by valrain
Published: November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Three Days GraceLife Starts Now Full Album Zip [EXCLUSIVE]



Three Days GraceLife Starts Now Full Album Zip

the world’s most popular rock band reveals the new project that has been planned for months, a 10-song album filled with powerful vocals, in-your-face melodies, and rocking guitars. life starts now finds the band firing on all cylinders and heading straight for the top with this new release. 

the life starts now project was born two years ago, when the band was deep into the recording process of the group’s sixth studio album. frontman adam gontier and band leader chad kroeger wanted to capture a vibe, a sound that was identical to the band’s first five albums. 

three days grace’s new album life starts now is now available in an mp3 and flac download for $9.99 (amazon mp3) and $12.99 (universe) (itunes). the artwork was designed by bill stevenson. to give you a taste of what to expect, check out the track new hymns.

three days grace life starts now full album zip, “life starts now”, is the much anticipated follow-up to the hit single “life starts now” which climbed to #4 on the u.s. billboard hot 100 chart in march 2009. here is the entire album, the entire physical album for your listening pleasure!

the band will have a free concert in a small town on the u.s. eastern seaboard in front of over 10,000 people. three days grace in concert is a heart-pounding, life-changing experience. together as one, the band starts to play this life-changing song, “life starts now” and the crowd reacts. the crowd loves it! it’s the chorus that touches people to their core; “life starts now, it’s your life, it’s your life, it’s your life.” they play it a few more times and the crowd starts to move to the beat. it’s really the people and the crowd that make the experience. they make it special.

after the single ”burn”, ”i hate everything about you” is the most interesting track, and yet, when i first heard this song, i was slightly underwhelmed. it did indeed go on to grow on me, and it’s a good song, but it didn’t seem to be doing anything new, and it seemed like it was being taken too serious. thankfully, that’s not the case with the rest of the album, as the more bouncy songs, with their irresistible sing-a-long refrains and hooks, and jolly, live-sounding guitar solos, swing through them all, while the bluesy rockers can sometimes be unexpectedly jaunty.
the final two songs here, ”let you down” and ”now or never”, are in the same league, and are brilliantly crafted riffs on top of the 3 days grace staple, with their aggressive guitar-work. the best track on this album, hands down, but which bears some similarities to the opener, ”i hate everything about you”, (which i still find more engaging though).
so, life starts now is one of the band’s best albums, but it’s only no.3, which is no surprise really, and as such, it’s not quite the romp i’d hoped it might be. without the urgency of say, big time attitude, or breaker morant, or temper, or the one-two punch of ”deceiver”, and ”meant to break your heart”, life starts now is just a little duller, a little more standard, but still one of the better songs on three days grace’s whole output.
finally, on life starts now, gontier actually opens his mouth to say something worthwhile. for someone who cares about how his life is going, he sure does a lot of complaining, and he says something interesting about it: i think about what he says and think maybe you should too (but thats only because ive been listening to too many interviews with gontier where he has to justify himself), but you know what? maybe you shouldnt care so much. maybe you should stick to the girl that laughs at your jokes or doesnt secretly judge you because your mom wont allow you to buy alcohol and call your friends only to find out they all dont want to hang out with you. but who wouldnt want the girl that thinks theres something wrong with not wanting to be shackled to a husband? life starts now, and as long as you dont care that it sucks, then thats fine.