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Published: July 20, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Reconnect is a story-driven, intimate, self-regulating game. You play a character who has been expelled from society. In an attempt to get closer to people, you will try different ways to reconnect.
How to Play:
Move around the town and interact with people to have more effects in your life.
Modified version of the well-known Tiny Tower game.
The years from 1960 to 1980s in the world were absolutely incredible for new things. “Me” and my little sister were not only oblivious to the buzz around them but also moved to a remote village. Meet new friends in this peripheral place, and share delicious moments with them every day.
But can these peaceful days last any longer? The character played by me who has a common girl at home and a boyish spirit is still in front of the impressing worldview of others.
Small, bright-blond head-haired girl who is a shy person. She joined my family at the age of three and grew up in the tranquil village. She knows about the all the new things when coming to the rest of the world.
Her little sister
The moody and sullen little girl who was brought to an unfamiliar place and moved to the countryside together with her brother.
The ordinary person in this world in front of others. Yes, there are a little girl and a popular guy.
“Meet new friends in this peripheral place”
“Me” and her little sister are making friends with them who live in a busy village.
Original Cartoon
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The story of the anime/manga:

I was reading through this story about a 70-year old man who is dying of leukemia. He decides to do something risky and in the end, it doesn’t work out.So, he’s disappointed and in a despair he asks himself (and many people on the internet) a question: what if I died?I think the answer is “you go on living”. If you know you will die soon but you are still living, that’s the “best” thing you can do.

The character and his friends had a very different lifestyle than I have. All those dramas with the characters were real for people in their 30’s


Features Key:

  • Play a Dying man who’s trapped in a cage with the dregs of society.
    Watching your life dribble away as days turn into months.
    Only a few people take pity on you and offer you a deal for your life.
    Your options are varied and the moral choices with each…
    Your options are varied and the moral choices with each…
    Your options are varied and the moral choices with each…
  • Set in a RTS world, choosing your vehicles is the key to victory. Choose wisely or suffer an absolute slaughter of your troops.
    You can choose from a variety of vehicles ranging from tanks to…
    You can choose from a variety of vehicles ranging from tanks to…
    You can choose from a variety of vehicles ranging from tanks to…
  • Enjoy the game as if it were a life and death Risk experience.
    Feel the tension of making the right choices, the sense of impending doom as time drags on by…
    Feel the tension of making the right choices, the sense of impending doom as time drags on by…
    Feel the tension of making the right choices, the sense of impending doom as time drags on by…
  • Enjoy a fully fledged RTS experience not seen outside of the Risk series…
    Enjoy a fully fledged RTS experience not seen outside of the Risk series…
    Enjoy a fully fledged RTS experience not seen outside of the Risk series…
  • I.R.F.S2017 is slated for release in 2018

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      The Hidden Game Society Download [Latest 2022]

      A hide-and-seek game which takes place on the night of a strange inn. One woman’s adventure begins there.
      The X-ball Incident
      Nil was surprised at the presence of a pocket lying on the floor. She thought that they were leftover from the previous guests. As she looked around a little more, she felt strange feelings which she just could not explain. While being in a bind she looked at the bag on the floor and decided to take it. If she could not find out what was in there, there was a good chance it was just trash.
      The bag was black with a red X on the front. The rest of the design was normal as it was.
      She closed her eyes and opened the pouch. The contents were a string of pearls and some sort of animal-shaped key. Nil was amazed at the change in her feelings she had just experienced. She told herself that it was just a possession.
      She put everything away but the pouch which rested under her pillow. As she took the pouch and closed her eyes, she was feeling strange. She felt like she was being watched.
      As she said this, she felt something move closer to her.
      When she opened her eyes, it was a black man with the face of a goat.
      “Who are you?” Nil asked.
      “I am the goat which you saw in the strange dreams” he answered.
      “How did you get here?” Nil asked.
      “You see, I’m a very old being, very powerful and very ugly. I’m known as a Goat-man and I make use of people’s fear as my power.”
      “So this room was your ‘home’?”
      “Some people use this inn as their hideout. The room was my ‘home’.”
      “Why did you go there, why did you steal this pouch and why are you following me?” Nil asked.
      “When you came here, you saw the woman in red right? Do you know the reason why you came here?”
      “Yes, I came here to steal the pouch of the woman in red. Because I was stabbed by a sharp thing and my knife fell here.”
      “What is the thing?”
      “It was a long thin stick. One end was blue and the other end was red. Its image was similar to the X on this pouch. It was hidden in the window when I broke it.”
      “Then this is the source of your strange sensations. The person in red


      The Hidden Game Society [Latest-2022]

      Just a person who only like exploring his own thoughts, without any pre-existing bias or some hard-to-imagine notion. Design, knowledge and imagination in all this, playing and improving his will, and not be bound by time, places, or people. Relating to gaming, or having experienced it, and unable to distinguish,

      These are the thoughts I have in mind, when making a game, by thinking of games.

      PS. All character names are fictional, except Dr Heilemann, of course.

      In this blog I will post tips, new design thoughts, development updates and other things related to making an Action / Roguelike dungeon game.

      Source code:

      Official webpage:

      Namco Bandai Games for Steam:


      What are the creative motive, game plot and game mechanism of the Red Obsidian Remnant?

      In short, I wanted to be the one, who makes the high quality game in this day.

      In the aspect of Roguelike elements, we borrow a lot from The Binding of Isaac. I am an old player of the retro arcade games. I played a lot of SNKs classical fighting games and the Last Blade is my favorite. I like to play on the arcade fighting platform occasionally, to recall the past.

      What elements of the Red Obsidian Remnant do you think are interesting and innovative?

      We are making an action game, but our differentiations of equipment will affect the fighting style directly. It is the hardest part for me, because its like to deal with the math part. I want to make it as something that players will say, that is, I wanted to make the best game.

      In your opinion, whats the core of the dungeon exploration roguelike game?

      After the repetitive killing of the monsters, it should be the interactions between players.

      The Red Obsidian Remnant is an action game and its fighting routine changes reflect more in moves.

      Besides, the equipment in the Red Obsidian Remnant is the key to influencing the development of the role. So we let the roles carry more weapons.

      The moves of each weapon can be used alternately and the combination of different weapons can directly form a fighting style. This can be counted as a solution, which just solved problems in the design.

      I think rules are born under various restrictions.

      The characteristic of armors here is only


      What’s new in The Hidden Game Society:

      . A Study of the Principles for which the British

      Monarchy was established. By H.M. Herbert

      This book is one of the many efforts of aristocratic adherents to interpret the present Establishment as the fundamental principle from which the development of a twentieth century monarchy began.

      It has been written by a gentleman who was brought up in the spirit of loyalty and shared the assumption that his hereditary rank was the foundation of the monarchy. He has himself been long connected with the British aristocracy and had often said he would rather regret its loss than rejoice in its success.

      Herbert does not deny that ancient British tradition offered certain advantages to the vital strength of the modern regime. Its residual influences have been carefully drawn upon, and it is admitted that their effect has been considerable. In the main, however, he believes that the more modern institutions have outstripped the old; these principles do not reproduce exactly the authority of the monarchy, that was substantially held in feudal times and their survival has slowly and gradually worked their way upwards to power; whereas the modern regime has become a superior authority by dint of personal pretentions.

      From a comprehensive review of the literature and from private experience, he concludes that there are two groups of principles on which the monarchy stands: (1) the instinctive belief that the monarch is a universally recognized personage of God, each omnipotent rule of his extended shadow-like area of authority, to correspond with the sovereign power, is the original and indispensable feature of civil government which has become modified today through modern appreciation; (2) a priori, an authority sanctioned by tradition a trustee appointed by God to watch over and to protect the natural rights, born with good birth and male inheritance. Both of these are entirely modern.

      This last system has most of the elements of a naturalization of authority. Charles I, in an effort to impress this principle on his people, presumed the kingship of God. It is a strange way of seeing the divine on earth, which was founded on the conception of the Egyptians; the Ikhnaton’s dream of a contract between himself and the Divine Being in which he gave his people a much mentioned breadbasket of peace and security. As the theory falls within a pious atmosphere, the true God is usually referred to as truth or nature.

      The British monarchy is of equal importance with the Calvinist doctrine and originates from the same holy state of affairs – universalized Christian paternal authority. A divinely justified world order is


      Free Download The Hidden Game Society [Latest-2022]

      – Action RPG
      – Exploration and fast-paced battles
      – Over 150 main story and 100 side quests
      – Over 30 locations on the twelve Greek islands
      – Multiple game endings
      – Over 8,000 words of original story written by top Greek authors
      – Over 250 unique items
      – Gorgeous 3D graphics and design
      – Over 70 unique spells and abilities
      – Over 200 voice acting and sound effects
      – Item crafting
      – Two battle modes
      – Single player with easy to easy gamesharing
      – Battle Arena

      Rating: 7.9/10The Capture of the Junkton

      The Capture of the Junkton is a fantasy novel by British author Raymond E. Feist, the second book in his Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series. It was originally published by Tor Books in October 1986. It is subtitled “An Historical Novel”.

      Plot summary

      The novel begins in the year 1141 in the eastern kingdom of Jharkut, where a young warrior named Dagon is a captive of the tall, birdlike Kon-Tiki, whose blond hair color and rosy skin are reminiscent of Galsieni, a court dancer of the classical period. The son of an aristocratic line, Dagon was a gladiator who was captured by the monstrous Kon-Tiki, who has captured a large number of young males. Dagon is forced to endure his injuries and fears daily, awaiting his fate to be decided by the giant, and is forced to fight against other captives who have been also captured by the giant.

      Meanwhile, Fafhrd and Gray Mouser take on an undercover assignment from the King to try to track down criminals who are stealing items from the royal collections, but may be tracing the origins of the thefts back to the Morgol dynasty, the rulers of Jharkut.


      The novel deals with themes of war and beauty, captivity, and the right to freedom. According to the novel’s author, Raymond E. Feist, “It’s all about freedom and the way people rebel against tyrants.”


      External links

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      How To Crack The Hidden Game Society:

      • Need v 4.5.1


      • Drivers and Tools
      • Font Creator
      • Everything Else

      Drivers and Tools

      • Driver & Software
      • Include & Sysdir
      • Language & keyboard
      • Mouse & HID

      Include & Sysdir

      • Install & VERMillion-VR
      • Include & Sysdir – Extra
      • Include & Sysdir – Extra – Hooks


      • Change & VERMillion-VR-Language

      Mouse & HID

      • Install & Mouse & HID
      • Vermillion-VR-Mouse & HID – Hooks


      System Requirements For The Hidden Game Society:

      * Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version)
      * One of the following graphics cards:
      – Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (45nm)
      – AMD Radeon R3 HD 520 (GCN 4.0)
      – AMD Radeon R5 M330 (GCN 4.0)
      – NVIDIA(R) GeForce GT 640 (GK104-PCIE)
      * USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, audio output port,
      * 2GB of RAM (