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TOKYO CHRONOS puts you in the role of Kyosuke.
As Kyosuke, you have a choice of six possible answers for a total of more than thirty to find out what happened.
You can advance the story depending on the answers you choose.
If you answer correctly, you can even reach a unique ending different from the normal one.
-Game Structure-
Kyosuke Sakurai wakes up after the terrible experience in Shibuya.
He meets his childhood friends in the city, who are waiting for him.
In the city, there is a red message on an electronic billboard.
He is also assigned to investigate the crime scene.
All of these can be made by you alone.
You have to answer questions to find out the truth behind this incident.
At each scene, you’ll meet with the game’s heroines to answer the questions.
If you make a wrong decision, you’ll lose the life of a fictional character.
If you choose the wrong answer in a unique decision point, you’ll experience that particular ending.
-Game Experience-
All key scenes in a game have the protagonist’s HMD wet with your tears.
The game is uniquely designed so that you can experience the opening and ending music videos with 360 degrees.
Newly Developed VR Game
A VR game that will change the current state of visual novel games.
The story has multiple choice questions, and you can experience the sense of presence by using the VR headset.
A convenient and spacious UI makes you feel like a real boy.
What is the difference between the old-style VN and TOKYO CHRONOS?
Currently, old-style VN games are limited to a fixed location, like a scene or a cafe.
In TOKYO CHRONOS, you can move freely through a virtual Shibuya without worrying about running out of time.
The story can move to any part of the game, and there is no predetermined path.
-Unparalleled production-
TOKYO CHRONOS was developed from the ground up for VR.
The development team hired a veteran who has developed software for the VR platform.
The product has passed two rigorous, in-house tests.
The in-house QA team is made up of experienced game developers who have come back from big-name companies such as Capcom, Square Enix and


Features Key:

  • Integrate the Rimworld sound recorders with the level of Detail required to faithfully reproduce the game audio.

RimWorld Soundtrack Download Details

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Direct Download Links

Here is the direct download links to rimworld soundtrack

The following free software can be used to listen to soundtracks :

  • VLC : >
  • Audacious : >
  • Winamp : >
  • XMPlay2 : >
  • XMPlay PRO : >
  • PlayOn : >

Changelog List :

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  • Credits : IDJankees, Algoyade
  • Changelog : >
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RPG Maker MV – MT Tiny Tales Battlers – Monstrous Uprising Crack Product Key Free (Final 2022)

The idea for Ephemera came from the desire to create a real-life simulation game with all the choices that can be made in modern video games. Things like upgrading your tools, using the bathroom at any time, or eating a burger and fries in 30 seconds are all possible in this game. Unlike other games where you just wander around a world with a cursor, you have to plan your actions. You can’t just open a door and go in. Instead, you have to make a choice about whether it’s safe, what it is, and whether you can get any reward out of it.
The premise is simple and the biggest challenge will likely be making it as interesting as possible. But as an RPG lover you will likely take to it.
What makes Ephemera a little unique is that you can die and have to start again! But it’s not just that, with loads of choices and a game that lets you get a bit messy, it’s an RPG with a difference.
If you’re a gamer who likes choosing options for themselves, and a bit of the ol’ choose-your-own-adventure, this is one that will appeal to you. It’s a game of escapism that you’re unlikely to be wanting to quit after a couple of hours of play.

You can try it out for free here:

It’s a game in development.
For any support queries regarding this application or to report bugs etc, email

From the creators of the award-winning “Firestorm” series of games, now comes the brand new simulation game made in collaboration with the award-winning developer of “Espgaluda”, “Tic Tac Toe” and “Bombs Away”.
The game “SUPERPRETEND” will allow you to make your own history of the ancient world. And you can do this by creating your own character with your own facial features and choosing your own gender. Do you have what it takes to transform your man into a female? Will you have enough self-control to manage all the plans in your life? Will you be able to make it through every difficulty with ease, or will you make a mistake that will cost you dearly?


RPG Maker MV – MT Tiny Tales Battlers – Monstrous Uprising Crack + Full Product Key PC/Windows

How to play:
1) Select a red 6 and put it on the level area.
2) 4 spaces in front of and behind the 6 will be filled.
3) Move the 6 so that the 4 spaces have no colors or the colors have no spaces.
4) When you are ready, click the button to start the timer.
5) You can then replay the game as many times as you can, or simply watch the gameplay videos and enjoy…

Introduction to the Java Language ( Part 1)

Learn the basics and introduce you to the world of Java.
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We would like to get ex-students comments to make this a better lesson.

Java Tutorial | Java Language

“Introduction to the Java Programming Language”:

This tutorial is a part of Java and J2EE Tutorial ( from Pete Delaney.
Here we would see how a typical Java program is called, an example of main() method and also explain what arguments does.
We also demonstrate how to use different built-in data type in Java, such as string, int, float etc.
We define, allocate, initialize and format using different built-in data type.
We use array and arraylist and index of array/list to get the value.
We discuss in detail about return statement.
At the end we produce right answer.

Introduction to the Java Language ( Part 2)

Learn the basics and introduce you to the world of Java.
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We would like to get ex-students comments to make this a better lesson.

Java Tutorial | Java Programming Language

“Introduction to the Java Programming Language”:



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