by darser
Published: November 22, 2022 (4 days ago)

Sonimus Satson Vst X86 X64


Sonimus Satson Vst X86 X64

i work for several years with sonimus satson. i insert it in every channel and busses of my daw with great results. i combine it very often with waves ssl channels or universal audio neve channels. with sonimus satson i get the sound that i know from analog consoles. a very important plugin for me in every production.

theres nothing more irritating than the sound of digital music; after trying all the over-marketed big buffet companies who seem to want nothing more than to rip you off with frivolities, sonimus solved my problems and gave me the analog feel. satson cs solves virtually any problem quicker and easier than the 700-something other over-hyped plugins that i regret buying, but also gives a better sound than i could have imagined. if you want to feel worthy of a career in audio: all you need is the sonimus suite for mixing. working on a hardware ssl console never made me feel this good.

quality, workflow, utility, there is no reason not to spend the money for the best channel strip out there. ive been using the sample plugin from sonimus, and it has been absolutely top notch. this is just a bit more of the same, but with lots of extra features. with a lot of plugins, the modular parts dont “play” together as well as they should, but sonimus has pulled that off here and you can see it in the long list of features.

i have been a long time admirer of sonimus plugins, and the satson is no exception. it is a very well done channel strip. but it is even more than that. it has everything i need. numerical, vu, and level meters, eq, and the wonderful old-school compressor. it is truly the best of both worlds, and i cant recommend it enough.

i use the satson for my main channel and for my sidechain. i really love the fast and powerful console module, with its fatter and less sharp bass and treble. it is way more musical than any other ssl, and the best channel strip for real analog vibes. my only wish is a satson console bus plugin, to allow to change the channel drive for all instances of the satson console.
i just opened the box and installed the satson cs. i couldnt believe that i could get such a beautiful channel strip for such a low price. i have to say that the satson cs is more powerful than i expected! i am listening to it right now and it is incredible. the level of detail and the smoothness of the sound is fantastic. it is simply one of the best channel strips i have ever had! it is worth every cent i spent on it.
satson cs is a great channel strip. it is super clean and smooth, so it doesnt get in the way, no matter which settings you use. the console module is a joy to use, and it has a great punch. the cv save is a great feature.
i got my satson cs today and just installed it on my daw. i have been looking for a ssl channel strip for some time now, and i am very impressed by the quality of the sound and the ease of use of this plugin. i also like the extra features it has (cv save, graphic equalizer, graphical fader, manual compressor, manual level, s-log2 and other cool features). in my opinion, the satson cs is the best ssl channel strip i have ever had.
sonimus satson is the perfect channel strip for me. i have a huge vintage console rig and i really enjoy the sound of this plugin. sason on the other hand is a cool channel strip i play with lots of effects.