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Published: November 23, 2022 (5 days ago)

QTranslate 6.5.3 Portable .rar



QTranslate 6.5.3 Portable .rar

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QTranslate 6.5.3 Portable.rar

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ogreen boxy Wrote:QTranslate 6.5.3 Portable.rar a look here there are zip files you can download and run this program :- boxy
Hm.. I have the “portable” version of QTranslate 6.5.3 here: – The portable version has the following two files:- qtranslate6.3_Win.exe- qtranslate6.3_WinSetup.zipThe latter is the installation package.As of this moment, I’m not very familiar with the proper way to create a portable version. Maybe you need to create your own portable version, and then put the qtranslate6.exe somewhere, say in the “Program Files” folder on Windows XP (or the “c:program files” folder on Windows 7), and then make an entry in the portable version’s setup wizard to point to qtranslate6.exe and to the folders containing the file and any other files you want in the portable version’s 98qtranslate.ini file. I don’t know the correct way to do this, since I haven’t created a portable version yet.