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The Clan of Champions introduces the new Item Box, which is added to the Clan of Champions – item equipment.
Item Box contains an increased number of item pieces, and in the process, also increases the level increase effect.
Changes in Clan of Champions Chapter 5
– During Chapter 5, the existing quest system is changed.
– For each Clan of Champions Chapter, one new quest will be added.
– In addition, the number of quests that can be accepted per month is increased.
– You can choose which quest you want to accept during the quest window.
– You can talk to a certain NPC to choose a quest for him.
– Difficulty of quests is also increased when they are accepted.
– Refer below for more details about all the Clan of Champions Chapter 5.
Clan of Champions – Item Box +:
– Clan of Champions – Item Box +:
Version 1.05
– Increased the capacity of Item Box to 90
– Added a new quest, “The People’s Voice”
About The Game Clan of Champions Chapter 3
Chapter 3 is a Chapter that adds two new quests, “Yen Yuan” and “Gourmet Den”, to the game.
Existing item equipment can be added to your deck, and you can create a new item set with new recipes.
In addition, you can go to the “Yen Yuan” and “Gourmet Den” to raise the amount of San Chuan you get from the San Chuan vendor.
Information of Clan of Champions Chapter 3 can be found below.
Chapter 3 –
– Level requirement: 15
– Difficulty of the quest: Easy
About The Game Chapter 3 –
Chapter 3 is a chapter that adds two new quests to the game.
– Quest 1: “Yen Yuan”
Quest Content
– Sheng Shui Guo Nian
– Rank: Expert or Master
– Requirements
– Level requirements: 15
– Quests Points is increased from 50 to 100.
– Defeat the enemies in the training room.
– Rewards 1 Relic Stone
– Defeat the boss: Yuan Yuan
Quest Details
– Once you complete this quest, you can go to the “Yen Yuan” NPC to raise the number of San Chuan you get from the San Chuan vendor.
– Quest 2: “Gourmet Den”
Quest Content


The Haunted House VR Features Key:

  • The story of the King and his progress.
  • Walk or fly in the land of the Lords. Move through the
    fertile fields, the tough forest and impenetrable mountain
  • Obtain strong weapons and armor.
  • Defeat hundreds of tough armored knights. No need to be
    afraid of them, you can face them both individually and
    en masse.
  • Defeat rival houses on their lands.
  • Fight for the King’s daughters in the King’s Conclave.
    You can win either a Princess or make a noblewoman
  • Source:

    Main Features:
    Various quests
    An ever growing questlog
    Alternate quest just for realism (stop a takeover)
    Non player characters
    Free roam and look around
    Farms (Farming is not needed, but it adds extra dynamic to the game)
    There is many ways to achieve objectives
    Being low-lying or high on a castle can drastically change your tactics
    The ability to purchase virtually anything in game
    Skill points and stat tree all tie together in one place (almost)
    Multiple possibilities for defeating NPCs
    Lots of resources of both good and evil
    Dozens of events
    Pretty much 6 complete classes

    Additional information and notes:

    -The game is pretty smooth. But no textures or sound for the time being

    -The world looks like a huge american map

    -The game is still in development
    -At the moment the Events screen does not depend on the main map, due to
    the real-time nature of the game. There is no guarantee that it will
    never be changed.-Most quest items will not give you good money, and the
    world is expensive (ie.) most items and food costs money.

    Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this game. It’s just about to get bigger.

    Windows: (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)

    Welcome to the Quiver Quarrel Game, the first planned script in our game

    Quiver Quarrel Game Synopsis:The story of the King and his progress.

    The King is a new noble


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    What’s new in The Haunted House VR:

      James Ray Cabin-

      It’s not really a murder victim, but still he’s in the background of the old cabin.

      Duke Wayne/Santa’s Half-Baked/Tekkonkaville Jail-

      I know it’s a bit gross, but it helps ground you in time, and connects you to The Bureau.

      The Kenoju/Beauty & The Beat or The Beat –

      You don’t have to go back to your stints of jacking beats by hitting people, being a crime lord, or beating that time from The Beat though.

      Notable Quotes

      View quotes from specific playthroughs

      “I only deal with the government once a week for my paychecks.”

      “I don’t know who the hell he is, but he sure sounds like a boring ass nerd on my radio, and I don’t like boring ass nerds.”

      “That’s the only thing more pathetic than a wired mommy is a walked-on mommy.”

      “Hey there, prettyy, you look like fun.”

      “Now, I’m going to avenge myself on him as soon as I kill you.”

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      “Well, let’s give it a shot.”

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      “Yes, Ryan, I was 11 years old too. Let me see if I still remember it.”

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      “He slaps him.”

      “Man, old people are weird.”

      “You like slap-ass.”

      “This is for hire. Right to the head.”

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      “Hey there, baby. Were you kidnapped?”

      “Was he kidnapped?”

      “You’re not getting any. I don’t know why you’re even alive


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      The story begins on a lonely road trip.

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      The story is based on a series


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    Here are the current updates to Black Shark 2.0

    • NEW FULL HD Audio Video & New Photo Effects
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    System Requirements For The Haunted House VR:

    High Resolution: 1280×720 Recommended

    System Requirements:
    High Resolution: 1280×720 Recommended