by persal
Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Quetek File Scavenger 4.2 24 [Extra Quality]


Quetek File Scavenger 4.2 24

the rerecording of the material that has not yet been overwritten can also be deleted. if you lose your music collection, you can easily regain your precious documents. your information can no longer be found. this important tool will find a device, partition, or even recycle bin, and will find information that has been. recover deleted files (reminiscent of that deleted material). obviously, this tool will place saved files and folders after extracting them from the recycle bin. we believe that this is a great advantage.

not only word files, but you can also recover documents of excel and openoffice spreadsheets. the program also supports works with access databases, but the user is free of charge to do the recuperation of the material. you can also recover the files on external drives. when scanning the files, the program can not scan more than a total of 30 gb on the drive, but the directory tree of the usb key will be saved. the only disadvantage of this tool is the method of registration. it is necessary to provide an email address, but after its activation, registration is free. it is simple.

with this document recovery tool, you do not have to stress much because the software will find everything that has been lost. in other words, it works quietly, which is why it may appear that the computer has no energy.

after you have installed this application, all you have to do is take the device and type the word recover in the search field. after that, your lost material is stored into the computer. like stated earlier, you can also do the recuperation of the information after a format of your hard drive or an infection of a virus. all in all, this is a free and good tool for recovering your deleted documents.

file scavenger can in addition recoup information from the hard drives, lans, tape drives and other gadgets. it is an effective software package for searching and recovering files from deleted drive. it recovers data from the recycle bin. it is a multi-functional software package for searching and recovering files that lost in the recycle bin. it searches and recovers data from the file system. it recovers information from the recycle bin, usb drive, ntfs or other hard drive partitions. besides, it offers a radical and, secure power to search and recover files that are deleted, lost or removed by mistake or by way of a computer virus.
with file recovery software you can not only recover files in your computer but also in removable media. you can also search any content on the hard disk. file scavenger version, which is a professional application for mac and windows, allows you to recover files or recover deleted data in any format: ata, ntfs, fat, refs. even data created with a variety of disk partitioning tools will be able to be retrieved. file scavenger will also be able to detect if files and data have been overwritten when formatted partition or moved to another. the scan of data is done in the same moment, regardless of the speed or size of the hard disk. it will be possible to recover files that have been deleted on ntfs drives with the help of file recovery software for mac.
file scavenger has the ability to search for deleted files and documents on the computer even after they have been overwritten by new data. the search can be performed quickly and even during the scan of a hard disk it is possible to determine which file is to be deleted. the deleted data could be in any format, such as ntfs, fat, fat 32, exfat, refs. it is possible to recover not only accidentally deleted files, but also the data that has disappeared as a result of technical malfunctions of raid devices. it is also worth noting that some hard disk data will be able to be recovered even after being overwritten when formatted partition or moved to another.