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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

The Crow Full Movie In Hindi 537 _HOT_


The Crow Full Movie In Hindi 537

the box was divided into two sections, one containing a dead worm and the other a live one. if the crows grabbed the live worm first, the researchers would have an answer to whether the crows were more likely to indulge in a gorging session if they were already in a good mood. in fact, the crows did everything they could to see the live worm first. “these results indicate that tool use in new caledonian crows may not be a primary response to negative mood,” mccoy and her colleagues wrote in their paper.

next, the researchers moved on to another puzzle. if the crows had been trained to recognise that only one particular box contained more meat than the others, the crows would then see the live worm in the box that had more meat, which was where they were expected to find it. but the birds persisted in looking for the live worm in the box with fewer pieces of meat.
what remains missing: you can’t explain it any other way than the crows experiencing a sense of loss. you are left to wonder why they were so sad to begin with.

a common thread: the crow experiment seems to be a bit of an outlier in the film. the other subjects of experimentation which, though still interesting, don’t have the same emotional overtones.

what remains missing: a more detailed account of the experiment and how it actually went down.

story 4: bishwanath datta

in this semi-autobiographical story, “the crow” that inspired the film, the main protagonist is a young man named avinash, who grows up in a poor neighbourhood. as a child, he hangs around with a gang of other boys who sell drugs.

so, crows are pretty smart. and theyre pretty good at what they do. theyre also a lot of fun to watch. and theyre pretty cute. and we love them. and they love us. theyre good at what they do. but theyre also smart. and theyre cute.
one of the most interesting characteristics of the crows is that they dont make the same mistakes twice. they demonstrate what she calls the power of immediate feedback. scientists have long known that animals can learn a certain amount of new behavior by watching others. humans are no different. but the fact that crows can learn new tricks without being taught suggests a kind of innate ability to learn based on feedback. that is, a bird can learn from the consequences of its own behavior and reflect on what it observes. its an ability that we would think of in terms of rationality.
as we humans build lives of greater and greater complexity we might ask ourselves why nature doesnt seem to be laying these complex challenges before us. to what extent does evolutionary fitness depend on foresight? if so, when did it evolve? its not just that we are not naturally inclined to achieve such foresight, as the crow demonstrates. we are not even wired to assume such foresight is possible. but with evolution comes change, and change means adaptation. so our brains, which can make the world complex in many ways, might be working overtime trying to understand change.
science has proven that crows can use their long-range planning skills to create a complex tool. this illustrates that crows have evolved the ability to reflect on their own actions. their foresight allows them to plan ahead to create a tool thats more than a quick fix. the crow doesnt simply grab the tool and smash it against the block and then go home. its a complex problem that the bird solves not just with its intelligence but with its ability to create a tool. this is not the product of a few hours work. its the culmination of days, weeks, or even months of learning.