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Published: July 19, 2022 (4 weeks ago)



United Nations Naval Forces Union (UNNFU) was established following the events that led to the last World War in the XX century. Due to the volatile geopolitical situation, several conflicts erupted in the area. The main purpose of this game is to help all of the participating countries to live in a peacefull and free world, while maintaining its optimal nature.

Recently GameDome has released a new article entitled, “Is the DOTA 2’s Fan Base Becoming Unhealthy?” where they’ve posted a few statistics regarding the games’ growing popularity and the influence of DOTA 2’s managed community.

Basically, DOTA 2 has gained much popularity among the teenagers who are quite a bit more active on the forums and the discussions compared to the average of the past. One of the interesting things is that, in the last two years, DOTA 2’s managed community has grown faster compared to the past. Their size has also increased to over 17,000 players and their activity has stayed at 20,000 players over the past four years.

In the last few months, mostly, western players were active on the forums, which we can see it on the growing Activity Statistics. Also, DOTA 2 hasn’t become more popular in Asia and Europe compared to the past. However, it is quite hard to reach hard numbers since most of the players are not based on the US-based servers.

The changes that Dota 2’s Game Design team have done over the past few years have produced great results, regardless whether people like them or not. Valve, the company behind Dota 2, has recently announced that the game is the biggest player in terms of active players, surpassing BF3.

In their forums, they’ve posted a nice new infographic representing the size of the different player bases. The graphics are quite nice and they’re using a lot of statistics in order to tell the whole story.

Based on the infographic, we can see that Dota 2 has a huge playerbase of 144,724 players right now, which is a bit more than Steam’s 120,000. They also updated their subscription chart, with a nice new graphics illustrating the statistics, so check it out.

Dota 2 has been around for about a year and a half now, and we’re still playing its 2.1 patch which was released a few months ago. In order to install this


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  • ## New project [Repository](

    *Game Framework (Java + Javascript + JavaScript + APIs + Packager + Cloner)
    *Primary: Retro-inspired Score-Gameplay – Semi-open RTS: Warframe
    *Secondary: Open-RTS – D: Realspace Empires

    Version 1.7.1
    [Released March 25, 2016](
    Game Framework
    New Versioning
    Dialogue Tree
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    Dialogue Tree
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    Welcome To India, The Land of Paradox

    Country Profile

    Size: 965,057 square kilometres | area equal to that of Iraq

    Size of its economy: $530 bn (£278 bn, RM936bn)

    Population: 14.3mn

    Most populous state: Uttar Pradesh

    Population density: 392 people per square kilometre

    Second largest economy: the rural sector contributes 51% of GDP

    Rank: 27th among 188 countries in 2018 by UN Human Development Index

    Largest urban agglomerations: New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai

    Official Languages: Hindi & English

    Official religions: Hinduism (75% of population), Islam (12%), Christian (5%), Sikhism (3%), Jainism (3%)

    Official languages: Hindi and English

    National god: Ganesh


    Hindi (lingua franca), Gujrati, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi (native language), Punjabi (native language), Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Kashmiri, Dogri, Gujarati, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil (native language). It also has 3 official regional languages, Dogri, Mewari and Gondi.

    Vicinity of Hindi: Its dialects are spoken in North-west and North-east India, in the northern part of the country. In an informal survey, Malayali is popularly spoken in the cities of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

    Vicinity of English: English is the second language and the lingua franca of the country. Like the Indian subcontinent as a whole, English is spoken for business, education, culture, leisure, tourism and media in many parts of the country.


    Southeastern Asia

    Topography: The northern borders with Pakistan are marked by the Hindu Kush mountains and the Himalayas. The state of Uttarakhand lies to the north-west of the state.

    Climate: The monsoon covers all the states except Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the desert state of Rajasthan. Hottest parts of the country are in the eastern hinterland. The state of Bihar experiences heavy rainfall in the eastern part during monsoon and has a subtropical climate.

    Cultivation: Uttar Pradesh harv


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    Who would win in a fight between a Raccoon and an Italian Stallion?
    “Fino” the raccoon and “Giovanni” the horse. Well…Actually maybe the horse is a bit faster and stronger, but with his double horn’s help, “Giovanni” is still able to win, and therefore, “Fino” is forced to live in the “Carlos and Carlos” style.
    On a regular day, “Fino” likes to eat, sleep, and snooze, but on sunday’s and over the weekend, he doesn’t feel like just doing anything. Therefore, he always ends up running. From his grandmother’s house all the way to the city, and even further.
    “Fino’s adventures” are filled with many laughs, but they also have much more to offer. The plot is fairly linear and the text is quite easy-to-read, although it does have a few issues, such as the fact that there are over 100 different scenes but only a couple of story-related statements at the end of each scene.
    Despite these flaws, “Fino” is a nice and simple story that is sure to please any child or parent. “Fino” is also a decent game for all the ages.
    Finally, the game is optimized for both the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as the iPad.
    This game is best suited for the Ages 6+ and Up.
    “Fino” deserves at least a 4 out of 5.

    Similar Games
    “Fino” is similar to the following games:
    Cotton Duck – “Cotton Duck” is a very light and simple game, so much so that I’m sure some will disagree with me saying that it is similar to the “Fino” game.
    Adventures in Space – Once you finish “Fino” and play the “Adventures in Space” game, you’ll find that the game does exactly the same thing and more.
    Arabian Nights – The “Fino” story is somewhat similar to the “Arabian Nights” story.
    “Penguin Rising” – In “Penguin Rising”, you play as a penguin who must rescue a set of 10 fish from a bunch of sharks. The “Fino” story is somewhat similar to “Penguin Rising” as well.
    “Tiny Villagers” – The game is similar to “Fino” because it’s a very


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