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A “living breathing world” that adapts to your actions.
Battle hundreds of monsters and creatures.
A vast number of side quests and secrets.
A large world to explore and many characters to interact with.
The choice you make now will have consequences on the world in the future.
An epic story based on real events in Roman history.
Beautiful hand-drawn cel-shaded 2D graphics.
Travel in style across the beautiful lands of Esturia.
About the game, the Audio, and its backers:
Battle for Esturia is a fan-funded Kickstarter project. We are gamers, developers, and artists who are going to make this game into a reality.
We are a small development team led by a game designer with a background in high-end game development, who has over 12 years of experience developing games.
We were inspired by games like Final Fantasy, Diablo, Etrian Odyssey, and other turn-based RPGs.
We hope you enjoy playing Battle for Esturia as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

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The East of War, East of Victory and East of the Emperor names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of East of War, Inc. All rights reserved.


In fact, I can think of an Eastern Roman theme RPG that would fit perfectly.

Brontus. A Warhammer Fantasy style role playing game in which the player takes on the role of a freedom fighter in a magical world.

There is also the Dungeon Master’s Guide, which would be useful in terms of reference.
There is actually a YouTube video on the game.

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Tannenberg Features Key:

  • Multiple graphical layout for buildings.
  • Various textures and graphics for the scenery.
  • Laptops, cellphones and PDAs.


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The War for Starry Moon Island Cannon

There are 4 different levels in the DLC and 4 types of battles in each level.

1. Global War:In this stage, all of the enemies come from the global, so you must install the levels in 1 time to 100.

2. Small War:The enemies have a limited amount of time to attack, so it is easy to install tanks with different roles to counter them.

3. Big War:There are multiple waves of enemies and they attack at different times, you must install both turrets of Offense and Defense in 2 different tanks to resist them.

4. Global Map Pack 0 8:Different from level 1 to 3, 8 maps are included in this stage, the total number of maps is 32.

Now you are waiting, join us!

The War for Starry Moon Island Cannon

To protect Starry Moon Island from various enemies, the Starry Moon team has built a garrison, players must take different turrets to resist enemies and break through different levels.

The army of the Starry Moon Island garrison was currently stationed in a tower on a cliff, the island is trying to launch the cannon to the enemy but the enemy is not giving up and they will send their army to attack.

Who will win?


– A New Mode of Tower Defense game:Install different turrets on a tank and try to take down the enemy.

– A Crazy Cast of Monsters:Good and bad monsters will attack at the same time, so you must install different turrets to protect the area.

– A Dynamic Environment:The environment will turn into a castle when you are defending the area, and it will return to normal after the enemy leaves.

– A Varied Field:The enemies will attack from the map area to a dragon, and they will also attack from the tower in the middle of the map.

– In Different Battle Modes: Various small and big fights are included in each level, so you must purchase different tanks and turrets to break through.

New Features:

– a 8 Map Map Pack: In the new map pack,There will be more map features that bring more suspense to the game, like the level is released, the enemies will immediately appear, and you must be prepared to the attack.


Tannenberg PC/Windows

– The game “Insect: Bombardier beetle” is a great action game for cell, phone and tablet. – It is a 3d game of survival, where you are at the bottom of an anthill, and the whole game is about you and you have to defeat your rival.
Ants are very strong and you can survive even if you are entirely alone.
– You will have to deal with many different types of ants and you will have to either destroy or run away.
– Your goal in the game is to destroy all your rivals.
– Your goal is to locate hidden keys and make some stairs.
With your key you can do things to make your life easier. – By making a ton of stairs you will be able to escape from ant farm faster. – With the right timing you can unlock the door, and when you do that you can be able to enter the other side of the ant farm.
Game has 2 modes:
1. Game mode – you will have to attack or escape from the rival and you will have to find different keys to unlock your way to the other side of the game
2. Challenge mode – you will have to eliminate several types of ants and you will have to find all hidden keys to unlock your way to the other side of the game.
Game is just the beginning! – With more in-game purchases you will have to eliminate a lot more ants and collect more keys which unlock the way to the next level.
Game Rules:
– Your goal is to eliminate all your rivals
– You will find different insects, ants and even some other creatures
– You will have to collect the key to enter into the next area
– You will have to find and destroy your rival
– You will have to defeat many different types of opponent, such as black ants, white ants, worker ants and many more.
– Your goal is to make sure that you can survive.
– You will have to destroy your rival
– Once you survive you will be able to go to the next level.
– There are several settings for game difficulty
– The game is a 3D game and it is completely free. Gameplay Features:
– 100 different ways to succeed.
– 9 different screens.
– 100 levels.
– It will be useful to your character, with the right settings and the right power, your character will be stronger and therefore will be able to deal with a lot of the ants.
– You will


What’s new in Tannenberg: