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Name Simply Puzzles: Codewords
Publisher kammmari
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THE GAME OF THE DECADE (May 2018, Polygon)

The sequel to the innovative board game The Game of Time, The Game of Inca Marbles is a fast-paced, two-player strategy game that plays up to 3 hours of perfect easy. The object of the game is simple – the goal is to escape before your opponent.

Developed by Raphael Colantonio (Klei Entertainment) and owned by a team of dedicated game developers from Japan and around the world, The Game of Inca Marbles had been in development for nearly a decade. When the prototype was completed, it became clear that this was a game that people wanted to play. Since that time, more than 100,000 copies have been sold and has been translated into 10 different languages worldwide.

Original version of the game.

The Game of Inca Marbles continues on the same path – challenging and innovative design that will take you on a thrilling journey across the Andes.

The Game of Inca Marbles is a journey to the Andes, in which each player takes on the role of an Inca Inka on their hunt for treasures. Just like in the original board game, these treasures are often hidden by their opponents.

But beware! A solar eclipse is lurking on the horizon – it will only be visible in the morning. The eclipse comes with a warning: it will be deadly for the Inka in the territory of their opponents.

The solar eclipse will interrupt the game twice.

During the eclipse, all tiles turn dark, which means there are still tiles on the board that you can move on. To make sure you find the treasures, you have to wait for the eclipse to end. By moving at the same time as your opponent, you can gain time and avoid the sudden eclipse.

Players must keep an eye on the time, and use their intuition to calculate when is the best moment to make their move.

Capturing the treasures is your main goal during the game.

How to Play:

Take turns.

Each player has five precious Inca stones, which are the only way to make Inka move through the board.

Each tile you control is an Inca Inka, and his path is highlighted in yellow.

If your Inca Inka goes over a tile with a treasure on it, you receive that treasure.

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Simply Puzzles: Codewords Features Key:

  • You need to take care of an everything, including collecting the coins, destroying the zombies and find treasures in the level.
  • Before playing, you can try to play and press all button on the screen to see how works the game.
  • Do any jump at any time and jump from the bottom of the screen.


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Simply Puzzles: Codewords For PC

Odcień Krwi is the latest From The Prodigal Developers, a RPG/Platformer hybrid, very visually pleasing and with a high production value. Your main goal is to escape from the cursed isle and create your own story. You must find out if the runes scattered around the world tells the truth about this corrupted world. Who are you? Will you be the first Blood Wolf or will you be the last? In Odcień Krwi you will meet an interesting cast of characters, each has his own story that will bend over your decisions and the course of your future. What events will you confront and will you dare to know what the truth is?
Adventure in a Beautiful Environment
Odcień Krwi features an outstanding open world location with rich in detail architecture and ambient atmosphere. Through the use of interesting puzzles and environments to surprise the player.
Storyline with a Sequel
The Storyline is broken up into 7 Episodes. Each episode is dedicated to a Blood Wolf from the history of the world. Experience each of their daily life, the deceptions and the wonders. The NPCs will guide you on your journey to where the runes scattered around the world is leading.
More to Discover
As you stumble into the world, new characters will guide you to new locations and items.
Unravel the Riddles
Collect the runes scattered around the world to learn the secrets of the world.
The Most in depth Environments and Puzzles
Can you solve the puzzles you encounter along the way?
Do not miss the chance to dive into our ADVENTURE IN A BONUS!
Discover the full game and learn about the lore of this beautifully crafted world with the in-game Guide and short Story.
Inspiration and Exchange of Runes
Collect runes to unveil mysteries of the human world!
Share what you’ve discovered with the players from all around the globe through Steam!
Kierowany przez:
Bartek Czajkowski
Piotr Redel
Michał Paluszewski
Jacek Wójcik
Polish voice actors:
Mariusz Dyszel,
Tomek Pukacz,
Alojzy Lenart,
Jacek Wójcik,
Adam Jaraczkowski,
Dan Ryczyk,
Marek Zając
Meticulously created
by Bartek Czajkowski and Mateusz Z


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