by annmele
Published: November 23, 2022 (6 days ago)

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Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT

the shreddage 3 legacy library is aimed at all styles of music, and offers a wide variety of sounds and features. shreddage 3 captures the sound of six string electric guitars with clarity and realism. with over 50 custom guitar and amp irs to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect tones with this library!

shreddage 3 legacy is a modern update of the original, groundbreaking shreddage virtual instrument, first released in 2010. this instrument set a new standard, showcasing stunning realism for high-gain rock & metal rhythm parts. composers and producers have long enjoyed its aggressive 6-string tone, which features a popular standard guitar. however, the original instrument had a somewhat limited sample pool, lacking per-fret sampling and the note range to perform convincing leads.

impact soundworks have blown the lid off my daw with shreddage 3. this is the electric guitar library i have long been looking for. whether you want a rocking rhythm guitarist, a wailing, screaming guitar soloist, or simply a tool for writing your own rhythm and solo guitar parts, shreddage 3 fits the bill. you can easily write a full rock track with shreddage 3 that sounds authentic and believable.

we’ve never seen a customer so thrilled with a virtual instrument as jeff from brown university. while studying classical guitar, he found the original shreddage and used it for years. he remembers his professor telling him he needed to “get one of your own”, and he was hooked. he used his shreddage as his primary guitar for classical guitar lessons, as well as for playing in a jam band. even though shreddage has been out of production for several years, jeff still uses it as his main guitar. he says, “if i had to choose between my original shreddage and a new shreddage, i’d choose the original every time.”

Decoded song files are included. All of the sound packs, presets, drums, keys, and misc samples are included, no additional costs. If you are looking for a power chord machine for your live set, look no further. Whether you want to lay down a fast strumming solo, or need a few power chords for that pinch harmonics, Shreddage 3 Hydra has it all! This is an amazing tool for anyone who needs power chords and chunky distortion. They sound great! Easy to use. I just wish the articulations were a little more adjustable and that the delay knobs were a little bit bigger.
I couldnt be more excited to share this with you. Im pumped to be able to show you what Ive been working on. This has been a huge goal of mine over the last 2 years and now it seems to be coming together with Shreddage 3. This is the sound of someone playing live and the recorded version that you hear is as close to the original performance as is humanly possible. If you want that headrush of excitement when a song plays through your speakers, this is it!
The spectrum of this library could not be achieved by using only digital recording and processing with an analog mix. With Shreddage 3, you can get the entire range of sounds and movements you can expect from an acoustic, solo electric guitar from a raw recording. This is a must have library for those that want to perform AND play guitar.
For the guitar enthusiast, Shreddage 3 continues to continue to bring you an incredible library of guitar parts, from both solos and rhythm. Shreddage 3 ensures that you, as a guitar player, can use every sound in your arsenal and get the desired results that youre after.