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Soul Survival VR is a new era of free to play Zombie Game: It will be one of the first VR zombie games to unleash its full potential on Facebook, Oculus and HTC Vive. It is a hardcore, highly focused action game aiming to smash the boundaries of VR title and dive into the new era of VR gaming.
Experience a new gameplay in 3rd person VR: Dive inside the world of Soul Survivor VR and be surrounded by an intense, terrifying world.
The original story experience: Soul Survivor is not a straightforward survival game, the story is fully interactive and full of surprises, there are multiple characters that will interact with you during your journey.
A definitive and pure VR experience: No other Zombie-Game is as focused on the pure experience of the game as Soul Survivor VR. It will offer a unique and uncompromising VR experience – no compromises on quality.
Dynamic environments: The level design of the game is unique and includes numerous locations with dynamic events that will challenge you to discover and avoid, this will provide an exciting new gameplay.
Unique gameplay: Being an action-packed, free to play VR zombie game, the gameplay will be very different from any other 3rd person VR game.
Control your magic in a unique way: Each character will have a unique attack that you can use to your advantage. The gameplay mechanics is intuitive and fun to master.
Become The Demon Slayer: Travel the world and slay the hordes of zombies in the Soul Survivor VR.
Character Development: The main character and the players will develop his character during the game; this will allow players to personalize their character’s skills, upgrades and weapons.


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How can I test which version of python is installed?

I’m using Ubuntu 10.04.1. Is there a way I can get the version of python that’s already installed? I’d like to know if I need to upgrade, and if so, how.
I tried finding out in ‘about python’ but it didn’t exist. I want to do this in a script I’m writing.


Version information


Stellar Swing Features Key:

  • Explore the huge world of the Baroque style
  • 100 level with 12 beautiful picturesque locations
  • A peculiarity of the puzzle is: 
  • There are two difficulty levels: 
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • 3 game endings
  • Unlock new picturesque locations and bonuses
  • Locations 
  • Berlin – 
  • Munich – 
  • Amsterdam – 
  • England
  • Puglia 
  • Portogallo – 
  • San Marino
  • France – 
  • Spain 
  • Belgrade – 
  • Ukraine – 


Stellar Swing

Starry Moon Island is a huge fantasy world, where the sky is the limit. This is the land of dragons and people. In this world, the struggle of the sun and the moon are in an endless war. The moon is the ultimate winner and the sun is the ultimate loser.Starry Moon Island has been divided into five continents: mountains, islands, swamp, desert, and lake. Come to fight for this land.!
Game Features:
+ Combine combat of first-person and tower defense games
+Powerful 3D graphics
+ Challenge players to reach the top of the leaderboardimport { createMemoryHistory } from ‘history’
import { notification as notificationChannel } from ‘../notification’
import { modalManager } from ‘../modalManager’
import { BehaviorSubject } from ‘rxjs/BehaviorSubject’

export interface HistoryLocation {
to: string
pathname: string
hash: string

export interface WindowHistory {
locations: HistoryLocation[]

export interface HistoryStore {
location: string | HistoryLocation
history: WindowHistory
push(location: string | HistoryLocation): void

export interface HMRStore {
history: HistoryStore
setAccessToken(token: string)
changeUrl(url: string)

export const HistoryStore = new BehaviorSubject(initialState)
export const HMRStore = { history: initialState } as const
export const historyLocations$: Observable = historyStore$
map(state => [, state.location.pathname, state.location.hash])

export const HMRChange: Subject = new Subject()

export const push = (location: string) => {
const prevLocation = historyLocations$.pipe(take(1))
.flatMap((historyLocation) => historyLocation!== location?, {
message: `You didn’t select a history location.

` +
‘We went to ${location}. Please select a history location from the locations below.’,


Stellar Swing Free

In the new game Disobey – Revolt Simulator you were chosen by the leader and you have to take down the Government. The game is simple: youre the Leader of the Revolt and you have to take down the Government. How to do it? Blowing down the Government Palace of course! But none can do it alone, youll have to coordinate squads of rioters to get weapons and medikits by destroying strategic buildings, to find the better route to the Palace and to overcome policemen formations or tanks blocking your path. But remember: every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.The police will not stay just looking at your moves. On one side you will control the leader of the revolt in third person view. So, you have to find a melee weapon to smash things and enemies. You can pick up and throw urban props. When you find molotov cocktails and fire crackers you can store them and throw them when its time. And yes, you can throw stones anytime you need. On the other side you will enjoy a RTS game. Do you remember Hooligans? Well, it is something like that. Around the leader there will be an area of influence. All the rioters who will enter in this area will follow the leaders orders. You can’t have a full control on them since its a revolt but you can put them in 4 moods:

Arcade Games

You can download the Android game »«Disobey – Revolt Simulator» for free from this Android Apps website. All Android games are subject to be removed from Google Play by the developer at any time without prior notice.Q:

Using scipy least_squares to optimize weighted sum

I have a problem that I want to solve using least squares. The problem can be expressed like this:
f(x) = e^x – x^2
Now I want to find the best linear function $f(x)$ of the form
f(x) = a + bx
such that it “well approximates” f(x). I.e. that
int_{a}^{b} (f(x) – f(x_0))^2 dx leq delta ^2
where $a$ and $b$ are the values of $f(x)$ on the interval.
The problem is that f(x) is not


What’s new:

    Scope of Area: Home.This menu creates a new zone. It sets the new zone’s protection level to default to appropriate security settings, depending on your current safety zone settings. To re-zone an existing zone, select the zone and click the Unzone button at the bottom of the zone menu. To input a new zone, click the Browse button at the top of the zone menu and select the folder or drive where you wish the new zone to be created. Then click the Create Zone button to initiate the creation of a new zone.

    Scope of Area: Team.

    Scope of Area: High-Level.This menu lets you organize parameters for selectable parameters and parameters from a number of filters. You can also modify parameter combinations and use them to edit products. The “Choose” radio buttons provide access to parameters that don’t need to be prompted, or moved from one filter to another. Double-click to select a parameter, then click the Detail button at the bottom to display the individual parameter choices. To edit a product or use this menu to modify a parameter combination, double-click the image of the object you’d like to change, for example a Brush by Rolando & Carlos, then double-click the position to edit the parameter settings.

    Scope of Area: Place.This menu provides access to Place Disk, Place Project, Place HTTP and Place Link. To use any of these, open the Place dialog and select the appropriate item from the list of items that appear after you click “Place” at the top of the dialog window. These options close the dialog, and direct the selection process to the appropriate drives. Multiple folders can be selected on a single dialog window to have all selected files uploaded at once.

    Scope of Area: Changed-File List.This menu displays the files that have recently been changed. To display the list of files that have been changed or modified in the last 60 minutes, select the “Within the last 60 min” radio button. To display the list of files that have been changed or modified in the last day, select the “Within the last day” radio button. The number of files displayed depends on your settings in the memory settings for the property. If the memory settings for the property are set for large memory, the list of changed files can be very large. If the memory settings for the property are set for short memory, the list of changed files can be fairly short. This list is a useful way to quickly reveal


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    ● The main story arc takes place in the richly painted world of Locomotion.
    ● The lovely cartoon characters are voiced by well known actresses.
    ● Ico meets Platformer gameplay in the tradition of Zelda, Metroid and Pokémon.
    ● Be prepared to spend around 30 minutes per level.
    ● Every puzzle has a solution, even if it seems impossible at first.
    ● Watch out for the various animals of Locomotion.
    ● On every level, you can reach a Viewpoint that reveals secret information.
    ● Hundreds of items can be combined to create unique and powerful tools.
    ● Unlock extra game modes including a Speedrun-like mode, and a training mode.
    ● No ads, no in-app purchases, no game-altering restrictions.
    ● The ultimate customization: the levels can be saved and shared.
    ● Locomotion is free to play, but a few items can be purchased for real money in the game.
    ● You can export your save games so you can play them again and again.
    ● If you like Locomotion, please consider leaving a positive rating on the store.
    Suggestions are welcome at the help section in-game, but please remember to keep your suggestions reasonable.

    Urban Train Simulator 2020 is the first ever full-featured train simulation developed on Unity, which aims to bring the excitement and atmosphere of operating a real urban railway to your mobile device. Keep your passengers satisfied with delicious food options or help them refuel with luggage. Complete your passenger loadout by customizing your train with new components such as freight wagons, container cars, guard wagons, and shunters.

    Run your own urban railway service in a huge variety of unique European cities.Train your staff by rewarding them with bonuses when they exceed passenger satisfaction ratings. Please note that your available budget is restricted. The more passengers you transport, the more your income is reduced.

    The time has come to explore the universe! The galaxy is in crisis! Planet Calica is gone, and all that is left of our future is scattered throughout the galaxy. Our heroes must find the remaining pieces, and assemble them to repair the machine and save the future. Did you forget something? Definitely there is one thing – it’s a train!

    You are a pilot of an unknown craft. Its spaceship is located somewhere near the United States, and there is something you want to deliver to the Americans.

    The good news are that you’ve managed to find a


    How To Crack Stellar Swing:

  • Go to download page and put your game on the list of compatible games
  • Wait until the download is completed and your game is extracted on the desktop
  • Place and extract the game on the desktop
  • Locate the folder Fantasy Grounds – Starfinder RPG – Devastation Ark AP 1: Waking the Worldseed
  • Open it and you will see the Fantasy Grounds open
  • Now you just have to launch it and it’s all done

FREE DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD: Fantasy Grounds – Starfinder RPG – Devastation Ark AP 1: Waking the Worldseed

Today I’m testing the beta version of Fantasy Grounds – Starfinder RPG: Devastation Ark AP 1: Waking the Worldseed.
By now you know that the official Fantasy Grounds for Starfinder is not compatible with the official version of Starfinder. But you can still use Fantasy Grounds Starf…Fri, 28 Jul 2019 16:23:17 +0000Jomme Serious Misery, Dreadful Need: Drowiss Awakaa (Quests & Doll Quills)Than I found new guide by Jomme Serious Misery, who’s a great massive Drow Guild leader. So thank you for writing this guides.
I’m making a thread to patch the sentence. “Drowiss Awakaa will help you to level up as an NPC. You can choose from the eight Drowiss. There are lessons, quests, and earning the XP allows you to unlock skills or features.” Just a small mistake of mine in the sentence. I’m sorry for that.
Thank you. Hope you enjoy.

System Requirements:

All you have to do is download the Mod, install and it’s done!
It is compatible with all Minecraft versions 1.6.4 onwards
This mod is also compatible with MCM 10.4 and later, for the older Minecraft versions 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 there is a 1.6.2 compatible version available.
What is it?
This mod adds randomization to spawns, specifically boss or NPC spawns.
But you can’t