points.
You can buy a power-up with a diamond.
Match and complete a maze of steps to reach a prize.
you can unlock the game also available on mobile and
Available On:
iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1

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Swap the Monopoly pieces to collect special prizes. You can buy properties and collect money on the map with the aid of special booster cards and a deck of cards. Super Fast Play and tons of fun!
In the original Monopoly game, each player takes turns as they claim different properties on the board. In this game you are represented by a character that can move around the board and collect money.
* A number of special cards is given as additional rules to the game, such as FREE ROOM and HOT AIR BALLOON.
* A card pack of boosters can provide you with a special card.
* Each player can get rewards by collecting money on the board.
* A player wins when all of the bills on the board are brought to his or her house.
* A player plays the game by accumulating money from the properties on the board.
* Each turn consists of collecting money on the board and collecting houses from the property cards.
* You can find houses and collect money on the board. If you collect a house on the board, you can then collect bills from the new house.
* You collect bills from houses by playing the card deck. The more houses you collect, the better your


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