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Published: July 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)



“Loot Slider” is an engrossing puzzle game. Puzzle solver and adventure game fans alike will find that the game provides a unique experience that combines elements of both. The aim is to play as fast as you can to make your way through all the levels and try to solve each puzzle. On your way you must dodge enemies, cross obstacles and make the most out of every piece of treasure you find. You may have to think a little bit, but by finding enough ways to use the treasure you collect and balancing it between your cannons and cannons it’s the way to success!

Loot Slider is currently available on the App Store. If you have any questions, suggestions or issues with the game, please contact us by sending us an email at

100% Impressive!
I thought the physics on this were really nice, and it’s the kind of game I could see myself playing all the way through.
I really like the fact that there’s no combat, and that it’s this kind of puzzle game where you have to think a bit to figure out where to place your shots to get the most out of them.
The game is extremely easy, and I was able to get through all the levels with no problem, and felt I learned something about playing the game throughout the process.
There are plenty of different enemies to shoot, and the levels are randomly generated. This means you never know exactly what’s coming up next, and it keeps things interesting.
While I do think the game is a bit on the short side, I did thoroughly enjoy the experience, and have already paid for it. If you’re looking for a new puzzle game to play, then definitely consider checking out Loot Slider!

I’m a big fan of this kind of puzzle game. So far I’ve played more than 100 levels and enjoyed them very much!
The game is actually a game where your goal is to move treasure chests to spaces with keys, and I like that. The way how you place your cannons on grid-like levels is fun. And once you get a good puzzle going, it’s a great challenge.
So far I’ve played more than 100 levels, and even though they are not very long I would say that the game is worth the money. If you like puzzles and adventure games, Loot Slider definitely is a great purchase!

I just got this game


Features Key:

  • Fight against numerous enemies, new Rival and Bosses
  • Become more powerful as you advance in difficulty
  • Battle new characters using new fighting style techniques
  • More Deadly Weapons introduced
  • ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS DLC Pack 3: Watchdog Man contains:

    • 5 New Characters including more powerful rival cyborgs
    • 10 new stages including the new Location stage
    • New Weapon Star Pincha
    • 2 New Rival Characters
    • New Secret Mission Style


    In this set of screens you can see Nero, robot leader of the Cyber’s Necropolis gang, shows his power to his rival cyborg, Scorn. He is the leader of the Cyber’s Necropolis gang, and also Rival of Neo. After defeating the other rival cyborg Neo and obtaining an IAmUrsa M4H prototype weapon, Nero 2.5 power fight with Scorn, who now has the “Zero REAL” sword, the star version of the Zero, and the new UxWaph II who fights lightly with WWuX who uses a single lightning energy ball.

    Watchdog X

    Watchdog is a super computer who will become your Rival and new cyborg rival from the Cyber’s Necropolis gang. His deadly weapon is a small weapon he called “star pincha”. He announces his role in System Warrior NEO2.5 DLC 1.

    Watchdog Man

    Watchdog man, bot leader of the Cyber’s Necropolis gang, is one of the main Rival 1.5 from the Neo-status system which first appeared in the ONE PUNCH MAN DLC Pack 1: Cruel Spirit Man. Watchdog is a terrible bot doctor who has 3 doctor robot managers and uses wildly different weapons.

    Watchdog’s trusty servant Chips is known as a serious robot, he carries the Ultimate Weapon (saw buster) and a lance. Recently he was revealed to be a robot clone of Jack Bauer from 24 (a


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    Set in an era when mages were feared, NERV’s battle against the monsters has begun. And so has the story of the rebellious young mage Souzou, who embarks on his journey to become the savior of the world.

    With a wide array of enemies, powerful bosses, fierce equipment and abundant tears, each battle will present a challenge for the player.


    – High-speed action RPG experience with three core games: Adventure, RPG, and Tower.

    – 20+ battle systems including a new battle system that features a real-time arena.

    – 5 story arcs that intertwine with each other.

    – Classic RPG elements including stats, grinding, equipment, and a demon hunting system.Q:

    Multiply current value by previous value

    I am trying to multiply the value of two calculations together. In this specific example it’s a points value, but the logic can be applied to any of my variables.
    Is there a way to multiply the points by the previous points value?
    Example variables:
    var popUp = document.getElementById(‘popUp’);
    var total = document.getElementById(‘total’);

    I’ve tried the following, and this returns NaN:
    var popUp = document.getElementById(‘popUp’);
    var total = document.getElementById(‘total’);
    var points = popUp.innerHTML;
    var points1 = document.getElementById(‘points’);
    var points2 = document.getElementById(‘points1’);

    var total = popUp.innerHTML * points;

    var points = popUp.innerHTML * points1.innerHTML;


    You need to first get the previous value of points1 and then multiply it with the current one.
    This should work for you

    var popUp = document.getElementById(‘popUp’),
    total = document.getElementById(‘total’);

    var points = popUp.innerHTML;
    var points1 = document.getElementById(‘points’);
    var points2 = document.getElementById(‘points1’);

    var total = popUp.innerHTML * points1.innerHTML;

    var points = popUp.innerHTML * points2.innerHTML;


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    This is my tribute to the legendary Contra series, and I’ve been playing Contra games for quite some time. In my opinion, Contra is the best side-scrolling action game, but it’s far from perfect. And a lot of gamers out there don’t even like it. I, on the other hand, love the whole Contra franchise. I am very familiar with every single Contra game, including the Contra series and its spin-off games. Many of them are classics, like the original Contra, Super Contra, Contra III, Contra: Hard Corps, Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra: Hard Corps II. Also, there is the series that will always be on my top list of games: the Contra series. Contra has been a benchmark for this genre for over twenty years, and has inspired the creation of some very awesome games in the side-scrolling genre, such as Project Zero, Gradius, and Head Hunter. This game is my tribute to the entire Contra series. On one hand, Contra will always be in my top 10 of all time best games. I believe this game is as good as those games are. On the other hand, it will be my last game played using the mouse and keyboard (I have no desire to use those archaic input methods again). Because of this, I have designed the controls so that they can be used with the keyboard or a gamepad. (The keyboard layout is provided in the readme file). This means you can play this game with a 360 controller or any keyboard with a USB port. It’s compatible with both Windows 8 and Windows 10. This game has a serious Metroid-vania-style of game-design, and each level has a unique feel to it. Some levels can be difficult to play as a platformer, and some levels require the player to use the vertical sliding mechanic. The game doesn’t focus on destroying the enemy, but instead contains a strong survival element to it. Enemies in the game only attack the player if the player crosses their barriers, which can be broken by smashing the console in a particular way. If the player is hit, they will not only take damage, but also the screen will freeze, meaning the player can’t recover their position. If the player gets hit and lands on a wall or some other obstacle, they will fall through the wall, so the player will not be able to access areas that are on the other side of the wall. The goal of the


    What’s new:

    is on the way

    Shig is back with a preview of Awesomenauts featuring Bullbarian. Bullbarian was originally planned to be an unlockable character, as in Prime and Titan, however in Awesomenauts the hero of a game is planned to be an unlockable hero, so it became a part of Awesomenauts as well.

    Here the last states from his wiki:

    A bullbarian spreads his legs wide and violently slams his hands together to knock enemies back! A bullbarian’s super attacks kick butt! You can taunt an enemy by standing up and making a double thumbs up with your off hand. If you catch an enemy stunned, you can charge at them from below and ram their foot off the ground! Bosses will do damage when they take control over the body of a bullbarian. They move in quick dashes and aim for your limbs. Fortunately, the training tower makes sure you’re strong enough to survive these bosses for a little while.

    The skin scene is in progress at some point. Do you guys like the most?

    CGM did not do a very good job with the campaign, the Aioliebot and his cousins and the new features aren’t so good.

    The graphics team, who designed many characters, rooms, or tools I don’t even know about has the Awesomensites made maps for each one.

    Frankly, the gaming community is awesome and the Awesomenauts are great.

    Aiolie and the cousins are being made game characters. Please give Aiolie the dunes, colonzers, and the archers do not get killed.

    Speedy, Elvira, and whammy appeared in quick succession. Aiolie made new features after one of his screwups.

    The new features are great, You can fight the minions to stop the fact.

    CGM took too long to get there, they should have done it a year ago.

    Let’s wait then. The Bullbarian is my favorite.

    Half of the public doesn’t know the awesomenauts. You can’t choose one or more.

    Half of the team has games on the xbox one.

    The awesomenauts are not only for PC any more.

    Bbully is a good enough character.

    At the moment I choose MOBA, and plan to play both games


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    The “Eisenlit” title is a turn-based battle role-playing game that follows a light novel based on the “Eisenlit” manga published by Fujimi Shobo.
    Three different types of players can play the game.
    The first player is the person who is playing the role of the player character.
    The player will have a variety of heroes who they can switch with using the unit skills.
    The second player is the person who is playing the role of the healer.
    They will have friends who can heal their allies or enemies.
    The player will fight alongside the second player.
    The third player is the person who is playing the role of the manager.
    They will take care of the library where players can exchange units.
    The fourth player is the person who is playing the role of the bookkeeper.
    They will take care of the bookshelf where units are placed.
    There will be many different types of battles with main features.
    While the player is fighting the boss, they will be given options to level up and receive bonuses.
    Dials at the top-right corner of the screen represent the three players and the bookkeeping person.
    The player’s main character will advance by following the left and right buttons on the controller.
    The player will be able to talk to the main character with the A and B buttons on the left controller.
    The main character will answer with the L and R buttons on the right controller.
    Choose the main character with the C button on the right controller.
    You can access the points of strength and health at the bottom right of the screen.
    Progress further in the battle by using the L and R buttons on the right controller.
    The strength and health are displayed as bars for the lower right of the screen.
    The strength and health will be depleted if the player attacks enemies or if the player takes attacks from enemies.
    Fully deplete the strength and health and the player will be taken out of the game.
    Press the A button on the right controller to take back one unit.
    The L and R buttons on the right controller will unlock the player’s second and third unit.
    Press the D button on the right controller to take back one unit.
    If the player is out of units, a unit will be used.
    If a unit is used, the battle will end and the game will be over.
    If the player doesn’t want the unit


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  • 0New Video Added Here As Well

    Depth – Soundtrack

    Depth – Soundtrack –01. Prelude02. Comic Strip03. Addy04. Poker Dice05. The Beginning06. Translation07. Suburbia08. Alienage09. The View10. Grace11. Solid12. The Coast13. Dreamland

  • To install Depth – Soundtrack on windows, we recommend using the latest version of 7-Zip ( on your PC, if possible. Installing 7-Zip will not only help you get better download speeds, but it will also help you install Depth – Soundtrack with 7-Zip. If you install 7-Zip alongside your Coresolver directory (if it was previously installed), it should prompt you to restore your computer backup when the installation is complete. If you do not have a Coresolver directory for Depth – Soundtrack on your computer, you can still download the latest version () and install it directly. If you do not want to use 7-Zip to crack Depth – Soundtrack for whatever reason, you can try to crack the game using other tools on this page.


    System Requirements:

    **TREZOR Cold Storage & Trezor Wallet
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