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Download >> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Zaccaria is one of the last names of an Italian factory worker family.
He grew up in the end of the 19th century, and with great interest he saw the
Adirondack Mountains when he was young. He knew those places of natural beauty
and he longed to see them again.
Wood’s Queen was a part of his dream. It was the first major table with a
natural theme, and to be able to be designed by the famous Zaccaria company.
The story of the table is rather simple. Wood’s Queen is a fictitious
story. First of all, Zaccaria`s family name contains an `h` at the beginning.
His grandson then got the idea of choosing a first name with an `h`.
The table was named the Wood’s Queen.
This table has 12 columns, each with 5 jewels. Up to 10 balls are fired
at a time. If you hit one of the jewels, it will boost up.
The ball comes down to hit a target; you can tilt the table to move the spot.
The spot can be moved forward, backward, left and right. The spot can be
rotated 90 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise. There are 60 shots at a time.
The beauty of this table is that you can pop target in the same shot! You
can do this by tilting your body as well as the table. So you can enjoy the
fun of pop bumpers while playing this table.
Several shots are useless, which you can change in the settings panel.
There are 6 large targets (different in colors) on the playfield.
This table is a true masterpiece; it is Zaccaria`s best achievement.
Zaccaria recommends that you see this table at least once in your lifetime,
but that you should play this table each time.
“Wood’s Queen”
Wood’s Queen
General Settings:
Screen: You can see the basic settings for the screen:
Screen Color: The color of the screen in 16-color mode.
Screen Shape: The number of the shapes for the screen in 16-color mode.
Screen Pattern: The number of the patterns for the screen in 16-color mode.
Screen Size: The number of the lines per inch for the screen in 16-color mode.
Screen Color Index: Index color for the screen in 16


Spartan VR Features Key:

  • A slow-thinking monster with the power to combine with objects
  • Very care needed for battle, trying not to miss the monster or failing to beat him
  • Verbal explanation and explanation of the jikininki is required to learn the taste
  • Short training missions to have a stamina when you start
As usual, you start with the walking method, which puts you before the mission. Then join any of your team and let’s start!

Pre-order now!

  • Super Demon Boy Game on Android was published on the Google Play Store
  • Discord Server for Super Demon Boy Game officially started in September 13th, 2018
  • Discord Channel was created to give more details about the jikininki character and information about the battle system

To learn more about Super Demon Boy Game, please check the following links!

Extreme Ninja

Extreme Ninja Game Release Date: 23/10/18

Extreme Ninja Game Key Features:

  • Intelligent monster named ninja, that can transform to multiple forms
  • Choose different versions of ninja which correspond to your character strength
  • Have the ability to display an enemy skill map and points of knowledge, that are not necessary enemies


Spartan VR

Accelerating action, diverse environments and a deep storyline continue to take place within a cinematic post apocalyptic setting in a world that is about to change forever.

Game Features:

Intense cinematic action – Fight with unrelenting ferocity to stay alive in over 20 brutal gun battles and intense melee combat encounters

Deep story – Follow the fateful journey of Captain Verity through an immersive narrative that gradually unfolds over several episodes

Battle your way through new environments and enemies – Explore lush woodlands, skyscrapers, deserts and moreQ:

How to map $4$-speed motor using Ohm’s law?

How can I estimate the current through a motor when it is controlling the speed?
I’m looking for an equation that relates the current through the motor and the output voltage.
I’m only interested in the scenario when the motor is turning in one direction (up in this case).


The most common way to control speed of an induction motor is to sense its speed by way of a speed sensor and control the PWM duty cycle to average the speed.
The answer to your question depends on the controller design. If the controller is a FET-based circuit, the switched circuit of the FETs will create significant voltage drops at the motor terminals. If the controller is a pulse width modulation based circuit, the switching pulses will create duty cycle spikes that distort the sensed PWM signal causing control system chattering.
Without knowing the details of the control design, I would suggest you consult your electrical/electronic engineer.

1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device.
2. Description of Related Art
In the field of manufacturing, such semiconductor devices as DRAMs (Dynamic Random Access Memories) require great stress on semiconductor substrates for the purposes of enhancement of crystal and/or controlling the crystal orientation of the substrates. A wafer as used herein refers to a substrate from which a semiconductor device is to be formed. The method of manufacturing a semiconductor device requiring great stress on the wafer includes, as described in pp. 12-21 of “VEGA-II–Proceedings of Third International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Dec. 12-13, 1985–Tokyo Japan”, pp. 156-159 of the paper accompanying the preprints of the 1993 IEEE International Solid State Circuit Conference or so forth, the following method.


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The story is set in Aya Fumino’s world, and in Aya Fumino’s world, the routes all lead to The answer scene from the game, and the rest is taken up with the twists and turns along the way. Players will be immersed in the story, and will finally discover the truth about Aya Fumino’s story.

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