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Tunche has been possessed by a bloodthirsty demonic entity for ages. By relying on ancient rituals, he’ll continue his evil while trying to kill all the people he got bad at one point in time. But since the government won’t let him do it, he’ll do it by himself.
At the beginning, he kills everyone you know. Then it’s time for you to save the world!
*That thing will make you very, very angry! It’s very dangerous!
*Tunche will use some of the items you find like throwing knives, mace, axes, and a sword. And you’re gonna be its target. It could make things quite tricky.
*Music by Stefan Kraft
*Programming and Design by Zé Karábéty
*Art by Punto
*Costume and Graphics by Zsóvia Sándor
*Characters by Eva Gerety
*Sound Effects by Adám
*Cooking Stuff by Hédi-Kémenter (Thanks a lot!)
*Lyrics by xXxArtixXx
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Your role is to pick a brave soul from your endless army and defend the Castle, fighting other players and your fellow Survivors in PVP.
Find the Castle, pick up the Orb and get your sweet loot.
The longer you survive, the better loot you’ll get.

Tunche! is a game that involves one person using all their skills to try and survive against a violent arcade machine. Every action you take has consequences, and once you’re out of options, you’ll have to take responsibility for your actions.
To create the most engaging gaming experience and grow


Features Key:

  • Rough seas, fog-covered decks and blustering wind
  • Seven high-seas adventure featuring seven all-new followers who test your skills in real-time!
  • Fight a fierce storm to win the heart of Aphrodite on Mount Titan!
  • Tension as Vepr, the Mythological Ambassador, spies onboard, spurring you to quick action
  • Do your custom ship a maiden voyage across the seven seas.
  • System Requirements:

    • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Mac OS X: 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
    • Linux

    More Information:

    • Magnificent Ships at EA
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    The World of Lumina is in danger! The four Elemental eggs of the dragons have been stolen!
    Queen of the Darkness, Lumina, sets out to find the eggs! Her only companion is a wizard, who will help her throughout her journey.
    In true Lumina Games style, players need to eliminate enemies in order to restore the fairy forest of Lumina.
    In this fantasy puzzle game, players can utilize their unique skills to deal with difficult situations. With the help of Lumina, players must find the four Elemental eggs and help restore the world. Game Features:
    – 200 magic levels of gameplay
    – Build your own magical box to unleash magic spells
    – Challenge yourself by discovering the new levels
    – Exploration of fantasy worlds full of magic and mysteries
    – Simple game interface for you to enjoy the adventure
    – Easy game controls
    – Cute graphic for the game
    – Addictive gameplay
    – Many magical items to find
    – Collect the special items to find your way
    – Expand your magical tree and find more game levels
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    The main goal of this game is to find critters and build shelters, they need places to hide, and your mission is to find them. Shelter Design and Construction:
    This is a challenging mission, you need to plan, build, and decorate shelters for critters to stay in, they are hungry, they need a place to sleep, they need a place to heal, and you are their only hope.
    What are Critters:
    -Siberian Tiger cubs
    -Dynamic Saves
    -Loot Boxes
    -New Backgrounds
    -New Screenshots

    About This ContentWhen killing monsters is not enough, you will need to sell them, you are a skinner, and you will spend your time traveling from town to town, with a fantastic beautiful land between them. In Skin the land, you will find the following:Big bosses to take care of, For a price you will be able to have a chance to hunt, skin and sell your boss. A stunning upgradeable UI will guide you through, and a welcoming and friendly environment in which to kill monsters. Every town will have a Tavern, A Store and a citizen, who will go out of their way to help you get the most out of your time. You are invited to kill monsters, and sell them, and help the poor folk out there. Your skinning skills will help to make life in Skin the land easy, and that’s not always easy!Is Skin the land right for you? Every day you will try to decide.
    You will see what kind of people inhabit Skin the land, if you are worried about difficulty level of the game, you will know how hard is to get the monsters, and you will find out what kind of support you will get when you get yourself into trouble. You will see how much money you can make, and you will see how much money you will need, and what kind of journey you need to take in order to get the most out of your experience. There is a lot to see, and you can choose to be a wanderer, or you can become a farmer, or a miner, or a laborer, or a fisherman, or an adventurer, you can be one, all of them, or whatever you feel will fit you the most.The fate of all the people will depend on your decisions, and you will know, in time,


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