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In a secret prison, an experimental program is underway. While the prisoners remain in a coma-like stasis, their consciousnesses are recorded on hard drives and the data can be downloaded to receivers, where it is uploaded to a distant server. During the process the prisoners are aware of what is going on and this information is transferred to a receiver, before being uploaded and downloaded.
But when the program is completed, the minds of the prisoners are erased…Ever.
This is the story of the protagonist of this action horror game.
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About the Author/Developer/Publisher
Future Games Select are a small independent company based in Birmingham,
UK, specialising in the development of games for the PC,
Mobile and DS market place. We are passionate about our work
and look forward to creating new and exciting games for the
next generation.
Future Games Select is an independent developer and publisher of PC,
mobile and DS games. Our first 3 games are Gamecock Crazy,
Alien Fungus and Freakish! We are currently working on
several other games.
If you would like to get a taste of what we are doing please visit our
website at
We also have a Facebook page at:
You can now enjoy our mobile games on Facebook as well.
All our games are designed and developed by us and we do it all!
So if you would like to get in touch with us, visit our website
(we have lots of contact information there) or visit our Facebook
page. If you want to learn more about our games and games
development, our games development process, or what other games we
are working on (or maybe what we are not working on), visit
our game profile pages, which link to blogs about what we are
If you would like to ask us a question, or get in touch with us,
please send us an email at:
and we will do our best to reply as soon as we can.
If you would like to get a game published, please visit our profile page at

and if you would like to become a developer and publish a game for
other platforms, please visit our


Return Home Features Key:

  • random player names(this can be specified in the config file)
  • initiation scenes that can be customized and find your own content
  • endless story mode(you will enter new areas of the book regularly)
  • different characters with their own dialogs
  • custom maps(hand drawn and theme music)
  • level editor(create your own maps and use it with your character)
  • custom sprites(heroic images)
  • joystick support


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In an alternate timeline, Earth is threatened by an all-powerful and malevolent entity that can peer into the future. Kaitlyn is a member of a band of teens that traverses the galaxy to stop this entity from wreaking havoc upon humanity. Along the way, they encounter a myriad of colorful characters, while negotiating dangerous odds and impossible odds. Will you be able to stop the powerful entity and save the future of the universe?
– Episodes 1 & 2
– Over 90+ levels
– Playable with all characters
– Unlockable endings
– 8 music tracks
* Supports the Xbox 360 Controller
* Experience a high energy, relentless adventure
* Witness the adventure of Kaitlyn, an adventurous teen & her friends
* Meet lots of colorful characters
* Handle tons of collectibles
* Epic music
* Intuitive controls
* Multiplayer game play with Xbox Live
About the Game:
Pilot your escape ship in an ever-expanding epic space opera. Journey through a galaxy and explore 10 perilous levels while unlocking new weapons, new abilities, and of course, new characters!
Key Features:
– Earn Action Points, Jetpacks, Weapons, and Items in every level
– Explore an Open Universe for hours of addictive gameplay
– 40+ unique characters: Ladde, Spade, Tanya, George, Snake, and more
– Hours of awesome music from the creators of Metal Gear Solid, Killzone, and Journey
– Playable with all characters























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From the adventure game “Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant”, published by UBISOFT, developed by 35px Technologies and published by 1C/UBI Corporation, here comes “Rogue Quest: The Sea Tyrant’s Treasure”.Now, this is the first game fully developed and published by UBISOFT.Driver distraction during the daily commute could be causing us to be more aggressive drivers, according to new research which found the ‘key-press’ style of blinking can be a way of controlling how angry we get while driving.

Motoring psychologist Professor Asbjorn Engen from the University of Gothenburg developed a “simulation of a typical office day” to see if the real-life situation of commuting was affecting the drivers.

The study, which was carried out with 142 people from the North Eastern region of Sweden, found that in the simulated case of a ‘typical’ commuter – with the person driving being of similar age and sex to the person in the simulated scenario – there was a negative correlation between their cognitive load and their speed of driving, compared to when the cognitive load of the driver was low.

The results suggest that driver distraction from other vehicles and other motorists, as well as being constantly aware of traffic in the car, can affect our driving behaviour.

“Driver distraction while in the car creates many problems for us, including the fact that it can contribute to a number of different negative behaviours like aggression and aggression-related accidents,” said Professor Asbjorn Engen.

“We have focused on that here, although it is important to remember that some of the negative behaviours we have looked at are a result of traffic, for example the aggression associated with road rage, which may be partly caused by a stressful traffic situation.”

The academic’s research shows that the task of driving has a disruptive effect on the normal cognitive load of a typical commuter, but that the process of driving is also one which distracts from cognitive load.

“It’s important to emphasise that the relationship is not one-way,” Professor Engen said.

“The driving task requires a number of good driving skills, and if your driving skills are high you will be able to deal better with driving distractions, and also cope with traffic.

“In order to understand this better, we need more research on how good drivers cope with distractions,


What’s new:

These are fantasy articles of SavageWorlds, as Creative Solutions, and therefore not affiliated with Evil Hat.

Deadlands Reloaded: OneSheet Adventure PAK (Savage Worlds)

Last update June 20, 2020 | Pages: 1 | | 1

Municipality of Deadlands Reloaded

The City of Deadlands, founded in 1869, so named because of the death by plague that swept the City the same year, has been the epicenter of a number of the world’s capital cities: Chicago, Venice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The City itself is an extraordinary vision of weird ruins, now decayed and crumbling, miles and miles of it. The most recent mutate, Billy Bristol, was born here, in a huge shabby brick building that once housed the experiments for a plague vaccine.

The City is corrupt and violent, in counterpoint to its ancient feculence. In the turbulent 1880s, the events that will eventually lead to Deadlands Reloaded take place across the American west. The creation of a makeshift empire by oligarchs and the advent of a nearly omnipotent and all-encompassing Corporate Cabal leads to plenty of blood-soaked conflicts, deadly rivalries, massacres, and insane perversions of technology and science. The City is ground zero for some of the major events of the new century.

Ajax Carver

Ajax Carver’s employment history is interesting: Former baggage handler for the Transcontinental Railroads in South Dakota and New Mexico, cabbie in San Francisco, pall-bearer in a smallpox epidemic, and self-described transport artist. He currently operates on the ragged edges of one of Chicago’s many brothels.

Ajax: “Someone’s been whining all night.”

Bodie: “You mean some old biddy who can’t part with her money as fast as the money goes away?”

Ajax: “I got no idea. Just one of the whores talking to herself. Weird.”

Bodie: “And let me guess: Not all of her customers made it back home alive.”

Ajax: “Bodie, you’re looking at the wrong one.”

Bodie: “Aw, c’mon, Ajax. I�


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You are the leader of your guild. You decide where to train, build, and what to collect. You are determined to succeed at the Guild Hall.
Welcome to the new generation of Guild Wars 2. A free world with billions of creatures waiting for you to build your character to YOUR specifications. Any path you choose is yours to take.
Explore the huge world of Tyria!
Unlimited Skills.
Masterly crafted Guild Halls.
Unlimited housing spaces.
Unlimited Inventory Space.
The game is FREE to play.
You can play the game without buying anything.
* If you are unable to play the game, please try refreshing the page.
You can find solutions at:
Donation page at
8bites Community Page at

This game was a fun hack and slash game with a few little improvements that increase the experience of the game.
The following features were added:
• Movement: No more resource costs or stamina cost
• Item Crafting: You now have a crafting bench where you can make all the items you need. Just like a real game.
• Melee Attack: Now you can switch into melee and attack with your sword.
• Boss Battles: 3 new bosses
• A New Activity: Killing a small creature will reward you.
• New Items: Some new unique items for you to play around with
• New Boss Abilities:
o New Abilities: One with a mount that can attack and move with you.
o Use the gun to heal yourself, and other Player’s when you’re at low health.
o Blunt the sharp end at another player to kill them.
o Shoot and move around the screen to gather additional weapons and power-ups.
o Summon new unique pets for you to use.
o Craft Food that restores your health and mana for each use.
• Other features:
o Smaller world:
o New mini-game: The Artifact Collector where you can collect artifacts to take home to sell.
o At the day where you die, you lose your all artifacts.
o Collect Artifact mobs
o Collect leader huts
o Collect treasures
o Play the long endurance game of artifact collection.
o Kill incoming leader huts or treasures to receive artifacts.
o Fight against the loss of your artifacts, gain money, buy yourself some new artifacts and


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System Requirements For Return Home:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit OS required)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3/5/7 processor or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 equivalent or AMD Radeon R9 270 equivalent or Intel® HD Graphics 520 equivalent or AMD Radeon R9 270 equivalent (screen resolution 1,280×800 pixels or higher required)
Hard Disk: 3 GB available storage space
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Stereo sound card that


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