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The Merchant Of Venice Free Torrent Download

the cd version was the first thing i listened to and was an interesting experience. the narrator does a good job in getting the story across. the actors on the cd did a good job of read the text without any unnecessary embellishment. the recording of the play includes a song at the end that is in italian. i have no idea what it is about but it is a nice touch. it is performed by the same group that recorded the cd of the venice project which is a collection of the best recordings of the more famous plays of shakespeare that have been done.

the third version of this play is a text to speech program. i have not tried this program but have heard from others that it works fine. the program has a rather neutral reading and was good enough that i may be willing to use it. for those who want a direct text i would suggest this version. it is free and is also available in a form of an audiobook that is read by a narrator with music in the background.

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played out on a serene venice lagoon, this exquisitely staged production of the merchant of venice delves into the characters’ innermost thoughts while following the story of the fierce jewish moneylender shylock. anthony and oscar-winning director gregory doran are behind the lavish production, which features stunning sets and costumes. the cast includes jeremy irons as a merchant, david oyelowo as a venetian jew, and lynn collins as portia. the audience is treated to a lavish feast of dancing, music, and a trial scene that has never been performed to such an extent. doran’s shakespeare is a bold, exuberant take on the tale, and he makes it work.

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The Train from New Haven Free audioBook (zip file) The train was blowing its whistle, a half mile up the train track from the station. Looked like this was the last call for the night. It wasn’t the train that upset Brother Death. Something the train couldn’t explain, the train itself couldn’t explain. Weren’t no other trains on this line, until the next morning. Then, from New Haven. Then on down the line to New York. Brother Death started his engine. Keep on calling, Brother Death said to this engine.
By Herman Wouk THE MERCHANT OF VENICE [01] When I was a child, I remember being greatly impressed with the story of The Merchant of Venice, and the wonderful, haunted character of Antonio. It was the first play I ever read in the theater, and I had a profound and powerful impression of the soliloquy: “The qualities of mercy are not strained, they dropp eeee like the gentle Rain from heaven upon the place beneath: where are the vices of discretion, and the greasines of fear; which (as the old Philosopher tells us) sway Kings, And potentates—and there is nothing Bodily that is not subject to their Controuersie” (2.1.166-180). It was a shock, to me, then, to discover that the author was a Jew, not a Christian, and I have stood in awe of him ever since! The story did not lose its magic for me; the character of the Duke was not only memorable, but my favorite part of all Shakespeare’s works; yet another of my first experiences of Shakespeare.