by karmel
Published: November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


Rainbow Folders 2.02 (Change Folder Icon Color) -Legal-Ups Crack

I dont care that the new color scheme is bland, but it IS hard to look at. Everything is various shades of gray. If the default font for folders and viewing emails were at least black on a white background it would provide better contrast so you could read emails without causing eye strain. Seriously theres a desperate need for a patch. FIX THIS!!!!!!!

Oh, this is disgusting. For 2 years, the default folder icon color was a sort of orange. I never got used to it, and I don’t like the new color scheme. At least change it to a dark blue or even grey, because it’s too garish. Let people use it if they want to, but you should at least give them the option to.

The Rainbow folders open you can use, but I’m sure that some changes need to be made, like the fact that it opens some folders but many times will not open ANY folders at all. I think there are many folders you can open with this, but again, it needs to be tweaked. All it needs is some really good tweaking. People can get by without it if they like but it wouldn’t be hard to make some pretty cool looking folders with it.

Still worked perfectly just double clicking the folders.. The only thing I’d change would be to have that pretty light brown. This program takes images and colors them so that you can create a folder that looks like a real folder.

It has excellent options. I can’t even begin to touch on the possibilities with the program. You can easily set it up to make rainbows on your desktop and your folders. This is great if you just like rainbows on your desktop.

net 1.0]Make a solid color slide-through drawer with a transparent panel that slides back and forth. The new folder icons are now updated based on the file extensions. For the meadowlook icon in the right window. Easily setup colored icons for your menus.

I hate it. It’s horrible, terrible, ugly, and boring. It’s a completely subjective opinion, and I’m sure if you walked up to a random person on the street and asked them how they feel about it, they’d probably express some kind of variation in their opinion. All I know is that I don’t like it. Although to be fair, it could just be the fact that I know what it will look like when it’s done. A few weeks ago I clicked the package and my initial reactions were that it looked good, but I couldn’t possibly judge the end product. I just picked up my new Bold and opened a folder to run a spell check. After doing so, I had to close the folder I opened. There is simply no contrast in the color. The icons themselves are blank and have no detail. Most of the time you can barely tell it’s an icon at all.
I hate it. It’s ugly and childish. It’s not that the icons are bad, they’re not really, it’s just that I don’t want them in my folders. Why does Outlook still have old icons in folders? Why does Blackberry have colored icons in folders? How come nobody in the IT industry cares about good design?
I don’t like the new color scheme. The fonts are too black and the folders icons are too small and blocky, it detracts from the overall look of the folders. Black could have been a good color to use instead, it at least has a nice contrast ratio with white. The folder icons don’t even have a detail to them, they all look like a brown smear.
I love the original looks of the folders that came with XP. It wasn’t “black” and had a subtle gray/white with black icons. I absolutely hate this new Outlook 2007. I like the folder backgrounds to be white.