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Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Roads Of Rome 4 Full Version Free 38 [2021]


Roads Of Rome 4 Full Version Free 38

7. The Christian family – in that it is conceived and raised in the love of God – is also to be placed at the service of a genuine human ecology. As St. John Paul II stated, and those who have thoughtfully reflected upon the problems involved in this issue have also said, the entire ecological movement must be mobilized around authentic Christian values, with a renewed spirituality, based on the interior freedom of the human person. [12] Christians have always made it their duty to care for the environment, a duty which is surely not lacking in modern society. Indeed, the world which God has given us to live in is a priceless gift which we are to treat with the utmost reverence. This gift, which can no longer be regarded as a mere piece of land, must be protected against the selfish actions of individuals and of States which are guided by ill-considered ideas and ideologies. It is the responsibility of everyone to preserve this heritage in its natural state, in addition to the responsibility of each individual. [13] But it is also the responsibility of priests and consecrated persons to foster a new spirituality which draws its inspiration from the Eucharist and the sacraments. Through regular prayer to the Lord and through fidelity to his commandments, the priest must promote a rebirth of the spiritual and corporal charity which characterizes Christian community life. If these words do not cause us to think more seriously about our relationship with the environment, it is difficult to imagine what would.

234. Although the praise of God can be a part of our daily lives, we can only approach his praise fully by means of prayer, contemplation and participation in the Eucharist. Within the divine plan for our journey through life, the praise of God must always lead to prayer and contemplation and participation in the Eucharist. These three aspects work together in a harmony, so that the praise, contemplation and participation can flow into each other in a continuous, unceasing crescendo of praise. In fact, the three aspects are so linked that it is only by means of participation in the Eucharist that we begin to approach the contemplation of God in his praise and glory. And it is in the Eucharist that we fully reach out to the contemplations that we have in our hearts, and so we are fully in tune with his praise. [125]
24. In these events, God does not fail to fulfil his promise of creating a world in which man might be able to live happily. But God also knows that man did not want to choose good, and for this reason he has created only a free creature, susceptible to sin.
25. In this context, the struggle for the human spirit demands an understanding of the human need of being able to fulfil his destiny.
156. Finally, it is necessary to establish that, in the matter of culture, the greatest danger to human ecology and the greatest threat to the human person and his freedom is the private market. Its use as an instrument of competition has led to the increase of consumerism, and this has turned into an obsession. Consumerism is born in a market where the buyer does not have the feeling that he is a partner but that he is negotiating as a consumer. This market is not receptive to the demands of the human person, who is the servant of God, and it creates a world without values. A culture which is also a culture of human ecology needs to defend and promote universal values such as solidarity, responsibility, reciprocity and mutual aid. The private market merely puts human goods at the service of a market that preaches the absolute autonomy of the individual and sees the human person as a means for the success of his life. In this way we will be reduced to mechanisms or instruments and so we will be slaves. [122]