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Published: November 19, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


Rdprint Delphi Xe2

The Delphi UX components are designed to make the user-interface development for applications easy. The line tool, grid tool, scroll tool, palette editor and others help you quickly build your interfaces, or, if you are not familiar with these tools, you can use their visual controls to build them. Built on Design Time technology, all Delphi UX components are fully Object-Oriented. You may even customize a predefined control with the Overrides feature. From the Edit tab of the Options…

A complete solution for computer-aided designing, including the initial structural design, detailed high-resolution drawings, and reports of construction, is available in a package set by the name Delphi Construction Design (DCD), which includes Design Objects for AutoCAD, Delphi and Flash Builder, all the tools needed to create a master plan for your project, and templates for the high-resolution drawings and professional reports your clients require. DCD software…

>>>>Professional Components:
The OleDB components make it possible to use Delphi for creating databases for Access, ODBC and SQLite. The Fmx components make it possible to use a single Visual component, such as DataGrid, ListView or ComboBox, to control different data sources. Or you can use a data access layer to bring data from the data source directly to…

Working with a very long list of data in the form of a spreadsheet or database record can be tedious and time consuming. The original ‘UNION’ type queries can be very slow or impractical to use, however this article describes the creation of more efficient non-query based reports, primarily for Delphi 7 through XE8.

gateway development kit (gdbk) provides service providers (retail, banks, credit unions, government) and business owners with a flexible and highly scalable way to offer consumers a convenient and secure electronic payment experience.
self-checkout solution for retailthe e-2go retail and restaurant solution is a wireless pos software that enables any retail or restaurant with an existing printer capable of bar code and rfid technology.
api web server is an api server for java applications developed by k-systems gmbh. this server is intended to simplify the development and implementation of web applications using rest, json and soap services.
the xe2 version of gtm 3d is a beta version for desktop support only! this third-generation gtm 3d will support both file-based and disk-based printing using one the very best database access libraries. it provides excellent support for 3d in both printable and n-part applications.
format delphi writter is a software that saves your reports file formats after each write in a folder. with this software, you can generate the report in your folder and when unigui server receives the file’s path, it will save the file as a format for the ups. thus you can be sure that you will always use the same file format. if you generate the file in another folder, you can delete the file and replace it by the file that you save with the software.
the ups is integrated by default with all x-files components. it is also usable on other components that support it. it works on all programming languages that support the ups web server. if you want to use it with other programming languages, you just have to create an action in the ups, and the server will automatically extract the file and be printed by the ups. the ups is also directly integrated with x-dbgrid for database researchers who want to exchange information. the ups also enables the installation of its own components, generally those that are commonly used by the x-files package. it is also possible to install components by other developers and users. if you install the software by another developer, you have to provide the file that has to be used for the installation of the components to be installed. you also have to provide the name of the software to be installed and its own author. this software has many capabilities. you can modify the ups components by yourself. the ups reports are customizable thanks to the customdialog component. you can use custom datas. you can create your own components. you can easily modify the contents of the server. you can also easily change the reports or add your own components on your own server.