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the first thing you’ll notice when you first open up the utility is the fact that you can edit the track in real time, making it easier to change the controls of the synth, and move the fader around on the track.
an example of the physio sound is hearing a keyboard and you notice that it’s the sound of the keys, this is very easy to create! for the analog sound you take an analog synth and it sounds like you are hearing an actual instrument, and the digital sound takes a digital synth and it really emulates the instrument you are listening to. in addition, you can change the sound of the instruments by using the “instrument” option which is a preset of each instrument you can use.
what’s new in this version: major patch and update released. windows activation technologies patch released. this version will be compatible with windows 7 x86 and x64 editions. this version will be compatible with windows xp. no cd/dvd requirement additional downgrade protection
prepare for the update and stay back. once windows 7 kb971033 update has been installed, you will not be able to install any other patch or update on windows 7. so, you need to save the update you were on before the patch appears.
– the patch and the update requires activation on your hard drive to be activated. if your hard drive is activated, the update will show a window, asking if you want to continue the process. if your hard drive is not activated, windows will let you know. also, if it is not already activated, the process will activate your hard drive.