by honograi
Published: November 19, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Samsung Wlan Usb Stick Smt Ar500 WINDOWS 7 VISTA 64 X Bit Treiber Driver //FREE\\

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Samsung Wlan Usb Stick Smt Ar500 WINDOWS 7 VISTA 64 X Bit Treiber Driver

Hi Errol,
If you look at the release notes of the latest drivers ( for your device (UX31E-ZG71VTA), it says there is no more support for Windows 7. It might be a good idea to flash the BIOS to the latest version.

Hey Errol,
Thanks for the information, I did that and it appears that the video drivers are now setup correctly. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. When I try to boot my system it shows boot error. My Device Manager shows that my display driver is for Windows 8.1. But my BIOS version is 07/10/2011. I am unable to understand how I can get my video display working correctly.


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Any workarounds are probably nothing more than patchwork attempts to bring you the exact same version of the software you had on your older laptop. Like magic, your laptop might be usable as though it were new, but it’ll have an underlying flaw that makes it unusable in the end.
Think about it, someone has to test these generic drivers, and that’s generally done by an avid consumer of the manufacturer’s own product. They’re not going to try and use Windows 7 drivers on Windows 8.1 or 10. That’s just a recipe for failure. Getting the correct driver is a far more reliable way to get a fully functional computer.

i have this same problem and have tried the solutions above. i tried to update the drivers and it says that it cannot download the new driver because the usb stick is not found in the hardware list. i need to try some other solutions.
i had that problem. i went and deleted the asus driver from the bios, and installed the samsung one. worked like a charm. i now have a more stable connection. i wish i had this problem the day i got the laptop. it wouldnt have lasted that long :).
i have been trying to get the driver to work with my toshiba laptop. i have tried for months to get it to work, but i keep getting bsod. i had to flash my bios to 1.00.00 and it worked fine. since then i have tried to update the driver on my toshiba, but i keep getting the same bsod. i am using the latest toshiba drivers that came with the toshiba laptop. i am using windows 7, and it is an amd fx 8120 processor with 8gb ram.
i am having a similar problem to you. i have an amd a10-5800k processor. i am using windows 7 64bit. i have installed the latest amd driver from the amd website. i have installed the tsc for windows 7 64bit. i am currently using windows 7 64bit with one gig of ram.
samsung wlan usb stick smt ar500 windows 7 vista 64 x bit treiber driver. today i have problems with my internet connection. it’s slow and sometimes when i stop using it, it disconnects. after reading your page i found a solution. i have installed the latest intel drivers and it’s working fine now.
i’ve read through this thread and i can’t find anything that helps, so my question is this: i have an asus usb wifi stick that i’m using with my pc (running windows 7). i plugged the stick into the usb port and it installed the wireless network drivers on the stick, but when i try to open the device manager to connect it to the network, the device manager says “usb device not working, make sure the necessary device drivers are installed.” i’ve already tried unplugging and replugging the device multiple times and even restarting the computer, but the same problem still occurs. i even tried uninstalling the drivers and installing them again, but it didn’t work. what can i do?