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Quantized is an audio reactive, procedurally-generated audio experience. With an intuitive set of controls, it’s a great introduction to game audio and experimental music. Combined with the mobile-optimized audio player, Quantized is a great tool for recording and streaming audio to a variety of platforms. With the Quantized sound library growing every month, you are only a few clicks away from building your own unique soundtrack.

Integrated Audio Player:

Generate and share your own soundtrack anywhere

With an intuitive set of controls, Quantized is a great introduction to game audio and experimental music

Quantized is a simple yet powerful audio app that lets you create, share, and play your own music.

With the Quantized sound library growing every month, you are only a few clicks away from building your own unique soundtrack.

Please note: This app is not yet available on the App Store.

Quantized is an audio reactive, procedurally-generated musical experience for Android. It generates a unique, musical journey for every song that you play.

You play your own songs, and the app creates musical events to accompany them — new patterns, new instruments, new samples, new effects — all based on the specific song you are listening to.

This integration between the Quantized app and the audio player is seamless. This means that every time you listen to a song, the app plays the perfect musical event to match.

When the song changes, it changes automatically. The player takes on a new role, but keeps its unifying role.

With the ability to play, record, and stream audio for free, Quantized delivers a unique and unforgettable auditory experience.

When paired with the optional quantum oscillator mic, the oscillator tone can be adjusted to control the audio player at specific frequencies, and thus providing extra control over the instrument sound.

Quantized is the perfect tool for creating your own soundtrack. It is a fun, exhilarating experience that you have control over.

A personal and unique experience, Quantized generates a new musical journey every time you play a new song. It is a beautiful live performance of itself, and a unique way to play your own music.

With each new tune that you play, a new adventure awaits.

If you have any questions about Quantized, please review our FAQs. For additional support, please email

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Features Key:

  • Virtual reality mode: You are your own character! A lot of options for adventure in each floor. Many game changes there are several game modes, start yourself with Adventure Mode, get your skills under control, control yourself! Fully customize your own style! Test also several other game modes, escape from the danger in the laboratory, upgrade and improve your equipment, meet with new friends, and beat the strongest, richest enemy! But your weapons and equipment have not enough power? Challenge stronger enemies and gain new equipment.
  • Climb with your hands: The VR game mode, show your great climbing skills and your unusual strength! Navigate your body with your hands or with gloves. This is a new, immersive VR Game mode for you as a player!
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    Game Information
    Game play with tag action game for 3 players.
    1. Command for the Player.
    This game play compatible with Real Controller (PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/PC) and Virtual Controller (Xbox 360/Xbox One).
    2. Degree of Difficulty.
    If you want a tough game to play, you can increase the number of enemies or the time length.
    3. Number of Players.
    3 players are connected to play.
    4. Number of Lives.
    When you die, you can play again with the same amount of lives.
    5. Number of Shots.
    Based on the Number of Shots, You can change the outcome of the game.
    6. Goal of the Game.
    You can set the Goal of the game as you like.
    7. Overall Settings.
    If you set a lot of Enemy and a lot of bullets or not, you can set them.
    8. EGS (Escape Game System)
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    If you step on EGS you can not play this game.
    Please Read this instruction.
    To select player 1 use this select.
    To select player 2 use this select.
    To select player 3 use this select.
    To select player 1 use this select.
    To select player 2 use this select.
    To select player 3 use this select.
    Press A Button 2 times to start.
    1. Player 1
    2. Player 2
    3. Player 3
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    1. Player 1
    2. Player 2
    3. Player 3
    4. Player 1
    5. Player 2
    6. Player 3
    (Select Button & Y Button)
    1. Player 1
    2. Player 2
    3. Player 3
    4. Player 1
    5. Player 2
    6. Player 3
    1. Set Player 1
    2. Set Player 2
    3. Set Player 3
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    5. Set Player 2
    6. Set Player 3
    7. Set Player 1
    8. Set Player 2
    9. Set Player 3
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