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Name The Fielder’s Choice
Publisher vanvla
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Rating 4.25 / 5 ( 2435 votes )
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Chipwave is a shoot ‘em up where you control a character
called ‘Chip’ on a mission to safely evacuate civilians from an
orbital station during the collapse of human civilization. Your
character moves in real-time with a smooth framerate and handles
fluidly in and around various hazards such as rocks, explosive
bombs, and asteroids.
Interact with enemies to clear them from the screen, each enemy
in the game having their own purpose and abilities that you’ll need
to overcome. Collect bonus items to replenish your health to
survive. Gather supplies and equipment to further increase your
efficiency in battle and allow you to get through the game with
minimal damage.
The game features a mix of old school shmups gameplay and the newer
additions found in retro style shoot ’em ups. With influences from
games like King of Fighters, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and more
you’ll have a fast paced, nostalgic gaming experience!
For more info, follow us on Twitter @ChipwaveGame
Be sure to check out our Chipwave Website for more information!
Thank You!

I’m glad I checked this out. It’s very pleasing to the ears, but I’m not so sure about the gameplay. I may just be over thinking it, but it seems that there’s no one enemy that I can work on–really needs a sequence with lots of enemies so I have a chance to practice.

Edit: I also really like the score. I was expecting it to be more rock-based, but they’ve done a really good job of creating a perfect blend of style and theme. Plus, I just dug up some tracks by The Trashcan, plus more of my own original score. I’m still liking this a lot, maybe it’ll get better by the end of the game if nothing else.

I’m still hunting down more of my own music. I’ve had some cash on hand for a long time and have been wanting to purchase a computer and stuff to get started on composing and engineering myself some music. I’ve gotten away from doing it for a while though as I was moving back into the land of real life and work and just didn’t find time to actually do it.

I’m glad I checked this out. It’s very pleasing to the ears, but I’m not so sure about the gameplay. I may just be over thinking it, but it seems that


Features Key:

  • Awesome multi player tactics with war base
  • Amazing lighting effects
  • Hacking mode, everything is random, from the weather to the positions of units
  • Zones, each building can become a plant and support other workers
    • Defender mode

    How to play?

    • Download third part game

    • Start two players against each other and play!



    Episode 3. User’s Files




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    Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn based strategy, dungeon crawler game set in the Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. Fight your way through hundreds of stages in this unique challenge of tactics, using your favourite Champions from Warhammer.
    Listen up Champions! Chaos is everywhere!
    Fight through the Silver Tower. Lair of the hideous Gaunt Summoner. Once you have found all the parts of his Talisman, face the master of evil in an epic final quest.
    Stormcast, Darkoath, Aelves, and other Champions from all over the Mortal Realms will enter the tower, driven by vengeance, honour, or even to gain the boon of the Gods themselves. They will fight Acolyte, Tzaangor, Daemon and all manner of Chaos monsters in turn based strategy battles.
    Only by beating the Summoner’s trials and finding all the pieces of his Talisman can you have a chance at escape!
    Turn based strategy:
    Strategic skirmishes to test your inner tactician.
    Summon Epic Warhammer Champions:
    From the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar range, each champion comes with a unique skillset and gameplay.
    Huge Campaign:
    Find the Summoner’s Talisman, and experience over 200 battles across 25 unique environments in the Realm of Chaos.
    Quest Daily:
    Hand-crafted adventures for the most hardcore dungeon crawler, sent to you every single day.
    Hoards of Treasure:
    Choose from hundreds of weapons, items, and trinkets to level up your team.
    Equip your champions with Legendary skills and traits to unlock new gameplay.
    Based on the hit Age of Sigmar board game from Games Workshop. Fight the forces of Chaos in the realm of the Gaunt Summoner! Quest with your Champions in his Silver Tower to find the pieces of his Talisman.
    Show that you are the king dungeon crawler and master of turn based strategy in our challenging game modes, The Gauntlet and The Crucible.
    Customize your guardian with exotic items and legendary weapons from the Age of Sigmar setting. Summon your fighters from the Warhammer Grand Alliances of Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction.
    Download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and take part in the epic turn based strategy fantasy battles. Slay your enemies and find that elusive Talisman! Have a taste of the Games Workshop, Age of Sigmar universe!

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    The Fielder’s Choice Download PC/Windows

    In the game world of SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball, the main character Asakura Ryoko, the younger daughter of the retired super hero “Hanz” uses her newly acquired computer skills to create a battle simulation program called “SENRAN KAGURA Stage” in which super hero-like action takes place.The user is able to witness and even participate in the entire battle situation and view the battle data using the “P.A.S” (Picture And Sound) mode in a variety of situations. There are over 100 super hero-like characters in the game. The development team even established the entire body structure and color palette for each character, and were able to reproduce their action by animating the “SENRAN KAGURA Stage” system in 3-D.Since the fight system in the game is very diverse, we’ve prepared detailed information for battle into this pack, which explains key concepts such as alternate options, level specific strategies, enemy characters, and boss battles.Peach Ball Game “SENRAN KAGURA Stage BGM” is specifically designed to be compatible with the Senran Kagura Action features and we hope it will be a useful tool for those who are attracted to the characters of the game.This music is owned by ATLUS ©

    Platform: PlayStation Vita

    Number of Players: 2 Players

    DLC included with Purchase: No

    Product Description

    The fourth season of Senran Kagura features new characters such as Asagi Shinohara and Lady Asuna. Their new story is written by the creator of Senran Kagura, Yumi Tsuchiya.

    Yumi Tsuchiya, the creator of the Senran Kagura series, has just announced that the fourth season, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, will be released on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. New characters will be Asagi Shinohara and Lady Asuna. Their new story, however, is written by the creator of Senran Kagura, Yumi Tsuchiya, not Hideharu Kadowaki, who has been the main writer for the Senran Kagura series.


    BGM series: The main theme of this music is “Shinovi Vs” which is the battle theme of SENRAN KAGURA Shinovi Versus. This score was written by Senran Kagura composer Nobuo Uematsu. The second main theme is “Before Shirogane Day


    What’s new:

      , Consent and Malaria Control

      Pinhey William J. 1935-2012

      William Pinhey’s contribution to malaria control was primarily through his role as the Founding Director of the Western Australian Malaria Control Programme from 1961 to 1974. He is acknowledged as a role model for malaria professionals and his contribution to malaria control is comparable to that of the other founding Directors.

      He was a Malaria Consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), working from Geneva for some 8 years. He served for many years as the Chair of the WHO Working Group on Parasitology and Malaria until 1992.

      William Pinhey’s time at the WHO was a gold era for the malaria control field. He had been appointed in 1958 by WHO Director-General, Dr. Landecker to the Joint British Plague and Malaria Committee. This Committee was the WHO equivalent of the Advisory Committee on Tropical Diseases (ACTD), and was responsible for producing recommendations for the WHO to control malaria in British and American colonies worldwide.

      The single most important contribution of this Committee was the Joint Recommendations of 1961. These were independently published in WHO Malaria Newsletter No. 43 and were for screening the blood during a febrile episode to determine if the malaria parasite was present. The recommendation gave a clear message that treating a child who had fever, who already had a positive blood slide, would not reduce death rates. This was followed by an editorial by William Pinhey in which he highlighted the deficiencies of the existing malaria control programmes in developing countries.

      No change in malaria control policy occurred as the result of this publication.

      William Penhey’s paper was many years ahead of its time. He saw in two decades of under-funding and under-reporting of the progress in control some evidence that in some areas of the world malaria control had been successful. He made this clear in pointing out the decline in reported malaria morbidity and mortality in a number of countries including New Zealand, Canada and the US. The paper was also cited by WHO as justification for maintaining the same control programmes when in the 1970’s malaria started to rebound in these countries.

      Between 1961 and 1974 William Pinhey was Director of the MCP, a position he held for all of the duration of the MCP, at each of its 3 locations. For the Western Australian MCP he recruited and led the team with the assistance of John Masters.

      He was a teacher, mentor, researcher, guide, and advocate for the MCP until his retirement in


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      The classic tank battle game re-opens, guarding your base and defeating all indringing enemy tanks. The new battlefield is different from the previous, and while you can still afford to destroy enemy tank formations with precise shelling, they now cost even more of your valuable resources. It requires a considerable degree of skill, coolness, and tactical genius to withstand a barrage of large-caliber projectiles that include shells and depleted uranium. In this game you can assign your tanks to different jobs, and split them up. For example, the secondary weapons can be assigned to the rear of the column, while the lead and main guns can be assigned to the front. This makes it easier to keep the enemy’s fragile tanks in the center of the crossfire. But even the most skilled operator can’t hold up for long against an onslaught of enemy tanks and planes, and your base will be inevitably destroyed if you don’t find a way to take advantage of the terrain in a clever way. The new map has plenty of interesting spots to set up defenses, but the best defense against tank attacks is the firepower of your base’s secondary weapons. Reinforcements in the form of aircraft and infantry play a very important role in this game. You’ll need a smart and skillful control over the battlefield, the most important thing to do is to engage in a tactical battle on the whole map. Be the first to come back from the dead and live to fight another day!

      File size: 689 MB
      Size: 609 MB

      System Requirements for Tank Battles LIVE!
      Genre: Battle
      Developer: Shant-Shin Company
      Publisher: Shant-Shin Company
      Release date: 1 September 2013
      Official site:
      Tank Battles: LIVE!
      Tank battles is a game that will challenge you in a real multiplayer tank battle. The player must win the area controlled by the tank or die by a lot of projectiles. You can play the game in solo mode, or you can battle against other people in the Internet. Start the game, your task is to drive your tank to the enemy area. There are some hidden neutral


      How To Crack The Fielder’s Choice:

      • Step 0. Before extract, input and update:
        Move to the main directory
      • Step 1. Unpack and go to the default directory:
        C:Program Files (x86)Ice Cream Factory - Ice Cream Factory
      • Step 2. On the game:
        C:Program Files (x86)Ice Cream Factory - Ice Cream FactoryCF>
      • Step 3. Run the game:
        C:Program Files (x86)Ice Cream Factory - Ice Cream FactoryCF> IceCreamFactory.exe
      • Step 4. Enjoy:
        C:Program Files (x86)Ice Cream Factory - Ice Cream FactoryCF> IceCreamFactory.exe.config
      • Step 5. Save and Exit:
        C:Program Files (x86)Ice Cream Factory - Ice Cream FactoryCF> IceCreamFactory.exe.config.s
      • Step 6. Done:


      System Requirements:

      Before installing Minecraft Forge, first you’ll need to install Java
      Download Java from here:
      Minecraft Forge and Java need to be the same version
      Download Forge at and Java at
      Register with Mojang:
      Minecraft Forge is registered at Make sure the URL and name is as it should be. If you have a Minecraft account you can


      Additional Information

      Name The Fielder’s Choice
      Publisher vanvla
      Format File
      Rating 4.25 / 5 ( 2435 votes )
      Update (14 days ago)


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