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Une réussite qui fait un peu de bruit dans l’histoire du jeu vidéo.
Cette réussite a-t-elle sérieusement flanqué de justesse d’un jeu du genre? Le menu des Informations nous la dit : pas vraiment.
La musique, tout de même, est assez classe, et le jeu serait capable de se la souder.
Même le manche de jeu est assez agréable, s’il n’y a pas une réaction moins optimiste que l’inverse.
Évidemment, le jeu vous oblige à travailler, et trouver la bonne combinaison de mobilité, de rôle, de réaction…
Mais ça va de pair avec la coordination des actions de chaque joueur – coopération essentielle à un joueur face à un adversaire, et à la qualité du niveau.


Depuis le premier jour jusqu’à aujourd’hui, le personnage principal, le “wolf-priest” Ulric, et sa bande d’alliés, a pris l’ascenseur des embûches : dans une agglomération où la mortalité est parfois plus concentrée que dans d’autres milieux, ils doivent constamment renoncer aux séances de partage de bière, à la dernière minute, et essayer leur chance dans l’orbe infernal : cette dernière incroyable expérience a dû renforcer leur volonté de se battre pour survivre.
Rendez-vous enfin à la ville de Mordheim, la capitale de l’armée d’Ulric, en pleine fête.
La petite révolution est désormais terminée, des gens désormais sont rentrés de l’ombre, et depuis ces dern


Sillyfun Valley Features Key:

  • Fight
    In the game you can play not only in the hospital and in the new coal mine, but also in an island. Pirates can ambush the driver
    The main task of the player is to carry patients and coal to the ammunition station. To win you should discover all three,
     * train  opponents are glad to not follow them and   
    capture the stronghold of   train city which is “forbidden” train in the future, and get to the air. But you will be stopped from the goal corrupted by pirates, who constantly attack you with motorcycles from the sea!
  • Collect bonuses
    Take bonuses from the hospital
     The more patients carried,   the more bonuses you get.
  • Choose armor
    When you’re in the underground, you can get powerful amour, which protects you from snowballs.
  • Fight
    When you are in the hospital you will notice that the doctors helped you in improving the anti-
     drill, and now the coal & drive is a little bit better. But be careful in any case. It does not necessary protect you from bombs. 
  • Wash effects of war
    When you get to the coal mine you will not only find coal, but you will also be surprised to see the result of war.
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    Explore and use as many mechanics as possible to get to the goal. Each level has 3 goals.

    2d/3d MMO combat in which you dodge or avoid attacks, parry or strike back.
    You can jump and dash, dodge or block.
    You can use the environment to your advantage, as you can climb, roll, and crawl into enemy’s range.

    – 1 Unique map per world. – Different playable classes, unique mechanic that each class offers, and environment that each class can interact with differently. – Playable classes: Thief, Warrior, Mage, Scholar, Assassin. – Plays like Diablo 2. Really. – Isometric perspective.

    Closing Note:
    More than 500 NPCs, 15+ bosses, and 200+ items available.
    Left Mouse Button: Move
    Right Mouse Button: Dodge
    (if you don’t have one, use your keyboard arrows)

    Sky Driver is a racing game where you try to drive your ship faster than the other players.
    WASD – to move your ship
    Space – to go into overdrive
    1 – to calibrate the overdrive (it lasts as long as you hold the key)
    0 – to calibrate the attitude control (it affects the thrusters)
    CTRL – to toggle the cockpit view
    F – to use the hyperdrive to travel further (as long as the hyperdrive is charged)
    E – to switch to other players’ ships (they’re displayed on the right side of the screen)
    F1-F8 – to switch the camera view (as explained in the menu)
    P – to enter overdrive (it lasts for 1 second)
    R – to cancel overdrive

    Celestial Star is a 4×4 real-time strategy game. You control a powerful alien ship. Your objective is to conquer the galaxy by completing the main objectives, which you find throughout the 50+ planets of the game.

    But we do not want you to interact with the AI, you are a skilled and intelligent alien commander, you need to do all the work yourself, you do not need the help of the AI.

    The game will take you a lot of hours to complete the game, and the main attraction is that you will do everything yourself, so you can enjoy the game in its full splendor.

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    What’s new in Sillyfun Valley: