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Published: November 22, 2022 (6 days ago)

Stock Car Extreme

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Stock Car Extreme

Last weekend’s half-day public hearing on the subject of stock car racing at the Speedway motels site drew 85 people to two 15-minute sessions. A group of residents had shown up to register their opposition to the noise but were outnumbered. The opponents of the race had commissioned six experts to give testimony to the sanity of modern stock car racing; most were against it, with one exception. (About the latter, see the comments below.) The six experts all presented the opinion that modern stock car racing was inherently dangerous to competitors and spectators, especially those without prior racing experience. But they offered four major rationalizations for the practice: 1) The racing was to be televised and would bring in new spectators; 2) The racing would bring in new business to Titusville’s motels, which would generate income; 3) The racing is a traditional American event and would make Titusville a tourist destination; and 4) The racing would create jobs. There were no rebuttals to these facts. All of the six witnesses offered the opinion that stock car racing was already as loud as a traffic report, and now would be even louder if approved. The NASCAR promoters are resisting what they call “nuisance lawsuits” and refused to appear for any comment.

Our friends at Reiza Studios, makers of everything from LAN Code to the Global Rally Arena, have reached a crossroads. Over the last few years they’ve released a number of games – Formula Truck 2012, LAN Code, the now-discontinued PC Game Showcase – and several of them have been previewed on AusGamers. Reiza is no longer a niche company but is steadily aiming for mainstream gaming mainstreams success. It seems to be working in there somewhere, but it’s going to take a few more games to get there. The next one is a game called Stock Car Extreme – and it’s the one I’m most interested in, because I like racing games. So it’s great that I can play it on the PlayStation 3!

Stock Car Extreme has a little bit of everything in it – but what you decide to buy depends on your needs. This can be good and bad. The good news is that there is a wide selection of cars and tracks for you to choose from, and it includes races from all over the world. The bad news is that you’re not going to be able to enjoy all of them at once, and most of them will be in beta, meaning that you will need to pony up extra cash to buy them. Also, this game is really expensive, especially for cars, which is why, considering your needs, it’s better to look at the sims that are more in line with your preferred sport. One of the most useful features is the ability to access the community via your Facebook account, which allows you to share your favorite racing videos and pictures. You can also follow similar users and their activities, and jump in the action if you feel like it.
Stock Car Extreme is a dedicated racing simulator that prides itself in being able to deliver a true driver experience. People just love NASCAR racing. The road courses and tracks offered are a very nice and realistic take on real tracks and are very enjoyable. The franchise is the most realistic racing series available on the PlayStation.
Reiza Studios, the developers behind the Game Stock Car franchise, will release their first DLC content pack for Game Stock Car 2013 titled Game Stock Car Extreme. The release of this new content for Game Stock Car 2013 is coming before the end of March.
Paying homage to the Brazilian V8 Supercars, which have dominated the FIA Motorsport Games since the very first title, the developers have created a fresh and exciting racing environment for a game style that will appeal to those who love their petrolheads!Stock Car Extreme will launch worldwide for all major consoles next month.