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Bigfoot is not your average crime fighter. The Bigfoot’s secret identity has been to travel the world solving murders. In this first episode of the series, Bigfoot is in the United Kingdom, investigating a tourist train attack. He is halfway through searching through Britain when he is shot. There is a suspect in the area, and Bigfoot can’t risk exposing himself, so he takes on the identity of Jacob Jones, a big city private eye, and has to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him and why.

Episode 1:

Episode 1 is a 6 chapter, episodic adventure game released for the Intel Galileo Gen2 and Intel Galileo Gen2 Nucleo.

Coming soon to steam for the Galileo (Gen2 and Nucleo)

Currently on Android devices with the Intel® Galileo Gen2 or Nucleo boards

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Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

Episode 2: Coming November 18, 2015

About The Game :

Jacob Jones is on the trail of the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is not your average crime fighter. The Bigfoot’s secret identity has been to travel the world solving murders. In this first episode of the series, Bigfoot is in the United Kingdom, investigating a tourist train attack. He is halfway through searching through Britain when he is shot. There is a suspect in the area, and Bigfoot can’t risk exposing himself, so he takes on the identity of Jacob Jones, a big city private eye, and has to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him and why.

If you already have purchased the game, it is now available on Steam! Please log in with your Steam account. If not, you can purchase the game directly from the Steam store page.

I got the chance to speak with Jacob and Casey, the voice actors of Jacob, recently and had a chance to have them tell me about their experience in bringing this game to life. Read on to find out about the game and the developing process.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

Pit: How did you guys come up with the idea for Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery?

Jacob: (through Casey) We’ve been wanting to make a game for a while now. We love puzzle games and we play a lot of them. We were actually just at a large puzzle convention, and one of the game devs


The Cult Of Chanseville Features Key:

  • 5-8 player couch party game
  • Perfect for grouping friends and family together
  • Optional app to make movie time without the TV even
  • Movies and walkthroughs included
  • Multiple game bundles included
  • Full commercial-free, ad-supported game
  • Automatic restart in case of crash
  • Why you Should Play Couch Party Game Night

    If you and or your family love games as much as I do then I can see the appeal of a game that is so easy to pick up and play and yet so complex at the same time. In this game you are searching a series of rooms that are part of a “World” and you want to find "Gadgets" that will help you win. You are given a hint at the start and then have the ability to use the hints but must find the gadget before your time limit runs out. If you run out of time you loose. You start at Home, but can go collectnuggets to rooms and talk to people along the way which are good for finding hints. You then proceed to play against one of your friends using the same game they used to unlock the next level. You are then sent back to the home room. You can set a time limit on how long you want to play for for each of your games. When they are completed you get to share a summary picture of your findings with your friends and other VIP’s.You also have the ability to watch people play other people’s games and they will also share their findings in the form of a video.

    Similar Software

    Perfect for groups of player and you can’t fail to be entertained.

    Simple and Easy to play and don’t even need to have any previous computer game experience.

    In depth game feedback to help you learn how to play the game.

    Completely Fun and addictive game play.

    Almost infinite game length as you can play without getting bored by playing from the very beginning.

    Added Value:

    The game also has achievements to keep you up a date and compete with your friends.

    A great game for all ages play and enjoy for hours on end.

    Wish I could find something like this when I was younger to share with


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    • Jump, dash, and roll through hand-drawn backgrounds
    • Find and collect moon shards
    • 5 unique worlds with 15 hand-drawn levels
    • All the levels include challenging boss fights.
    • Each level comes with a unique remix of an Equinox original song
    • HD/stereo/5.1 soundtracks
    • Perfectly rendered 3D environments
    • No microtransactions!
    “Equinox” is a fan-made game, inspired by the music of Equinox by Deep Forest, using the Unity engine.
    “Equinox” is not affiliated with Deep Forest, USC, or anyone else.
    Join our mailing list for a chance to win original artwork and help support game development:

    This is a mobile port of Space Heroes, a game created in Unity, for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms. The game features the same gameplay with a few tweaks:
    * Controller support
    * Ability to trade in-game currency for prestige
    * Customizable levels and in-game text messages
    * Immersive new UI
    * New default UI theme
    * More maps, more mobs, more crazy
    This is the project’s primary development platform. Please leave your thoughts and feedback!
    About this game:
    Space Heroes is a bit like Hero Quest from the very early 90’s. A big galaxy map where you can roam to collect gems, defeat enemies, and dig up the mysteries of the galaxy. Battle the enemies by using gear to create the most powerful equipment to defeat your foes.
    The entire game is a single world, not a series of levels. While traveling through the galaxy, you will be able to take an out-of-game route back to the hub to earn prestige points or craft better gear. The hub holds a craft shop, a unique UI design, and a place to meet up with other players to trade and adventure together.
    You can take the most basic of weapons like shotguns, cannons, or machine guns, and turn them into all kinds of crazy contraptions, from cannons that shoot grapeshot to submachine guns that shoot lasers. Different weapons are good at different tasks. How you choose to gear up is up to you.
    Please check out the game’s Play Store or App Store page to see what all the fuss is about.

    Stacking Fun is a fast-paced 3D collection of brainless couch co-op. Each match lasts


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    published:23 Feb 2018


    Shotgun Legend – NES / SNES – Wiki Gameplay –
    My PC build:
    P.O. Box, 639 S Genesee St.Unit 3, Buffalo, NY. 14420-3992.Supplies I used: Vbucks, CXP, BF, HC, CMP, HP, ZM, MeleeItem price: 3-9,000. Picking the right build is very important when doing a mod. First think to do is to take the CS into consideration. The bigger the better. Bigger cases will need bigger fans, the stronger the case will be. Then apply compression to determine how much storage is needed. If you plan on modding this case, I would recommend an extra 3-4 hard drives to store the modded games and data’s. If you have plenty of room, you can do a case mod without extra hard drives, but it makes things more complicated. Next come the fans. You need enough for the case, but not so many that they are noisy! If you don’t have a case, a window cover might be best to prevent cooling issues from getting in the way of a great build. Then start adding cooling. Remember, it’s the best cooling that’s the most expensive, so go cheap or go home! I used a 1200 W unit for under $50. You’ll also need a keyboard tray. You can get these on ebay for around $50. I found one that was cheap and easy to make so I used some wood I had on hand. It happened to be the wrong size, so I had to cut some more and hot glue it. Make sure the tray is big enough to hold your keyboard or you’ll be very unhappy! Next, you’ll want to add an SSD! They are expensive, so get a 32GB or 64GB unit! It’s okay if you’re running low on storage as you can always make more! I got a 32GB flash drive for $20 on eBay, but you can get them for a lot cheaper. I’m going to be adding 8GB’s of ram


    What’s new in The Cult Of Chanseville:

    Hidden Object Scene

    Lang Serang Set 2

    HUGE Bonus

    If you purchase the collection edition of The Signal then you will receive three bonus items. First is the “Making of The Signal” documentary featuring two of the main cast members (William Joyce and Christopher Healey). Be sure to watch this excellent bonus feature after you’ve watched The Signal to get a glimpse of some awesome behind the scenes footage. The second bonus item is the “Lang Serang Set 2” featuring a second set of puzzles for Lang Serang. It’s designed to unlock that all important bomb puzzle. But you’ll have to make sure to check out the Lang Serang map first so you can help solve the lamp puzzle. This kind of reward certainly makes all the extra costs we’ve spent on this collection reasonable. Lastly the “Mega HD Remix” version of the soundtrack. We’ve already told you what an excellent orchestral music composition this is so to have it in pristine quality is worth every penny.

    First up you’ll need to acquire the following items from Alan Wake’s events in the Otherworld, although they will also appear if you’re racing to the end of the game, the crew are in yellow.



    Dennis Kelly

    Chemical Batch Lab

    Dennis Kelly’s Vest

    Battering Ram

    Morgan Freeman’s Car

    You will need this to go into Dennis Kelly’s lab to complete the enemies head.



    The Old Man

    Middleton Cemetery

    Dennis Kelly’s Helm

    Marcelle’s purse

    Yates’ Helm

    Fire tower

    Gulch Paper

    Outpost 1

    You will need this to go into the location listed above.



    The Map

    Alan Wake’s Office

    Grave Digger

    Alan’s House

    Alaska’s House

    Eli’s Secret

    Alan’s Office

    Arthur’s Helmet

    Middleton Cemetery

    You will need this to go into Arthur’s grave.



    Arthur’s body

    Anguished Wall

    Once you’ve collected all the items above you will need to enter the following text into your GPS or your compass.

    [Full Compass Use]Then push ‘B’ and there’s your next step. Of course, with nothing else to go on at


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    Narcissu is a game about tragic, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes comical, sometimes sad experiences and the people and places related to them.
    The game also explores experiences of illness and disability. Narcissu is not a linear game. It is designed to make players reflect on their experiences as they play the game.
    – Different experiences will be triggered each time you play the game.- Narcissus, the player, will remember his previous experiences in the game.
    – Narcissu will be the focus throughout the game and the player will read the story as if he were Narcissus.
    The main character of the story is Narcissus, whose heart was standing still and the boy whose breath was being stolen away.
    Narcissu’s themes are suffering, death, illness, disability, life and death, sadness, happiness, hope, hopelessness, sensitivity, resistance, revolution, freedom, tyranny, living, survival, religion, reason, sensory memory, disease, life, time and love.
    The gameplay is about exploring these themes, learning from your experiences and writing about them.
    If your device freezes when you play, try powering off and back on again.
    If you can’t remember a story, you can try ‘experience replay’ or save as a midi file.
    (you can also skip the game stories and save your progress at any point).
    Narcissu has over 10,000 words of text!
    This is a board game, a reading/writing/art activity.
    You can choose to read and/or write about your experiences.
    I believe that it is more interesting to reflect on your experiences, than to take a passive role in the game.
    You can also play as Narcissus in your next human encounter.
    and have him/her react to your reading.
    Analyses of Narcissus’s neurological condition and symptomatology are also included (Narcissus’s medical files).
    The duration of the game can vary greatly depending on your reading and writing speed.
    It can be a few hours, a few days, or even longer.
    The playtime is estimated to be around 6-8 hours.
    If you are a writer, you might want to think about different themes, styles, and voices.
    If you are a reader, you might want to think about what is important to you in a story, what details you want to use.
    You might be able to find inspiration through


    How To Install and Crack The Cult Of Chanseville:

    • Extract the Arrange Album-(zip)

    Arrange Album-
    How to play Mushihimesama Cave Festival ver1.5 -Arrange Album-

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    System Requirements For The Cult Of Chanseville:

    5GB of free space on your computer
    Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
    Please send any questions to our ticketing system:
    p.s. We apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience.
    We are working hard to complete the download, and we will let you know when it’s ready.
    [Molecular mechanisms of Toll-like receptor 2-mediated anti


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