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Published: November 21, 2022 (6 days ago)

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Surah Al Mulk.pdf

you are destined to come to trial on the day of resurrection, and when you see it, remember allah’s decree with regard to it. for the day of resurrection is for the believers truly a painful (trial) and a terrible (hour), but as for you, you will have glad tidings in it regarding the reward for the good, and a bitter (trial) in it regarding the punishment for the evil. (surah mulk)

that is, in surah mulk verse, 29, allah almighty has sent his messenger (a.s.) to all mankind inviting them to repent to allah, to believe in the prophethood of his messenger (a.) and to follow him. since the response of those people who believe in him (a.) have been greater than that of others, then allah almighty has promised in this surah that the one who will believe in him (a.) will have a better and greater reward than the rest, and that his mansion will be more pleasant than that of the others. the verses (of this surah) are as follows:

29verily! your lord has decreed a decree of understanding for the believers that he has sent down to you with the truth from him, and that which he has sent down to you. had it been from any other than allah, they would have found therein much injustice. (surah mulk)

28and he has made the earth a habitable abode for you, and he has made for you clear paths within it; and he has made rivers flowing within it that you may drink; and bounty from the bounties of the earth has he given for you in such abundance that it has made corruption among yourselves: even though you are indeed with him willingly. (surah mulk)

27and it was that the thrones, or your lord’s will, and the couches, or your lord’s favor, and the dwellings, or your lord’s mercy, and the foods to eat and the ambrosia and the sweet scents – that are with those who believe in our revelations and who are the firm believers in the reminder. (surah mulk)

6the word khayr means a gift, something which is given as a favour to man. a gift is something which is given to man by allaah, and he is the giver of all gifts. the verse means to say that every thing that is created by allaah is a gift to man, because it is nothing but an offering to allaah. the same applies to all that allaah has created. the verse says that the whole universe is a gift to man, and the most precious gift is that of allaah, upon whom be peace. (for further explanation, see e.n. 10 of surah qaf).
2the word aalim means a person who belongs to a particular group, or who is a specialist in a certain subject. if we take the verb as a verb, it means the person who is skilled in a certain science or subject. the verse means to say that allaah has not created any creatures which are not specialists in a certain subject. whatever exists is a specialist in some subject. the verse says that the universe is so well-knit and connected that it is impossible to find a break anywhere. it does not say, for instance, that it is connected, but that it is impossible to find a break anywhere. (for further explanation, see e.n. 11 of surah qaf).
3the word thakwoon means a place of blessing. allaah says that man is in a blessed place. the verse means to say that man is in a blessed place, and he is going to remain there until he will be raised from the dead. (for further explanation, see the commentary of surah al falaq).
and, after that, the resurrection will take place, and allah will say, “o my slave, i have chosen you, for you have strived for me much in the earth, and in the sea and who has increased my earth more than you has strived for me, and you were not of those who turned back.” (surah mulk)