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Published: July 21, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Name Snow Fortress
Publisher Admin
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Put on your large, clanking, heavy shoes and your thick, padded suit.
Explore a sinister town, filling your notebook with clues about the mysterious events.
Unravel the mystery of the Phantom’s identity and save the town’s inhabitants from eternal damnation.
An exquisite atmosphere of fog, rain and fog lights
Phantom Project is a dynamic horror game that invites you to uncover a mystery.
The story unfolds with atmospheric soundscapes, vibrant lighting effects and gliding motion.
The story revolves around an enigmatic man who will test your courage and resolve.
Join a local archaeological expedition to uncover the secrets of a new tomb, while searching for the missing people from the village.
The game is is accompanied by charming, atmospheric music that’s sure to get your heart racing.
Beware of the Phantom:
Be ready to face opponents that hide themselves in shadowy corners and wait for you to move, so they can make you feel the power of their hunting rifles.
Phantom Project is a horror adventure that unfolds with a grandiose plot.
The game is sure to elicit your passion for all things spooky and supernatural.
Key Features:
Dynamic Lighting – Create a surreal world and set a thrilling atmosphere.
Realistic Shading – Paint a beautiful background and bring it to life.
Post Processing – Glowy and snowy reflections, a juicy rain effect…
Dynamic Music – Have you been hearing the music that’s playing in your head?
Shadow and Dynamic Shadows – If it’s dark, it’s up to you to decide if it’s better to hide or attack.
Recording and Sound Effects – Capture all the sounds you hear during your adventures.
A chattering, real-time bug tracker.
Free camera angle movement.
Explore the realm of mystery and horror: the game will engage your intuition and urge you to get closer to its secrets.
If you want to get a sneak peek of Phantom Project’s gameplay, check out the “Pre-Alpha 2” footage, which was recorded using a prototype version.
*Alpha and Beta Phase of Development*
We’re currently in the Alpha and Beta phase.
During this phase of development the game will undergo major changes and improvements to ensure the game is complete.
*The Current Developer*
Phantom Project is being developed using c++ and game engine Unity.
The purpose of this is to make it possible for you, the user, to play the game at the highest quality standards.


Features Key:

  • 4 head to head multi player maps where you will be teaming up with your friends to clear out the supply lines of the opposing team.
  • Easy and intuitive mouse and keyboard controls for PC and Macintosh users
  • Real replay save function, with no more having to save at the end of a game
  • No saving at the start of a game
  • Evarient weapon combination allows you to choose just what combination suits you best
  • Play and replay allows you to play the game again to check if you are happy with the way it went. If you are happy, then save the replay for later


Snow Fortress For Windows

A young woman goes on a trip through horror for the sake of her sister’s safety.
Do you dare to challenge the monsters of this mind?
Meet Luzia, the protagonist.
Luzia and her sister Lucie were close.
However, Lucie abruptly left with her friend Irene ten years ago, and left her sister behind.
Despite being all alone, Luzia is unwaveringly optimistic.
In order to find out what happened to her sister, she heads off to a place where no one knows her.
She believes that she can start a new life in this town.
However, the longer she stays, the more terrifying the town gets…
What was Luzia’s true reason for going there?
What is Lucie doing at that old mansion?
And how was she connected to that pair of yellow eyes?
Finding out all this is a task for Luzia!
The rules are simple:
You must not kill anyone.
You must make sure that Lucie comes home safely.
You must kill the monsters.
You must make sure that Luzia sees you, so she knows that you’re alive.
Players can select the difficulty level from Easy, Normal, and Hard.
Save states can be used to prevent game overs.
Main features
1. It’s a horror game about siblings!
Thanks to a similar setting to [Little Witch Academia]( and [Puella Magi Madoka Magica]( it feels like you’re taking part in a particular story.
No matter whether you’re playing as Luzia or Irene, all of the game’s events happen from Luzia’s perspective.
The goal, however, is to comfort Luzia.
2. Combat is easy enough that you can’t fail
Luzia relies on melee attacks, so she has strong basic attacks that are easy to learn, alongside weaker special attacks that have heavier cooldowns.
You can aim your attacks, and the game calls “charging your attacks” when you combine them with a button press, so you can get the most out of all of your attacks.


Snow Fortress [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

* 4 new super-challenging environments with 20+ levels to wacky and challenging levels.
* 18 of the tiniest characters to suit all ages. They include Mini, Mini-jester, Tinhead, Tin-man and T-terror.
* 5 levels of power-ups to help Tinhead blast his way through.
* 2 vehicles to help save the day: Hover-trucks and huge vehicles – Jump-jets and Snail-bikes.
* A bonus area where you can boost your score.
* Highly replayable – challenge yourself for a high score, unlock all the secrets, or work up the nerve to play the game a second time.
*…and more!

! AN EXTRA PLAYABLE FEATURE!If you can unlock this game by reaching all 10 levels of a bonus game, then you’ll get another bonus game with extra playable characters and levels.

—Playable Features—

Tinhead gets into some trouble and is placed in the custody of the R-O-C-K-N-E-W-C-E-R for a special task.

Crowned Tinhead: He’s a new citizen of the Galaxy. He’s ready to help his old pal Tinhead rescue the stars.

Snack-A-Licious: The goofy planet Pharell is hiding the stars and the R-O-C-K-N-E-W-C-E-R mission is his special task. He needs to be ready to stop the tin thieves.

The Air-King: Tinhead and Snack-A-Licious must prevent the villain Grim Squidge from using his evil Cosmic Vortex blasts to destroy the Galaxy.

Tinhead the tin wizzard is in this game to rescue the most precious stars in the Universe:The galaxy is in danger! The evil Grim Squidge has stolen and hidden the stars and plans to hurl the Universe into a Cosmic Void. Who will be the Tinhead to stop him?


Tinhead is the first arcade game to combine one of the most popular hide and seek game features with a fully animated 3D world that runs in real-time.

See what’s around the corner by swiping your device in the direction of the block, which moves around


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