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Outshine is a fast paced arcade game in which you are invincible thanks to the power of Hue. Hue is the daughter of the universe, a pure and innocent being, who never left her world. After being experimented on by the Shards, Hue obtained a power unique to her. This power is so strong, it’s almost too much for her to bear. She got stronger, evolving beyond comprehension. Now Hue stands strong against the evil that wants to abuse her power. But the Shards, who need to control her power, want to make sure she never forgets her purpose, and drives her to madness.
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In February 2018, Telltale Games released an updated version of the Outshine story.



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Features Key:

  • 4 Chapters of Haunting Extras: Haunting Houdini is the next collection in the Midnight Mysteries series of games. There are 4 thrilling chapters containing exciting full-motion video sequences of stories and challenges as well as specialized audio such as sound effects and interviews. Download the entire package or download chapters from each one separately. You won’t be sorry you did!
  • Every video and audio chapter is included without extraneous information so you’re not trawling through pages of liner notes.
  • Download user interface files and color key option files so the interface is completely customizable.
  • Ability to set specific difficulty settings for each chapter.
  • Retail version of the game includes the credits, a trial mode and the download accelerator. This leaves the bonus content for you to enjoy in the Midnight Mysteries section of your browser.
  • Step 3

    Install Game

    Downloading the game from our site automatically checks for a Digital Signature. This prevents the game from being tampered with online and ensures you are downloading the original, brand new and genuine version of the game.

    1) click on downloaded file to install.exe file.

    2) Move this file to SteamsteamappscommonWasteland 2Gameprogram files (x86)


    It will take about 30 seconds for Windows to install the game and will notify you about it when it’s done.

    Performing this step verifies that you own the game disc(s) that are associated with the download you’ve made, or the CD-KEY that was provided when you registered the game, and will confirm that you’re ready to play!

    1) Go to SteamsteamappscommonWasteland 2Game

    2) Right click Midnight Mysteries (or anywhere in the background) and select “Edit Steam Assoiciation…”

    3) Right click Midnight Mysteries and press “Remove from ‘My Games'”, then confirm.

    4) Download the file midnight mysteriesgame-key and place in wasteland 2 game in Program Files

    Note:You can access the.exe file through steam for verification.

    Step 4


    You must do the following prior


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    Atmocity is a city-building, global economy management game. Control the future of your country and lead its people forward into an era of technological and social progress. The goal is to gather as much wealth and power as possible, and push your population past the limits of sustainability.
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    How to get the launcher

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    After you are logged in the Google Play, select Download.

    How to use the launcher

    Click the icon in the launcher.

    To play the game

    click the icon of the game.


    We do not provide the game files on Google drive so you need to download the game and move it to your phone.


    There are some resources conflicts between Android and Google play by the purpose of the free version.

    1) Ads

    The current version is not free. We can only provide the free version after the charges of the game. So that we can focus on developing new games in the future.

    2) The size of the game is large

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    Do you believe that insects live in the darkness? Do you believe that nature’s purity is miraculous and infinite? Do you believe that all things have souls? Do you believe that the secrets of nature are within everyone?That is the essence of Qora.

    Beneath the surface of the planet, the land, sea and sky are the elements of the ancient rites of plant spirits. Behind the red snow lies the land of paradise where a myriad of wondrous living things exist. Do not try to go outside the area around your village. A dangerous mysterious force will be at work if you go outside the village.Beyond the land, ocean and sky is the sky garden, the temple garden and the sacred realm. The elements are infinite. What secrets are the limitless elements keeping? Are they preparing a secret plan for humankind? You must solve this mystery to save the land and nature.

    Features- Nintendo Switch version of the original game for the Nintendo Switch console with improved graphics and gameplay- Original soundtrack of the game that includes 28 themes (9 mini tracks) in each difficulty- Discover the mysteries of nature- Completely re-written from the ground up by the developers of the original game- Unique story featuring a great adventure- Play in 2D, 3D or fullscreen mode and optionally change the camera angle- 8 difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Super Master)- 8 playable characters (including the boss)- Your own combat style is one of the biggest challenges in the game- Numerous challenging stages- Huge world map with various dungeons- The temple garden- The sky garden- The sacred realm- Various minigames- Immersive VFX- Spiffy UI- Original soundtrack for the Nintendo Switch version- Online highscores and achievements for the Nintendo Switch version- Supports local multiplayer of up to four players- Online multiplayer of up to eight players

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    – It’s time for online races with friends- Can you make it to the finish line first?- Simple gameplay that will suit both children and adults- An intuitive battle system that makes you feel like a true warrior- It’s the end of the world!

    Game features:

    – An action-packed story inspired by a true story from the


    What’s new in Shadow Redemption®:

    .0 – Part 4 (The Fading Away Of The Recursive Order)

    Where orders came from, what they were, and how they interacted, cannot be known. But they emerged from motives and from what was at that time shaping the soul. Hoping to make sense of this diachronic order and making the subject what it is now, to accomplish this task is the endeavour of the UCP part 4.

    Our concerns are two: the founding task at the beginning of the multiverse, and the proper questions after. We wish to know how the multiverse repeats itself, will it end as soon as the death of elements, and if so what happens? Will it de-stabilise immediately? Will the subjective experience of the dying multiverse disappear? Does the multiverse survive death? Our concern is to understand how order creates subjectivity. Our concern is to understand the recursiveness of death in the multiverse.

    20.3.2013. Creation of People and Order 4.0 | “Lord God, we thank you for the universe of people, at the sight of which they make us feel awe and fear, rejoice and sorrow. May their existence be fruitful. May their direct authority, their parents, be rescued from the corruption. May their immediate authorities be ordered towards salvation. Order yourself, creator of all beings, into your cosmic order, keeping watch over all the remaining in it and becoming one with them, one and the same, rooted in nothing.”

    Love, Hate And The Other Ones 2.0 (LHOTE 2.0)

    Part 3.3:

    21.3.2013. Life and Death 4.0 | “Lord God, give us the perspective of mortality which is not without beauty and happiness; keep us from following its false promises. May we grow strong and wise. May our intention of our ancestors be revived in their souls, so that we obtain prudence which is able of the future.”

    LHOTE 2.0

    Part 3.3:

    21.3.2013. Life and Death 4.0

    “Incarnating, the basic identity of a human being, is the experience of the temporary existence of the Fading Away of the Recursive Order, the consciousness of death. After the objective death, the monging or decay of things, what remains after will be the subjective decay.” (LHOTE 1.0)


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    Sanctuary Island is a Survival Sandbox game where you play as a Dinosaur of your choice.
    While you explore the world you will meet other players who are also Dinosaurs, some will be friendly, some may try to hunt you down for food.
    It will be a hard world, but nothing will be impossible.
    You may find a group which increases your chance of survival, all while learning about the secrets of the world and discover its mysteries.
    You will be able to find some Story elements hidden on the map and may find out the truth about this place.
    Interaction with other Players
    Players will be able to interact with other players in multiple ways.
    It will be possible to fight each other to get food,
    as well as being able to play social minigames with your group members to increase the chance of survival of yourself and your group.
    What Dinosaurs will be available?
    There will be multiple Dinosaurs available for the players.
    To mention some currently planned examples:
    Keep in mind this Game is still in Development and there will be more content comming in future.
    We are also thinking about Playable Flyers and aquatic life.
    We strive to make our Dinosaurs as accurate as possible, so Raptors and some future theropods will have Feathers.
    Developed at:
    Sanctuary Island is a game made by Jeroen and Jasper Verheul.
    We are a small Indie Team which started out as a Modding Community on Games.
    As Modders and Mod Community leaders we have already many years of experience and we have been in this Industry for the past 6 years.
    We like Survival Sandbox Games and know that many of them are very popular.
    Our Team
    Jeroen: Designer, Art Programmer, Lead Developer.
    Jasper: Art Designer, Programmer, Level Designer.
    Thomas: Gameplay Designer, New Player Support (But not only).


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    System Requirements:

    * Broadband Internet connection

    * USB-stick or CD-drive
    * 128M of Ram
    * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
    * The Windows installation program
    * The game save file
    * The patchfile, if you want to update the game
    * The patchfile, if you want to update