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Name The Sapling
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The game is played with a single character.
When playing with multiple characters, you have to choose one of them.
You can control your character’s head movements and actions.
An auto-run function is available.
An enemy kills a character if it takes more than 3 hits.
A character’s ability can be increased by equipping certain weapons or gears.
Special weapons called Reversi gear can be equipped.
“Special” weapons and “Reversi gear” can be obtained from defeating enemies
or collected from treasure chests in battle.
●Keyboard Control●
S T A Y… J… K… M
(A B D E F G H I J K L M N R S T U)
Action (STAY Button)
Control Character’s Movements
Control Character’s Action
PAL (Left)
NTSC (Right)
●How to Play ReversiQuest2:
・Start a game with a new character.
・Select Nym or Kea as the starting character.
・Choose Sucka, Trigga or Tregga to play as the opposing character.
・Play as Sucka, Trigga, Tregga or Nym.
・Use the “cursor” key on the keyboard to control movements of the
character with the mouse cursor.
・Use the “A” key on the keyboard to skip to the next cell and press “B”
to return.
・Players can use auto-run if they are satisfied with the results.
・You can use a button to skip to the end of the cell to replay the last
・When a character has 0 HP, he will die.
・Attack action does not affect rolling the dice.
・”Special” action is performed after the dice are rolled and a result is
・Special actions can be changed by pressing L2.
・Play as many games as you want.
・When you want to end the game, press A twice.
・Use the “replay” button to replay the game.
・Skip to the last press by pressing F12 twice and then press A


The Sapling Features Key:

  • thirteen different girls clothed in cute outfits, if you have no idea what girl to pick in this game??
  • various dialogue options while playing
  • ten different endings based on your choices!
  • Impressed cute girls in various romances!
  • over sixty of different girl models!
  • Easy, rapid, intuitive method for implementing per-field regions
  • Fine Detail models with Smiling Faces!
  • Cute girl moves by holding the action key!!
  • Dressing-Up Secretary!!
  • Rapid Permissions Teleport!
  • Force Effect!
  • Five-element Hackable Analytical Engine!
  • Random Number Generation Enhanced!
  • Removal of unwanted model components with removal workers!
  • Hit voice sheets!
  • Techno-and Blues Listener!
  • Thirteen different environments!
  • Enjoy in this game for free!!
  • And more!
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    The Sapling PC/Windows [2022]

    You can choose your weapon as you like, from Knife, Sword, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Spear, Machete, Gold Mining, Fire, Aritamery, Cane, Grenade.

    PS: To simulate the sound effects of a firearm (Rifle, Shotgun, etc) press the “A” key.
    Regarding Moxina, there is a free demo version you can download. If you play the full version, just
    Purchase the Full Version.
    There is two update of the demo version.
    Full Version
    Demo Version
    I have made a video to showcase how it works.
    Also, there are few bugs in the demo version which i didn’t notice (i will add to the update soon)
    1) The hero shouldn’t lose his way.
    2) The hero shouldn’t use a Knife.
    If you find any bug, drop me a line


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    I’m using SSH from a windows cmd to the Linux box, but when I press the host key, it doesn’t work, and the SSH window just closes.
    Maybe SSH is blocking the host key?

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    The Sapling [Mac/Win]

    – If the first player to do a road rush makes it to the central continent, he is the first to “be responsible for the land bridge” as a reward. Then the map is completely fair. Whoever reaches the central continent first is the rightful ruler of the region. If two players reach the central continent at the same time, the winner is determined by whichever of the two has more victory points. Both players have the same amount of VP. 5) This game has a different focus. The creators decided to not like 4) and 5) have happened in the past to encourage players not to rush to the central continent as soon as possible. This means that there are less nice things on the map.6) There is no game-ending in this game. If the game ends in a draw, the winner of the most important “tournament” of this game is decided by the outcome of the last 3 turns.7) There is a pre-game war between the players. It lasts 10 turns and can turn to each player’s advantage. It is decided in a face to face meeting on the central continent. In a battle, the loser of the war is the loser of the game.8) This is a system-limited map. In the normal mode, 3 Coins will be placed in the middle, but, if they have a specific number of Coins, the Coins will also be placed in the corners of the map.9) The winning player of the war is automatically the one who goes first in every new game.

    – Some editions have reduced the importance of the central continent.

    – The number of Goods regions is increased from 5 to 8.

    – This map has a number of different Goods regions on the edges of the map. They are worth 2vp, and only affect the normal calculation of the map: 1/2/4/7/???

    Custom Map “Nordgame set 1 edition” Custom map by Martel Chaos ‘Pommelarch’ ( and Notice: The figures on the map are for reference only.

    Custom Map “Nordgame set 1 edition” Custom map by Martel Chaos ‘Pommelarch’ ( and Notice: The figures on the map are for reference only.




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