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Neko Nyaa~ is a slice-of-life visual novel about a senpai catgirl who’s taken in by a catboy who you befriend and take care of. Help them escape and you may find yourself on the run from the girls’ senpai and your new friends… just don’t tell them where you went or they might just try to have their own run.
Get To Know The Characters:
One day you wake up in a room full of catgirls. The first catgirl to come to your mind is a cute and friendly catgirl cat. She introduces herself as Kasumi. She seems to be a kind person and willing to help others. She’s carefree and lets you call her Kanata-chan.
Kage is the second girl you meet in the corridor of the catgirl hotel. She’s an apprentice to the hotel’s owner and also a catgirl with an attitude to match. She has two sisters, Saki and Chie. They seem to be somewhat self-conscious and afraid of you.
Saki is the youngest catgirl. She’s a bit of a loner and self-conscious. Chie is the oldest, the most confident of the three, and also quite the cook. The third catgirl is Shino and she’s seemingly an A-type, meaning she’s not seen as a rival to Kasumi.
Change Your Team Of Characters:
Kanata-chan is Kasumi’s catgirl name. While she may seem shy at first, you’ll find that she’s quite the talker and doesn’t let strangers and catgirls get too close. But you are the closest of friends, and you’ll feel much more at home when she’s around.
Shino is the third and final catgirl in the cast. She’s a closet A-type, and a terrible cook, which explains her terrible half-cooked meals. But don’t worry, it’s better than her cooking…
You woke up in a room full of catgirls. And you’re responsible for taking care of them.
About The Game Neko Nyaa~:
Neko Nyaa~ is a slice-of-life visual novel about a senpai catgirl who’s taken in by a catboy who you befriend and take care of. Help them escape and you may find yourself on the run from the


Simple Racing Features Key:

  • Moredense, morecontrast, more resolution and more colors!
  • High resolution textures or 15.05″ 1280×800 px resolution resolution with HD texture options.
  • Joystick controls.
  • A lot of different colourful and light scenarios in the open world simulator.
  • High-end visuals with 60fps.
  • Improvements for graphics, lighting and textures.


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For centuries, the islands of Wuwei and Zhengyi have lain barren, dusty wastelands.
Only in recent times are they beginning to reap the fruits of their abundance – rare minerals from the wind and sea – and the people of both islands begin to prosper.
But the tide of fortune comes at a price…

A murder in an ancient tomb excavated by the Zhengyi’s wealthy archaeologists has spawned a cascade of events in the freshly dug-up mausoleum that could bring the entire island of Zhengyi to it’s knees…

Welcome to Planet Wu, a sci-fi inspired island sanctuary for players to venture through and enjoy.

In Planet Wu, you command a team of mercenaries to hire yourself out to the highest bidder. They’ll be working under you to win contracts and collect the spoils of these contracts.

Planet Wu is a sci-fi themed RPG with elements of stealth, melee, and item management to a player’s leisure! See for yourself – Play Planet Wu for free now!

Key Features:
– An epic Sci-Fi World, from a Galloping Space Horse to the Eclipse of the Empire
– Free Form Missions, with endless ways for You to Completing Missions
– An Expeditionary System where every mission you take must be at it’s core a carefully thought-out Plan, and one you must take to a successful conclusion
– 5 classes – each with their own abilities and playstyle
– Excellent gameplay mechanics make Planet Wu fun to play for both long-time and new players
– Upgrade your equipment to become more powerful, with the new Goggles providing you with additional information on your surroundings

For all players!
Planet Wu is the biggest and best indie game of all time.
Bringing you a beautifully crafted world of sci-fi (with a little spark of action), you make the ultimate decisions as your mercenary commander on contracts for pay to complete.

Your negotiations will vary in job type and difficulty, and can last hours or weeks, depending on how far you want to go.

Hire a militia of up to five mercenaries to help you complete these missions. They fight alongside you to capture the items you need for your contract. As you play, you’ll earn Experience, which will unlock upgrades. You can either decide to keep the loot, or sell it to an NPC vendor in exchange for more cash.

Planet Wu does what no


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3/5 The story was great, engaging, and provided enough of a backstory to keep me interested. The controls were fairly responsive for the most part. There was a lot of in game text that did not appear until after I had used my mouse, keyboard, and controller to navigate. Graphics: 3/5 The graphics for this game definitely have a retro feel to them, and it really does make it feel a bit like an old game. Once again, the story makes it a bit more appealing than any graphics could hope to be, and that counts for a lot. Controls: 4/5 The controls for this game are fairly responsive, with some minor lag issues here and there, but that is not something I would say is an issue with the game. Sound: 5/5 The sound is excellent in this game. The combat sounds are very satisfying and they add to the enjoyment of the game. While nothing was outright painful, I did notice that I would often just mute the game when a new scene was coming up because the sound is just so good! It is really hard to find a flaw with this game when everything is working well. Overall: 3/5 I found this game to be okay. While the story is excellent, the controls could be improved, and the bugs that appeared throughout the game were too numerous for it to be any more than a pass.…Expand

I love the game, but since it is a multiplatform game I can only give a highscore if I have a ‘home’ console. I have a PS3, and the game itself runs perfectly fine. Only annoyance is that the online leaderboards are missing for some reason. I understand it was released as a multiplatform game, but if anyone can tell me what is going on with that, that would be aI love the game, but since it is a multiplatform game I can only give a highscore if I have a ‘home’ console. I have a PS3, and the game itself runs perfectly fine. Only annoyance is that the online leaderboards are missing for some reason. I understand it was released as a multiplatform game, but if anyone can tell me what is going on with that, that would be a start. I have been waiting for such a game for years, and finally we have it. There are only a few glitches in the game that I have noticed (some getting stuck in a loading screen) but that seems to be it. All in all this game is great.…Expand


What’s new:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We humans are a curious species. We’re always asking questions and then connecting them to other questions to form new hypotheses. And some of these connections lead to somewhere we’d never have gotten by ourselves.

Most of us are aware that the fetal brain is growing within the womb of its mother. But new research suggests that fetal cells within the mother’s body are also taking in new information from her at the same time.

These new insights, published in PNAS, show that the cells from a fetus’s mother body are actually being educated by her. In that case, they’re taking on knowledge about the environment of the body, as well as prenatal development.

The work was done in mice, and the knowledge they learned was about the mouse. Of course, later the knowledge translates to humans, and this is the sort of information we must learn in a human brain.

Some scientists have been researching the seemingly magical developmental changes of the human brain as it forms from a tiny ball of cells. And a more recent decade of research has brought us to a better understanding of why cells don’t work the same way they do in a lower animal.

It turns out that not all humans reach puberty at the same time. Moreover, some people are different in the way they’re developed than others. This is correlated with an early puberty in the brain that also occurs in animals without a complex brain. These animal brains are extremely simple, composed mostly of two cell layers.

A former member of the faculty at the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, John Sorger has been researching the brain differences of people who were born before and after puberty. He’s the founder of two separate pediatric neuroscience practices at Children’s Hospital Boston and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and he’s been investigating this group of people since about 1990.

According to Sorger, “We see highly stereotyped sets of features in the brains of these kids as teenagers.” He notes that there’s a marked increase in the rate of illnesses and disorders.

“They’re more likely to suffer mental health problems, more likely to go on to experience depression, alcohol and drug use, and they’re more likely to drop out of school and more likely to have offending behaviors.”

The brain, especially the prefrontal cortex, is thought to develop in a series of stages, starting as an ape-sized anatomy. After that we enter a period where socialization and growth results in the brain


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・7 hours of theme songs in your own record.
・Two characters with diverse styles and appearances.
・A unique and charming art style that cannot be experienced anywhere else.
・8 original tracks.
・An action game that has the essence of Metroidvania and the healing touch of Shin Megami Tensei.
・Castlevania-like game structure.
・A unique system that transfers your fight experience from battle to battle.
・A system that doesn’t require repeated action, and instead of increasing your life points, your stamina is increased.
・Ability to use a special skill to slow down time and feel out situations.
・Character Gimmicks that allow you to break the time barrier.
・A branching story that encourages repeated actions like saving and not saving.
・An absorbing story with a strong narrative tension.
・An amazing story and characters.
・A world based on the Touhou Project.
Character appearances:
Remilia (Scout):
・Cute yet powerful.
・Very versatile character with many options.
・Decent armor, weapon and hand at the start, but her appearance can be changed during the game.
・Shroomish-like appearance.
・Incredible shine.
Sakuya (Maiden):
・Has an elegant appearance with a dignified and aristocratic appearance.
・Her special ability while in “Plum Blossomed” allows the attacker and the defender to fight.
・Her special ability while in the “Devil’s Star” makes Sakuya’s weapon take on the appearance of a goddess’s weapon.
The game actually takes place on a double planet, controlled by different gods, so the game is free to be played at any time.
Please note that this is a game that can be played by anyone who loves 2D action games.
Things to know:
・World map is displayed on the screen.
・You will need to go to certain places to progress the story.
・Dark areas are encountered in the world, so if you enter, you will need to get close to enemies in order to be able to fight them.
・Map items, music, and other areas are added according to the progress of the game.
・The start is difficult.
・You will die.
「Remilia Scarlet Goodbye, world of Koumotsukou」


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    System Requirements For Simple Racing:

    Windows: 64-bit operating system (32-bit supported)
    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (7/8.1/10 recommended)
    Processor: Intel i5 or AMD Phenom Quad-Core Processor
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
    Video Card: DirectX 11 with Shader Model 5.0 or OpenGL 4.0
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
    Internet: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes: This game is NOT designed


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