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– Control the speed and volume of the music just by moving your head
– Join a player to play together with your friends
– Get rewarded with bonus credits each time you defeat a monster

A muddled mish-mash of arcade action games, addictive rhythm games, and just plain ridiculous…Correlation between the molecular dynamics of a perylene diimide/bis(3-pyridyl) ketone heterodimer and the corresponding crystals.
The molecular dynamics of a photochromic planar heterodimer and its corresponding single crystals were investigated through time correlated single photon counting and time-resolved terahertz wave detection measurements on single crystals. By comparing experimental data on the reformation dynamics of the photostationary state of the heterodimer to Monte Carlo simulations, an excellent agreement between the experimental and the theoretical data was found. Our results also reveal a correlation between the topology of the excitonic states of this photochromic system and the molecular dynamics in the corresponding single crystals, when their exciton coupling energy is above 1.2 eV.1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to an imaging lens and an imaging apparatus, more particularly to an imaging lens suitable for use with, e.g., a digital camera, a surveillance camera, or a broadcasting camera, and an imaging apparatus having the imaging lens.
2. Description of the Related Art
Recently, in a field of optical apparatuses such as digital cameras, surveillance cameras, and broadcasting cameras, an imaging lens having a high resolution at a wide angle of view and a short total length is demanded. Conventionally, a plastic lens as a resin lens has been widely used because of its light weight and a small production cost. However, when a plastic lens is used, it is difficult to reduce the total length. A single-lens reflex camera is known as an example of the optical apparatus having a long total length. This single-lens reflex camera includes a quick return mirror for guiding a light beam reflected at the image plane of an imaging optical system to a finder optical system. The quick return mirror is arranged at the rear surface of a pentagonal roof reflecting mirror. Thus, the total length of the optical system can be prevented from becoming too long, and hence the single-lens reflex camera can be downsized.
On the other hand, an imaging lens used for a video camera such as a surveillance camera tends to be made into a compact one. As a typical


Spaß Taxi Features Key:

  • Destroy and build railways on the map Strassenbahn (not included into the game)
  • Great simulation of urban and suburban railways
  • Reflect all the changes about the railways that occurred in the world from 1949 to 1999
  • Overseer the map and see the stations of Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Mönchengladbach, Dortmund, Koblenz, Stuttgart, and Munich
  • Maps of the Stuttgart 7.5.1949-1999 map
  • Creation of the Train


    • move the mouse, click for S6-D-F (S6DNF)

    Points of the Train

    • Move the mouse to the right or left side of the station to the east or west side of the map

    To the East

    • The corridor
    • The corridor
    • The corridor (but not the street track
    • the main line of the corridor
    • the main line of the corridor

    To the West

    • The corridor
    • The corridor

    Map Navigation

    • The corridor
    • The corridor

      Spaß Taxi

      Play as Howard the Duck.

      Bequeathed to you by your pilot, his wife and fellow duckling, you find yourself thrust into a small town of ducks. Little do you know what lies ahead of you, but you’ll need to speak with everyone in town, from the goofy sheriff to the town drunk, to piece together the mystery of your disappearance and return to your human world.

      In keeping with your peculiar heritage, you can now sneak, swim and fly, with the added bonus of being able to do a belly flop anywhere. Aside from the customary portages and conveyor belts, you’ll encounter the world of ‘Duckville’, a small community in disarray with its own unique problems to solve.

      But your journey to return to your human form won’t be easy.


      The game, which initially emerged on Kickstarter as Aerial, is finally finished and available for purchase.

      Controls: Keyboard and Mouse for PC

      Playable as Howard, or as one of three supporting characters; the other two characters are as unique as Howard, but may be played using the same keyboard/mouse

      World contains multiple themed environments, and 15 different puzzles

      Icons and on-screen messages help convey game information

      Translations of Japanese dialogues are in progress, with more to come

      Original artwork is in-game, and included in the game’s extensive art gallery

      Simple unlockable features allow you to manipulate the world to accomplish tasks you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do

      Also, with the Lunar-developed Adventure-RPG Genso Suikoden, which features aerial gameplay and similar areas in an open-world RPG, players can travel between areas using their characters’ special abilities, and even explore the world normally

      Many unlockable features, including the ability to freely walk around town and interact with people

      Multiplayer is in development, for up to three players to work together

      Achievements and Trophies

      Playable as Howard, or as one of three supporting characters; the other two characters are as unique as Howard, but may be played using the same keyboard/mouseWorld contains multiple themed environments, and 15 different puzzlesIcons and on-screen messages help convey game informationSimple unlockable features allow you to manipulate the world to accomplish tasks you otherwise wouldn’t be able to doAlso, with the


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      Jakub: This is the first game that came to my mind.As already mentioned it is completely artfull story game.In the game you play as a man. He is walking through the forest and founds a bottle.There are three types of words which the man reads in the bottle. You need to guess the word so that he can call someone in the village. If you do it correctly, he will call a group of travellers and help you in your journey. But you have to make sure you guess the correct word and do not fall behind.In the game, you need to go through dark forest and you need to do to that while at the same time, you need to survive and find your way back. Sounds a bit complicated?First you will start with a level that you can move through. At the beginning, it is very simple but towards the end of the game, it gets more challenging. The difficulty increases further to a point that you need help to complete it.Have fun!Game “Bottle”

      The next game is hard not only because of the story but the atmosphere. People in general can be mean or selfish. This is the story of a boy who meets a girl and starts talking to her. They are together until the end of their lives. After that you play as a ghost. You see all of her memories in there and can go through the best times with her or you can see how she ended up.The atmosphere in the game is creepy and strange. If you love to creep on people and maybe also scary games this is a good one for you.

      And the final one is the most simple one. Only move in the real world. The game is about walking.This game is about you having to move forward through multiple locations and go as long as you can. In one of the locations you can find the notes of different sounds. To see if the sound you are looking for is a note or not. If it is, it is a good start for the game.If you complete this game, you get 2 extra games to play and give you further insight on the kind of game you like.I recommend the games to everybody, even if you don’t really have a good camera and it is all about movement.

      Then you have the art game, which you can play without a camera. You first have to select a position and then step into it. Then you can go anywhere and it’s just there for you.You also find various


      What’s new in Spaß Taxi:

      readies to sing her first single ‘Jealous’ here In London

      “I have been getting raped in my mind,” laments XXXTentacion on XXX: A XXX Parody, “I’m being shot in broad daylight in my mind.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard the American rapper describe his mental anguish. On 2017’s ‘Look At Me Now’ he similarly described his misery as, “seeing red in the back of my eye,” while on the 2016 EP X he pondered, “Consensual homicide at 13.”

      Although spoken exclusively to XXXTentacion, this isn’t his story for the first time. His world is a waking nightmare, which he’s intended to wake from, or at least get help for it. “I’m on my knees looking at the sky with a gun holding a pillow,” he laments on the new Ice Hiwatts’ edited version of ‘Godmode.’ “I have all these thoughts that I never allow in.” “Can we talk?” he sobs on ‘No Tears.’ “We can talk about everything.” These conversations are taking place in his head, but it’s a lot easier when he has someone else to hold, or at least be seen with, namely, the women he affects with his anger.

      ‘Godmode’ is his personal hell, reflecting his lost relationship with the mother of his daughter (it’s the worst day of her life he sees the video where he cosigned a domestic violence plea), her ex-boyfriend’s sexploitation video of his daughter which aired in court, the attempted murder of his long-term lover and sibling, the attempted murder of several members of his family, the heist of hundreds of thousands of dollars when he was jonesing for that much money, and whatever else you can imagine. It’s his life in a nutshell, a black hole from which there is no escape.

      “Perv, nonstop,” he moans, “oh, yeah.” It’s those shootings. “I’m like, what you think I’m doing?” he spits, “it’s just


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      Haven is the setting and game-world of the H1Z1 mod, created by the community H1Z1 Team.
      On March 26, 2013, an out of control biological virus spread faster than the speed of light, triggering a global catastrophe. The virus is deadly, and kills over 50% of the population in a matter of hours.
      A few people survive. This is how the world changes.

      You can play the game in 2 different modes: Campaign and Survival.
      The Campaign will lead you through the events of the Haven emergency response, describe the people and events that happen in Haven, and allow you to develop your new character. The development and survival stages are open-ended, and will keep you captivated and enthralled to learn the storyline as you continue playing.
      The game also features a sandbox mode, which allows you to fully experience the world, complete many quests, investigate locations and meet other players in the environment.

      Haven is still in development, and there are many new features that will be added to the game, such as crafting, more weapons, more customizations, more locations, more survival mechanics and more.

      H1Z1 is one of the world’s first online massive shooter games. Unlike typical FPS games, H1Z1 puts emphasis on the social aspects of the game. Players take on the role of a player character who can make friends with other players in the H1Z1 community, and help each other out in different activities such as battling monsters, building shelters, researching and exploring locations, etc.

      Key Features
      •Play and Survive solo or with friends
      •Play Single Player Campaign or Sandbox
      •NEW weapons, mobs, shelters and crafting
      •Survive till the end of the game
      •A dying world
      •Safe Haven
      •Friendly community

      If you are new to H1Z1, you can download it FREE at:

      “Danger are a collective of
      people who’s tastes spread from the distorted to
      the melodic. In this our first project together, we
      sought to bring the dark electronic sounds that we
      all listen to, into the game as a fully realized,
      living world.
      Everything you will experience in Haven is
      done from a real-time perspective. There is no
      pause button, no reloading, and everything is
      performed within a bounds


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      • Download Game Gardenia: Prologue
      • Extract the archive file Game_Gardenia_Prologue.pak
      • Drag the Game_Gardenia_Prologue.exe file to the your desktopVoila! Shareware game Gardenia created by BGGD_Itay is ready to play.


      System Requirements:

      Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
      Processor: Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz
      Memory: 4 GB
      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 4870
      DirectX: Version 9.0
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
      Additional Notes:
      Audio only: all samples are for the purposes of evaluation only, and require a license to listen to the full track in order to receive a full, commercial copy.
      The majority of