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Deathmatch is now a multiplayer component of the Half-Life 2 video game! First come first serve is a great way to play and test out new and exciting mod ideas.
Directions to play the game:
Under the Half-Life folder in your Steam Library folder, there should be a folder called: “SteamsteamappscommonHalf-Life 2hl2”
In that folder, there is a folder called: “deathmatch”
That’s where the game is. Play if you wish, modify it and even distribute it to others.
1. Half-Life 2: Episode 1 or Episode 2 (The only requirement is that you already have it installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, just get it from Steam.)
2. DirectX 9.0 or higher. Allowing GLTF, freeglut3 and SB_GLTF_JPEG are required.
*Note: Did you know that the Half-Life 2 demo is actually a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 1? Check it out here

Half-Life 2 based level editor:
Title: Avalanche: The Making of Half-Life 2
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Modus Games
Genre: Game
Half-Life 2 is known as one of the best game of all time, well it’s a shame that we’ve never seen an official game creation tool made for it. Well, do not worry as you are not the only one thinking that, but we also have no time to wait so we made one ourselves, and we know how awesome it can be.
Arriving to the game is mostly like in a standard 3D game creation software. You create a level by selecting the first thing that you want to use (a house, a hospital, a garage) and build it from there, to make sure you want to use a truck as the default vehicle, first go to the editing properties of the truck and change the movement values to be (any) with the value of the maps default vehicle (click on it).
Creating the level is very simple and intuitive, once done loading and starting the level you can easily move your truck around by using the G key to drive and the spacebar to go up, down and to the right and to the left.
There are a few things to mention, and this will be


Features Key:

  • New Mission
  • Many Puzzle and Exploring
  • Skill-testing Boss Challenges
  • Move around the area safely
  • Discover Kobayashi Tower and find out what everyone is up to in the cryptic area behind it!
    Collect the Key behind the Tower.

    Buy or obtain at your character’s Inventory for immediate use.
    Collect the Key in player goal.
    Be sure to explore the area to get the items and explore the Tower!

    Hunted: Kobayashi Tower Characteristics:

    Condition: In stock


    In Stock


    High Roller Games

    Skill Level:


    Skill Name:



    Players need quick reflexes to avoid traps and hazards.
    Relax and enjoy strategic gameplay with new energy drink
    What comes in a box- an obstacle course filled with pitfalls, destructible objects, traps, areas to explore and enemies.
    Move around the area safely
    Fight the bosses and collect their loot.
    Get high with new energy drink
    Explore the Tower to discover its secrets
    Target the key to unlock the door and exit the Tower.
    Bump into traps to get blocked from moving.
    Move the way the monsters do and take their damage to score a key in the target.
    Defeat the bosses and collect their loot.
    Minimise the motion using skills that have the shortest cooldown.
    Explore the Tower to discover its secrets
    Relax and enjoy strategic gameplay with new energy drink
    Enjoy playing with friends on Nintendo Switch – local and online play supported.
    Controls: Left stick controls movement, X moves the camera, A shows a target, and the L2/R2 buttons control skills for ranged weapons.
    Perfect arrangement of the controls makes you enjoy playing!
    This is a high IQ, extremely tough FPS game.
    You want to feel, you want to reach your goal, you need to reach your goal, be the greatest loser and the one to survive.
    Perfect for the FPS shooter gamer and FPS player.


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    Factorization is a strategy game about management and production.
    You will focus on building an industrial plant which will allow you to extract and produce numerous resources (Ore, Refined Resources, money, Power, Energy, and Synthetics) and distribute them over the world.
    Each different resource type is spread randomly over the map and each one must be bought from/converted to/transferred to the land it is found on.
    Your job is to purchase, design and organize a factory capable of producing a plethora of different resources.
    As you progress you will be able to buy more advanced machines and build new production lines.
    As you progress, you will find and tap into new resources on the land.
    Different resources need to be produced by different machines. You design those machines and hire workers to do the job.
    In Factorization, the player will manage and design a factory, purchasing, and using production lines to make different resources for distribution. The game allows the creation of new machines.
    Every machine is able to consume a certain type of resource from the land and produce a different type of resource.
    The game has been designed using Factorization’s Factorization Engine to create very accurate graphics, complex machine designs, detailed factories, fast random land generation, and AI programming.
    **Download the Factorization website for even more info!

    **This Steam page:

    An in-game user manual will be available to assist you, once the game is released.
    If you have been sent a manual and you have already been playing the game, you can only access the menus through the options menu.
    If you want to have access to the manual, remove the game from your Steam library and re-install it.
    This will make the game available through the new Steam Play program.
    **The game will be released with all the same features as the Factorization Engine, like random land generation, on all platforms.
    Installation Instructions:
    1. Install the Factorization Engine software on your computer.
    2. Install the Factorization plugin for Factorization Engine on the Factorization website.
    3. Install the Factorization plugin for Factorization on your Steam library if you are playing the Factorization Steam game.
    4. Install the Factorization plugin on Steam if you are playing the Factorization Steam game.

    Factorization Engine was designed


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    The staff at the Vestaria Saga studio working on Vestaria Saga: Book 1 and 2 now comprises all veterans of the genre. With the game in development for nearly two years already, the fledgling studio is a hardcore group of fans striving to create their favorite series’ very best. “Vestaria Saga II” carries on the tradition by bringing back the classic gameplay of the original SRPG’s while adding a wide variety of new features, while at the same time trying to freshen up the look of the game. Additional to being an entertaining game, “Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister” also tries to cater to a wide variety of players. From returning veterans to newcomers, all of them will find something to enjoy with the game.
    New classes, skills, and weapons to utilize across a wider variety of maps compared to its predecessorA slew of additional quality of life improvements to the original VS systemAn enthralling campaign of espionage, international intrigue, and war written by veterans of the genreVarying story paths and endings based on your choices and who survives to the endOver 30 unique characters to recruit with a wide variety of classes, weapons, and skillsIntricate maps filled with a variety of enemies and strategic puzzles to overcomeTwo finely tuned difficulty modes to accommodate both strategy veterans and newcomersThe ability to save every 5 turns so that you can quickly undo any mistakes you’ve made during a battle
    The epic tale of Zade, a young man going to a small island kingdom to seek glory, to prove his worth, and save the world.What awaits Zade and his companions on the way to their destination? A plan devised by Margulite, the most powerful thief on the continent, in order to go after the treasures of the continent. But will Zade’s quest lead him to finding the prophesied sacred sword?And what secrets does Vestaria’s most mysterious temple have to tell him?
    Game “Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister” Development and Art
    “Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister” has now been released and is available for purchase at This is the final installment of the Vestaria Saga saga, an SRPG series that has been in development for nearly two years. Led by veteran developers, a team of die


    What’s new:

    ( x ) /* Return the y coordinate */
    #define spCDM_MIDPOINT( x, y ) /* Return the midpoint between (x,y) */
    #define spCDM_MABS( x, y ) /* Return the absolute value */
    #define spCDM_LASIN( x, kappa ) /* Return kappa*asin(x) */
    #define spCDM_X2PI2( x ) /* Return the cbrt(x) */
    #define spCDM_PI_2_X2( x ) /* Return pi/2-x */
    #define spCDM_PI_2_X3( x, y ) /* Return pi/2-x-y */
    #define spCDM_2xPI2_X3( x, y ) /* Return x+pi/2-y */
    #define spCDM_CONV( C, z, y, D ) /* z<0?+1 : z==0? 0 : z*C/D * cos( z * y ) */
    #define spCDM_RAD2DEG( x ) /* 2*pi*x */
    #define spCDM_TAN( x, kappa ) /* x + kappa */
    #define spCDM_TAN2PI( x ) /* pi + arctan(x) */
    #define spCDM_SQRT1_2( x ) /* 1/sqrt(2) */
    #define spCDM_SQRT2( x ) /* sqrt(x) */
    #define spCDM_


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    All Mining Games has been created to bring you a fast paced, cartoonish, fun mining experience.
    You have to decide quickly what to build, how to build it, and when to build it. If you delay, the bad guys will beat you to the resources, thus, ending your game.
    With over 30 missions, 15+ enemy types, loads of dynamite, and over 500K components in more than 7700 fields, this game is sure to keep you entertained.
    Also enjoy the crafting and duel game mode!
    45+ Game Levels;
    15+ Unique Enemy Types;
    A large world with loads of resources;
    Over 500k Components in more than 7700 Fields
    Five Different building options;
    Loads of Dynamite to blow up the mines;
    Fast intense game play, keep your head in the game to survive;
    Multiple different modes, either duel or crafting
    Play either robot, man, or zombie!
    Dynamic item and inventory management system;
    Use a variety of Mining Tools, such as, Bucket, Pulverizer, Drill, and Lamp.
    Also enjoy the Crafting Game mode!
    This minecart game is definitely a go-to game for when you have a little time on your hands and want to have some quick action and decision making.
    Give it a shot and let me know what you think of it!
    This game is currently free for all players, however, I am planning to add a few in-app purchase items down the road.
    This app/game contains advertisement for the game developer’s products and/or services.
    Contact me for any reason (negative or positive)

    Forget Cupid and marry a billionaire – here’s the latest version of the immortal love match game!
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    Featuring new locations and more enemies. The game is a classic match-3 game, where You have to catch all the diamonds. Try to do this in different levels, in order to maximize your score.
    There are many game modes including the classic: 1.3.5 and 3.0


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    System Requirements For Red Algorithm – Osiris:

    OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
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    RAM: 512 MB or more
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