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Published: July 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)




The second part of Bus Simulator 18 which introduces and expands upon the new concept of the on-board camera, featuring 60 different routes through Europe. The in-game movie camera shows the player the world behind the wheel and how to get where they’re going. Use the map to turn, take lane changes and watch the world pass by you. Better yet, you can use the ‘on-board camera’ to see what’s behind you – check your blind spots!
Bus Simulator 18 is the sequel to the award-winning (and commercially-successful) Bus Simulator 2016.
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1. Large-scale beta testing in new regions/countries. Thanks for your feedback!
2. A new Editor feature: Join a game. Thanks for the feedback!
3. Easier joining of Online Game Play. Thanks for the feedback!
4. Several new online feature in Offline play. Thanks for the feedback!
5. Update of Region Switzerland to 2019.
6. Completely new UI. Thanks for the feedback!
7. New Routes in the editor.
8. Improvements to the editor and the speed of the Editor.
– On-board camera mode for the bus!
– Pause and restart the on-board camera.
– New tracks in editor.
– New buses.
– New route generation in the editor.
– New region in the editor.
– Completely new UI.
– Completely new Editor.
– New editor tool windows.
– New buses!
– A new region.
– New region: Switzerland.
– New region: Germany.
– New region: Sweden.
– New region: Hungary.
– New region: Austria.
– New region: Denmark.
– New editor tool windows.
– New route generation in editor.
– More routes.
– Completely new editor.
– New UI.
– New editor tool windows.
Bug Fixes:
– Black screen on Linux.
– New buses not working.
– New routes in editor not working.
– Load on-board camera stops to start a new game.
– Route editor not loading.
– New updates not working in Windows 10.
– Several crashes during game play.
– Menu not working in Linux.
– Text size too small in Windows


Features Key:

  • A ballistic pursuit video game
  • There is a 3d map and the player can move in each axis while the map moves.
  • You can control your ballistic pursuit either by
    • with the 1/2 <> button
    • with the Up/Down<< accelerometer button.
    • with the Left/Right << gyroscope button.
  • There are two types of projectiles.
  • First one is a ball :)
  • The second projectile (which is optional) is a controlled explosion.
  • Each type of projectile can perform different movements.
  • There are different frag grenades and explosive mines can be used.
  • You can control the angle of the ball, the explosion and the movement of the mines.
  • Want to make your 3d video game?

    TopDownFarter is a very simple ballistic movement video game that can be used as a basis for
    a real combat game.

    TopDownFarter Project File

    • TopDownFarter.ccp
    • TopDownFarter.xib
    • Camera.ccp
    • Shaders.bundle

    Make a swish animation for something or a shoot animation or whatever your heart desires!

    Make your own animation using GLUI Animation.

    Get two pictures on your free image hosting and share your creations!

    <img src=''


    REAVER Free Download [Mac/Win] [2022]

    Anodyne is a puzzle/visual-novel game where you control the flow of time.


    Fade in the deep darkness. Darkness and quiet. Clank.

    A large round metal object rolls toward you on its axis. The round object begins to lose its shape and spin faster, and faster. Clank! Clank! Clank!

    Then a spark, like an exploding bomb.

    A bright light fills the center of the room, and then a boiling cauldron of liquid appears. The object slides right through the light and breaks into tiny pieces as it merges with the boiling liquid. It hits the ground with a loud boom and a plume of water splashes upward.

    A small door opens in the side of the room and a large round object, much like the one that was just there, rolls out.

    Clank, clank, clank.

    The door shuts and fades back into darkness.

    Does that all sound like only a video game? If so, Anodyne is about time travel and rewriting the past. You are a machine, sent to alter the course of history, to unravel an unsolved puzzle, and to change the course of events to be the best outcome for all concerned. Make the best choices you can, and the future will be very different.

    Anodyne will give you a challenge – but it’s also a game of choice and control. The player choices and actions you make can change the course of the game. None of the choices are right or wrong, and there is no “right” answer. That being said, the choices will shape the history.


    Hours of gameplay. Up to you how long you spend. (This guide is meant to provide some ideas of game length.)

    Tons of story. Enjoy the story, or skip it. You can even change history to suit your needs.

    An unimaginable number of choices. (This guide is meant to provide a general idea of the number of choices you’ll have.)

    Rewrites, shapeshifters, and spoofs. Most of the game is based on what happens if you were to rewrite history.

    No enemy. None whatsoever. Everything is up to you, including the nature of the gameplay.

    Classic point-and-click gameplay with slightly unusual plot mechanics.

    Puzzles that lead to more puzzles,


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    Do you think that your player is awesome? Then play this with your friends and cheer them on in a match of Smash Bros. with up to 4 players. Each player can use any character. There are no restrictions on character selection or power level.
    Players who control a character with higher stats tend to outmatch the competition.
    Perform attacks, use items, and improve your character’s stats by fighting.
    Check out the onscreen health bar to get a feel for how much damage you’re doing!
    If you take damage, you’ll either take damage to your overall health or recover a meter called “All of Me”.
    All of Me recovers slowly and can’t recover completely.
    Use your time wisely and heal when needed.
    Your HP can’t recover if you get hit or if you take too much damage at once.
    When you’re down, you’re out!
    When a match reaches a timed battle, the player with the highest remaining health will be declared the winner.
    Each game lasts 5 minutes.
    If your friend is being dominating, try taking control of one of their characters to try and beat them.
    If you hit your opponent, try to cause them to take damage!
    Even a slight amount of damage can affect your chances of winning!
    If you get hit by your opponent, you’ll also take damage!
    You can try to avoid getting hit by either using items or dodging.
    A character will move so that it’s hit by attacks coming from different directions.
    When you want to dodge, simply move in the opposite direction you want to move, then press X.
    If you want to move in the opposite direction of your dodging animation, press Y.
    Dodge attacks and aim for the timing of the attacks.
    You can dodge in any direction, but attacking with another character in the same direction may result in a counterattack.
    Some characters may use different dodging animations.
    Some characters have special dodging animations.
    Since it’s a timed match, it’s important to act quickly.
    One hit means one win!
    Some attacks can damage you in addition to the attack itself, like a large fireball!
    Each attack can only do a certain amount of damage, depending on the weapon.
    When you take damage, your health will be depleted and the game will end.
    If your opponent is going to be on one character for too long, try to distract them and switch to your other character.
    By taking the hit, your character’s stats


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