by welbzalm
Published: November 19, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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RhinoGold 5.5 VRAY 2.0 Rhino 5.12

there are many rhino add-ons available, even a rhino gold v-ray add-on. check out the rhino add-on category on our website to see what others are creating for rhino. youll find lots of great add-ons for rhino, including cycles render, v-ray render, lgo render and more!

rhino is a powerful modeling application. it can be very daunting at first and it takes some practice and trial and error to get good results. its good to know however, that once you get the hang of it, rhino 6 is very powerful, but still very intuitive to use. there are lots of easy tutorials and videos, and even a large range of help files that are organized for quick reference and use. rhino 6 is still in beta at the time of this writing, but its release is getting closer every day.

xtremerender is a new render engine that does to high resolution renders what vrml does to low resolution 3d printers. xtremerender easily supports multiple backgrounds, complex lights and shadows, separate surface, textures, lighting and so on.

unfinished geometry was created by a team of software engineers from great plains software. it allows you to create high quality surfaces like wood or stone in a fraction of the time it would take to create these surfaces manually by hand. also, the team has created a method to bridge the gap between the 3d world and the 2d world so users can import their 2d cad models directly into unfinished geometry.

bella render is a nurbs renderer that uses direct rendering to accelerate 3d renders while integrating well with rhino. the framework runs on the microsoft windows and linux platforms, and supports hardware acceleration on modern gpus. bella render features gpu-sensitive shaders which can be used to improve the quality of small renders.

the new and improved rhinodesign version 6.0 is here! the features in this release include: – interactive nurbs and polysurface editing, patch creations (create from scratch or move/copy features), – interactive solve (auto-solve, self-intersecting), – 3d to 2d files (import/export to pdf/dxf), – bml (blend a 2d mesh), – snap templates, – icosahedron (split xyz triangles), – plot curves (nurbs and polysurface), – dimension/dimensioned objects (iso coordinates), – text for properties, – more render options (shadow, ambient light, halogen light, laser light, light-up), – improved transparency shader to reduce eye strain and glare, – improved vray subtasks and hyperlighters, – cnc/cnc to rhino export – improved rhinoaddon/polyproperties, – ability to use mmu.rpc to export to microsoft visio, – new spline objects for draping, – improved draping tools with two pointer/tracking modes, – recast support for vertical splines – weighted shells, – multiple colors per surface, – ability to move modifier stage, – curvature and curvature angle users can now modify the triangles of a polymesh, – several bug fixes and enhancements.
rhinogold is guaranteed to be 3-5 times faster than the competition. learn more about rhinogold, which is used by professionals around the world, at . for more information contact ewoud verheul at or go to