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Remedia is the result of creative and talented people with a vision on how to mix modern games’ genre with the retro sounds of the 8-bit generation. We present to you two exciting game modes: asteroid and defense, in which both 8-bit retro and modern atmospheres merge into a new world.
What’s new
– Game Outline:
1) Complete the game in the main mode.
2) Complete all the extra modes, which will unlock the new one.
3) Submit your progress to the leaderboard.
4) Contact us via e-mail.
– Game Modes:
Asteroid -A game mode in which you destroy various starships. In the main mode, you take on the role of a yellow asteroid, but you can unlock different variations of it.
Defend – A game mode in which you take on the role of a defender of the planet. You will repel enemy attacks with powerful laser turrets and defend a planet’s community. New weapons will be unlocked in this mode.

Now you can play your favorite NES games right on your Android device! Compatible with many phone & tablet screen resolutions, Retro DB features:
Simple and intuitive interface
Easy to set up – Choose game, launch and enjoy!
Controls are customizable
Gamers can choose between the original NES controller layout (both analog and digital) or the one from the phone (only analog).
Controls remapping is possible.
All possible controls can be customized and stored on your device for future use.
Let’s play some of the most famous video games of the 8-bit generation!
Play over 200 classic games, like Super Mario Bros., Contra, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Pac-Man and many more!
What’s New:
“Idle Shooter” added.

Try to win in the game “Grid-pool”, which is a combination of pool and billiards.
You have to organize a table, arrange balls so that they stick to the walls and hit other balls as hard as you can.
The rules are simple: you can get rid of only one ball, do not allow your own ball to disappear and make a smooth movement.
The maximum score on the table is 30 points.

TMA allows players to play all its games in parallel on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone as a dedicated Android device on WiFi.
Players and teams can also control the hardware


Project D20 Features Key:

  • Multi-Player
  • Innovative AI technology
  • Cutting-edge graphics
  • Key Challenges
  • What’s new?

    Respects the culture of the Australian Indigenous!

    • Use our tools to get a new AI, and produce the next generation of Ancestors.
    • Culture of the Australian Indigenous is essential to our success.

    Timber Story is a co-op game in which you play as an aspiring woodcutter. You live in the not-too-distant future where mankind has colonized the solar system and built cities on the moon and Mars. There’s only one place left – Earth. You compete in this multiplayer game on Mars to protect what’s left of Earth’s forests from encroaching humans.

    Starting off as just a player character and a few trees, you recruit fellow Herrnhuters on Planet Earth to help defend the Earth’s forests. As your team grows, you gain access to new survival tools, like shovels and paint buckets to defend your territory.

    There are different goals to take into account. You can only protect a certain amount of ground, usually from a specified amount of time. However, once the clock ticks down, trees will start to grow for the sole purpose of taking you all out. It’s up to you to ensure that no rival player reaches zero.Synthesis of a new, nitrogen-free, Ga(3+)-based super-lattice on graphene and its application as dye-sensitized solar cells.
    Coating of graphene nanosheets (GNS) using an aqueous solution of a mixed Li1.2Eu0.09Co0.16Ga0.84O4 (LEGO) precursor yields a doped, nitrogen-free, (oxy)hydroxylated GO-sensitized gallium (III)-based oxide, in which the GNS are uniformly chemisorbed through O-of-Ga species. The resulting catalyst shows excellent electrocatalytic activity toward the reduction of triiodide with a high turnover frequency of 12.5 × 10(4) s(-1) and a turnover number close to 800.


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    This is a token pack of aquatic creatures for the Fantasy Grounds engine. Other token packs of aquatic creatures have been made here on NG, but I’ve taken on the task of making a token pack I’d like to use in my RPG campaigns. I have included uncommon creatures to be found in an adventure in a wilderness rather than in a city or such. I have used some color variations on some tokens and some weapons such as a spear, trident and sword. I hope you enjoy them!
    The “Aquatic Menace” starter set contains 17 different creature tokens. The tokens are visible to players as the tokens have name tags. The tokens contained in this product are available for purchase individually in my store here and have been converted to Fantasy Grounds Standard. What you see in this preview is the full token pack, however the tokens are dependent upon you having the Fantasy Grounds Unity or Fantasy Grounds Classic license.

    System Requirements:

    Fantasy Grounds 4 or later

    Game Size:



    Recommended System Requirements:

    Fantasy Grounds 5 or later

    File Size:



    Fantasy Grounds Unity or Classic



    In This Product

    Aquatic Menace-This token pack contains 17 creature tokens for your Fantasy Grounds adventures! The tokens include rare aquatic creatures used in wilderness settings. The tokens have name tags that are visible to players. The tokens are available for purchase individually in my store here and have been converted to Fantasy Grounds Standard. You may use any of the tokens in your adventures as you see fit!

    Eagle adds a rare beast to your collection of creatures. It may not be found in a city or a tavern but exists in the wilderness. He has heavy armor to protect his body and his head, is armed with a sharp beak and boasts a clawed forearm. Though he is a large bird, he is quite vicious.

    Wavesnipe has the ability to swim better than any other aquatic creature in existence. It can travel much faster and swim much longer than any other aquatic creature. However, it cannot swim underwater. It is also bigger than any other aquatic creature.

    Skum is a rare jellyfish variant that is fast, large and has a strong sting. It can be used as both a weapon and a defense for the Skum. It can do two things with its stinger: it can be used to pin


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    The game mechanic is “AND” “NOT” “BOOLEAN” game.The logic is changing the shop’s conditions, so that the products are “AND”/”NOT” “BOOLEAN” in the shop each time.
    System Features:
    – Changelog:
    ———————————————————————————————————————————Numerous changes of various parts of the game.Many changes.
    – Visual changes:
    – Dramatic changes of the shop and staff.
    – A clear appearance of weapons and opponents.
    – Various atmospheres in the shop and environment.
    – System improvement.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————This game is currently not finished.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————You can contact me by Twitter (@sony-perry-s)
    ★ Twitter @sony-perry-s
    ★ Blog
    ★ Hey! Perry(Perry)Please be good to my dog!
    ★ Support:

    ★ carcinoma of the breast. Diagnostic criteria].
    Six hundred and eighty eight patients with invasive carcinoma of the breast operated between July 1985 and December 1988 were reviewed. The cases came from the Department of Pathology of the Hospital Universitario de Alicante, Alicante, Spain. The lesions were classified according to the Tumour, Node, Metastasis classification of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), 1983. The TNM classification was also revised according to the UICC, 1987. A total of 68.9% of the cases were invasive ductal carcinomas and 31.1% were lobular carcinomas. The age distribution was as follows: from 40 to 40.9 years, 49.8%; 40.9 to 49.9 years, 32.3%; 50 to 60.9 years, 8.1%; and from 60 to 69 years, 4.1%. The most frequent symptom was, as expected, a lump. In 578 cases, 90.3% of patients were treated by radical breast surgery, and in 41.7% of the cases by axillary lymph


    What’s new in Project D20:


    Shadow Gangs is a 2013 supernatural crime drama film directed by Steven Okazaki. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Cooper, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Emma Dumont. The film follows a down-on-her-luck New York City detective who becomes haunted while on the trail of a serial killer. The film received generally mixed reviews from critics, who praised Lawrence’s performance but criticized the film’s cliched themes and mediocre story. A sequel titled Eye of the Storm was released in January 2017.

    Detective Mary “Marybeth” Bellamy is on the trail of a serial killer who has been murdering women for over a year, with the eponymous “Shadow Gang” as his method of choice. However, after several attacks, including the most recent one, the police are unable to catch the killer. With her estranged husband Jack, a private investigator at the police department, Marybeth has come to accept that her brother Dean will never be able to solve the case since he was too close to the killer.

    Marybeth’s life begins to go downhill into chaos when she finds a baby abandoned on the street. Frightened of the cries from the baby, and teary-eyed from the baby being abandoned, Marybeth goes to Chinatown where she comes across a sex trafficking ring. Skirting around underaged sex slaves at the massage parlor, Marybeth gets into a firefight and kills the owner of the parlor. She later learns that the girl believed to be the seller of the “crack babies” was actually a fellow detective, Detective Margaret Dawson, who is now being hunted down by the Shadow Gang for having killed her abusive husband. It is also revealed that Margaret has since left the NYPD, having been let go for insubordination. Margaret struggles to pay her rent since the building’s agent has gotten away with the rent money.

    Meanwhile, Henry “J.J.” James, Henry’s gang leader at the White Castle where they eat for free, has been hired by a mutual colleague to try and find the killer himself. After a failed attempt to scare his mentor and Marybeth from the Red Hook subway station, Henry comes across information which lead him to the Chinatown Parlor. Knowing that Jack would be afraid of this, Henry waits until Jack is sleeping with Marybeth, hitting him in the back of the head with a golf club.



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    Host Player(s) Disallowed

    This content is incompatible with this version of the game. Please upgrade to a more recent version.


    Dart Monkey is a ball. And he’s dancing. Now what do you expect from a monkey with a dart gun? Master it’s fun, sadistic way through space with an upgrade system that lets you add anti-gravity, awesome balls, new weapons, and much more. Show off to your friends. Share your achievements with your friends. The only thing that matters in the end is the dance! Good luck out there, monkey.

    Key Features:

    More than 150 weapons and gadgets

    Replay Modes

    Unlock new weapons, arenas and alternate ways to destroy your enemies

    10+ Exciting Space Missions

    Meet up with new characters, solve puzzles, and put on the most epic show you ever seenThe dependence of the microbiological dynamics of the fermentation on yeast immobilization.
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    How To Install and Crack Project D20:

    • First, Download game Dark Light
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    Step By Step Guide:

    • Download the Zip file of Dark Light
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    System Requirements For Project D20:

    A few tips on how to use it:
    Open Steam and you’ll see a new tab: Steam Runtime Optimization.
    Tap on that.
    Make sure the Start SteamInLowPower is set to On.
    Click the Run tab and select Steam In Low Power, then click Start Steam in Low Power.
    Click Cancel when the process is done.
    Open Steam again and you’ll see the game ran on 20% power, you can click Close Steam In Low Power, if you prefer.
    Click the notifications tab