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Your heroes…
The two worlds…
For all eternity…

Was demoed during the latest Gamescom 2018. At the show, total war games was holding a presentation on their upcoming game. The focus of this presentation was the improvement of the last game total war three kingdom’s game, which will be present at gamescom 2018. Following are the official details you need to know about this game.

Total war three kingdom’s living an entirely different way

Total war three kingdom, the game developer (latvia based)
This game will stay true to its hardcore strategy roots
The gameplay will be vastly different
The more traditional RTS elements such as researching and territory control will be an essential part of the gameplay.

What is total war three kingdom’s

Total war three kingdom’s (total war THREE KINGDOMS – Tao Qian) is a fighting game, which is designed to take players to the fictional world of the Three Kingdoms period. The game shows off a new strategy genre, which is designed to keep the battle’s skills, tactics, and pace, while also introducing a new side of three kingdoms.

When the game is launched:
June 9, 2019
The game will be released on a PC download on Steam in Europe and North America, as well as in China, Korea and Japan. The Chinese version will be published by NetEase, and the South Korean version by Nexon.

About the game
Players take control of a leader in the war, who are fighting for control of a fictional world known as the Three Kingdoms period.

The war is all about strategy, and the gameplay is built around several different modes, which include three battlefields for a land, sea, and air battle.

This game is also going to have one of the most unique magic elements in a strategy game

3 points of view:
First-person view for players
Third-person view for a camera

Plot of the game:

The game begins with the player in the position of the Tao Qian. He has just started as a foot soldier of the Kaiyun army. Two years later, at the age of 18, he became the victorious Kaiyun leader and he keeps his “king” title. Tao Qian has been raising his army to be the most powerful kingdom in the world. However, shortly


RogueStone Soundtrack Features Key:

  • A sunken colony deck with arches, coral, bridge and entrances.
  • Classic colony game rules:
    • Escape cards in hand.
    • Prove your colony survival by gathering collectibles like Minerals, Cigarettes, Weapons, Lights, etc.
    • All cards are named and provide a useful hint regarding the next
      colony move.
    • You can build new structures, grow your colony or even use cards
      to locate missing islands.
    • A solitaire mode.


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On the island of Kythera, on the confluence of the River Acheron and Acheron Sea, between the Athens and the Epirus, the monastery of Meteora stands watch over an ancient and remarkable treasure: in the highest keep of this monastery, an aged monk has preserved the texts of Leibniz’s Monadology.
So renowned is the monastery that it has attracted legendary figures, in particular the eccentric Sir Francis Dashwood whose friends decided to appropriate the monastery and start living in it in perpetuity…
Drawing upon the history of two centuries, the journey through Meteora aims to take the viewer on an adventure that portrays the philosophical aspects of this theory while, in the same time, providing a more intimate experience for the player with an enriching gameplay.
Expected release date in end of 2013.

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June 20

New Song “In The Middle Of The Night”, New Artwork “in Between The Throbbing Of Bodies And The Tearing Of Toes”

July 4

New Song “Mute”, New Artwork “Between The Stars, We’re No Longer In The Same Place”Yuri Fridman

Yuri Borisovich Fridman (; born 5 July 1985) is a former Russian professional football player.

Club career
He made his Russian Football National League debut for FC Gazovik Orenburg on 9 March 2008 in a game against FC Rotor Volgograd.

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Category:FC Dynamo Bryansk playersBecause we don’t have the directive to do it. (I’ll talk to David individually to
get an update.)



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A horror game. In the center of the map there is a town of people and in all sides of the map there are various positions of the enemy.
The player is controlling a character – a girl who wanders around the town and decided to kill the enemy.
Uncover some mysteries and save the town.
“Daymare: 1998”, a horror game. Since the player is controlling a protagonist in the game, he must make his own decisions and success depends solely on him. The gameplay will be very simple, since the enemies are more numerous.
In the selection of weapons you have: axes, spears, hammers etc.

We recommend downloading the largest file available so you can join us in beating this game on difficulty level 1 (easier). After you beat the game, we recommend that you acquire the most recent Episode 0 Patch.
(this game requires a Windows 98SE PC)

Please note that “Daymare: 1998” is produced by SEGA. It is distributed by Sonic Retro under license from SEGA. The copyright of this project is 100% owned by us.

This was a time (1998) when some series launched with terrible, delayed soundtracks:Sonic (CD1) day 1 but no Day 2, Sega Saturn.Lunar: Silver Star Story complete CD + (contains a day 1 Saturn and a Saturn emulation CD), Sega Saturn.Day of the Tentacle (CD1), Playstation.Phantasy Star complete (CD1) Sega Saturn.Days of Thunder (CD1), Playstation.Wonderful Days (CD1), Sega Dreamcast.Puddle Cruiser (CD1) Wii.

All those soundtracks were original but had some technical problems, even the Day of the Tentacle one.Some had to fix it later, some got more soundtracks, some no soundtracks.But all those soundtracks are really amazing and some of them are really hard to find.

This soundtrack is something completely different.

This is a Soundtrack made by Day 1 Sega Saturn Day 1 Soundtrack + Day 2 Sega Saturn Day 2 Soundtrack.It has two hours of music composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and produced by Tatsuya Imamura (which was the co-author of the Day of the Tentacle Soundtrack, does not mean he’s the writer of this CD).

And since it’s a Sega Saturn Soundtrack (no Day 1 CD1 release) it means that it’s around two and a half hours


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